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Space Quest Articles and Humor

    Welcome to the Articles and Humor section of the Virtual Broomcloset. This is probably my favorite section of the site. This is where you can find all kinds of original articles, fan fictions, and more from the Space Quest universe. So, kick back and read a few!

Commander Kielbasa

Astro Chicken FAQ - Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Astro Chicken in Kevin Wallace's parody of the SQ FAQ!

Bea's Diary - A part of the Broomcloset since day one, this bit of fan fiction gives the inside scoop on the events that took place in SQ5 from Bea Wankmeister's point of view.

Casting Call - See my picks to star in a hypothetical Space Quest movie!

The Evolution of Space Quest - See how Roger (and the Space Quest series) has evolved since its launch over a decade ago.

"Got Milk?" - Roger ponders this eternal question in a spoof of the milk ads you see everywhere.

Janitor Code - Use this relatively simple system developed by Space Cadet Corey Welton to show the world just what kind of Space Quest fan you are!

Letter from the Custodian - A not so brief history of the Broomcloset in honor of the site's sixth anniversary!

The Making of Space Quest - Have a look at this excerpt from Jill Champion's Official Guide to Roger Wilco Space Adventures to get a better idea of exactly what goes into creating games like the Space Quest series!

A Message from Beyond Space and Time - Read this message from Roger Wilco to the folks at Sierra; after all, the fate of the entire future depends on it! Reprinted from Peter and Jeremy Spear's The Space Quest Companion.

Monolith Burger Website - It's a website within a website! Check out the corporate home of everyone's favorite makers of beef-esque sandwiches.

Roger Wilco Meets The Sims - Check out Skeearmon's excellent Roger, Bea, and Stellar skins for the Sims!

Roger's Quest for Glory - Discover a secret character class from Quest for Glory V.

Secret Tales from Andromeda - SQ6 co-designer Josh Mandel reflects on the Two Guys from Andromeda and the elements that drew him to the Space Quest series.

Sludge Vohaul's Story - Or, if you prefer a bad guy's version of the events from SQ1, SQ2, and SQ4, read this feature, also by Troels Pleimert.

Space Quest 4 Audio Resource Transcript - A transcript of every line of spoken dialogue hiding out on your SQ4 CD-ROM (including some parts that don't appear in the actual game)!

Space Quest Fan Art Gallery - It's not exactly an article, but it is some of the finest Space Quest art on the Web!

Space Quest Frauds - Geoff Meador serves up a few Space Quest products you might not have seen...

Space Quest: The Gathering - Captain Ascii presents a series of Space Quest cards for Magic: The Gathering!

Space Quest Rarities - Interested in images of hard-to-find SQ merchandise and memorabilia? This is the place to go!

Space Quest Smackdown - Vote for which SQ character should win in this ongoing Space Quest battle tourament!

The Space Quest Story - Be sure not to miss this humorous summary of the entire Space Quest series, penned by freelance Space Quest Historian Troels Pleimert!

Twenty Questions I Wish Somebody Would Ask Me About Space Quest (and the Answers I Wish I Had Thought Of) - SQ6 design Josh Mandel discusses the Space Quest series, life at Sierra, and more!

The Two Guys from Andromeda Story - Discover the origin of the world's two most spaced-out game designers!

Two Visitors from Andromeda Defeat Antwerp - Vroomfondel of the Spielbergian Times reports on this surprising development!

What I've Learned from the Space Quest Series - Didn't you know that Space Quest is actually "edutainment" software?

Whatever Happened to Roger Wilco? - An article detailing the career of our favorite broom-jockey, reprinted from the Galaxy Inquirer.

You Might Be a Wilco Worshipper If... - Originally started at the Subspace Channel, this popular thread makes the transition to full-fledged article! Find out if you've been playing too much Space Quest.

New Zen Sanitation - Mokalus of Borg offers you spiritual enlightenment with a Xenonian twist!

Survey Results:

RogSurvey 2000 Results - Want to find out the results for previous RogSurveys without going to all the trouble of finding a timepod? Step right this way...

Space Quest Character Survey - Find out who the fans voted as their favorite SQ character. Also, see the results on who SQ fans would rather see Roger end up with--Bea, Stellar, or Zondra.

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