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Space Quest Easter Eggs
Special thanks to Akril, Vonster, and Jeysie for all their hard work on this area of the Broomcloset.

Mrs. Astrochicken       All great gaming series have at least a few eggs scattered here, there, and about. The Space Quest series is certainly no exception! For those of you not familiar with the idea of Easter eggs, the term refers to any amusing features, jokes, or tidbits that the game's programmers hid somewhere in their creation. So, kick back and enjoy the Virtual Broomcloset's guided tour of eggs found in the Space Quest series. Also, if you know of an Easter egg not already listed here, please e-mail me with the information.

Space Quest 1 (EGA)

  • Step around to the left side of the Droids-B-Us building in Ulence Flats, walk a bit north from there, and then step partially behind the building. Type "TAKE LEAK" to see one of three messages. Also, you'll find a spare buckazoid back there. (From the Space Quest FAQ)

    Taking Leak
    Taking Leak
    Taking Leak

  • In early versions of Space Quest 1, when you typed "ken" in the opening screen aboard the Arcada, Sierra CEO Ken Williams would walk onto the screen and complain that the game was behind schedule. Doing this twice would produce the message "Dave? Dave's not here". This egg does NOT work with version 2.2 of SQ1, which is supplied with the Space Quest Collection CD. (From the Space Quest FAQ)

  • At any time during play, typing "scott" or "scott murphy" will provide you with a personal message from SQ co-designer and programmer Scott Murphy, asking you to drop him a line at Sierra and tell him if you enjoyed the game. This does not seem to work with the old version 1.0X, but with version 2.2 (supplied with the Collection) only! (From the Space Quest FAQ)

    Scott's Message

    Space Quest 1 (VGA)

  • Use the TONGUE icon on the purple spiral above the doorway Roger walks out of after acquiring the Sarien uniform on the Deltaur. A Latex Babe runs across the screen with a messed-up color palette. (Submitted by SpiffyGerbil)

Babe Egg

    Space Quest 2

  • In SQ2, type TAKE CONDOM while you're by the open lockers on the Xenon Orbital Station.

    Taking Condom

  • While playing, type "CHEAT" and press return. This will bring you to an alternate "THE END" screen (the same one seen in Space Quest 1), with 255 points out of 250.

    Cheating SQ2

    Space Quest 4

  • During the opening scenes of Space Quest 4, some of post-apocalyptic Xenon' twisted rubble seems to form a familiar visage. Is that Leisure Suit Larry's profile? Why, I believe it is! This is unconfirmed, but it appears that the artists slipped a sly reference to Al Lowe's series into the screens below. (Submitted by Mike Etter)

    Larry in SQ4     Larry in SQ4

  • The game contains a secret time code that takes Roger to the planet Ortega in Space Quest 3. In the timepod, just type in the entire top row from left to right, and then type the leftmost key in the middle row. You get a pretty funny message when you exit the pod, but you should probably save your game before trying. (From the Space Quest FAQ)


  • In the Big and Tall store in the Galaxy Galleria, you can sometimes find a guy rummaging around near the bargain selection. This is former Sierra On-Line programmer, Bob Andrews. To make him appear, go to the Big and Tall store after clearing out the ATM and changing back into your own clothes, but before buying the PocketPal adapter. This only works in the CD-ROM version of SQ4. (From the Space Quest FAQ)

    Bob Andrews

    Space Quest 5

  • AstroChicken from Space Quest 3 makes a quick appearance aboard the Eureka. Take the lift down to the shuttlebay and look to the far left. There's an array of lockers there. Open the one to the far left and watch. (From the Space Quest FAQ)

    AstroChicken Egg

    Space Quest 6

  • In the cyberspace office, clicking the EYE-cursor on the background produces the response, "You saw it here first. A preview of the famed information superhighway. Wow!" However, after six or seven more clicks, Gary will say, "Wow! This makes my nipples hard!" instead. (From the Space Quest FAQ)

  • If you play Stooge Fighter III on the birthdays of three of the SQ6 programmers, the names of the stooges will change. The following birthdays work: April 11th (Michael Lytton), January 3rd (Steve Conrad), and December 29th (Bill Shockley). (From the Space Quest FAQ)

Fighter Egg

  • If you enter 8-Rear and your computer date is set to Halloween (October 31) or Michael Lytton's birthday (April 11), Circuit Sydney's head will start following you around, with its eyes glowing. (From the Space Quest FAQ)

    Sydney Egg

  • If you Ctrl+Click on the video screen in 8-Rear 7 times, the programmers' "Renegade Credits" will appear. You'll also be rewarded by Roger saying "I'm Roger Wilco, and I'll kick your ass! I know where you live" at the end. (From the Space Quest FAQ)

    Renegade Credits

  • In the cyberspace file room, there's a secret drawer under "S", that you don't really need in order to complete the game. You can find it by looking at the outline of the drawers - the drawers with a slightly thicker outline than the others can be opened. Among the files in the drawers, two instantly spring to eye "Space Quest 7" and "Space Quest Team." (From the Space Quest FAQ)

    SQ6 Files Egg

  • You can find two eggs while seated in the shuttle. The first egg gives the player access to a menu of the game's various SVGA cutscenes. The second is a tribute to SQ6 co-designer Josh Mandel. Follow these directions to access them:

    To access the movies:

    1. Turn the power on
    2. Open the glove box
    3. Press the Movies button
    4. Press the red button on the right steering wheel.

    SQ6 Shuttle Egg 1

    To access the tribute:

    1. Turn the power on
    2. Open the glove box
    3. Press the Games button
    4. Press the red button on the right steering wheel.

    SQ6 Shuttle Egg 2

    SQ6 Shuttle Egg 2

  • How does a game know when you're using a walk-through? Well, when you find a hidden file that you shouldn't know about yet, that's a good indicator. In Cyberspace in SQ6, just try pulling the file on Project Immortality before you've actually read about it in Doctor Beleaux's file. The following sequence occurs:

    Roger's score goes down...

    Cheaters never prosper...

    Yikes! It's like Gary Owens is right there in the room with you. Anyway, the game eventually returns your score to normal. Next time, though, don't get ahead of yourself.

    Space Quest: The Lost Chapter
       All TLC eggs submitted by designer Vonster D. Monster

  • Type any of these JUMP, FLY, RUN, SING - anywhere in game (In mouse support version it only works in the screen after Roger exits the Escape Pod at the start of the game).


  • Type TALK TO SHIP - while at the small Blue Crashed Ship on the planet surface. Simply walk up to the ship and type in the text. Then, well you'll see.

    Talking to the Ship

  • Type LOOK DOME when at the Oracle in the underwater cave after you have touched it for the first time. Instead of typing 'Look Oracle', use 'Look Dome' to get a close-up view of Roger and the Oracle.

    Looking at the Dome

  • Type LOOK - while in the Underwater City, near the tube connecting the leftmost building to the building to it's right. You will get a close-up view of the tube.

    Looking at the Tube

  • Type LOOK - while near the Timepod after you have gotten rid of the Tomreenians. you will get a close-up view of the Pod.

    Looking at the Timepod

  • Type DRINK DRUNKERWION BLAST - anywhere on the Vercotron (once you have one).

  • Type LOOK OUT WINDOW - while in the Cell on the Vercotron to see Roger lament on his life.


  • Type POP CLAWS - while in the Cell on the Vercotron to explore Roger's fanasy life.


  • Type READ GRAFFITI while in the cell at the end of the game. There's three or four different message groups-- which one you get depends on which wall you're facing. (Submitted by Jeysie)

  • Type LOOK OUT WINDOW - after Poping Claws in the Cell on the Vercotron to see Roger lament while immersed in his fantasy life.


    Thanks again to Akril for all her hard work on this section! If anyone out there knows of other SQ Easter Eggs that aren't currently listed here, drop me an e-mail!

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