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Welcome to Roger Wilco's Fan Fiction Library, your best on-line resource for Space Quest fan fiction. At least, that's how we pride ourselves. Nobody has challenged us yet to see if we actually are the best. And if someone should ever dare, we're confident we can bribe the judges into letting us win.

You may remember the Fan Fiction Library as being a part of a once-active-now-defunct fan site known as Wilco's Domain. That's true, it was. But now, Wilco's Domain is gone, and it took its popular fan fiction library with it. A lot of people around the web thought that was a shame, since not only had they lost a resource for Space Quest fiction, but also something to laugh at.

Decaffeinated Jedi, being a fellow who doesn't mind a good laugh, offered to host the stories that were lost when the Domain bid its final farewell. Thusly, the webmasters of the Domain and the Broomcloset banded together, as they have been known to do on several occasions, and mashed up the new Fan Fiction Library you see before you.

We hope you enjoy this new Library, and please keep those contributions and comments rolling in!

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Troels Pleimert and Jess Morrissette

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