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Welcome to Casting Call! This page brings you my casting choices for a hypothetical Space Quest movie. Please note that I say "hypothetical." As of right now, there are no plans for a Space Quest motion picture. This page is all for the sake of fun. So, without further ado, let's do!

Roger Wilco...Dwight Shultz

Let's face it...this is the big one. I thought and thought forever about who I would like to play this part. David Spade was my first idea, but he seems a bit too sarcastic for the role. Jeff Daniels would be great, but he doesn't look the part. So, I chose Dwight Shultz--best known for his portrayals of "Mad" Murdock on The A-Team and Reginald Barclay on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Shultz is a wonderful actor and quite adept at self-depreciating comedy; I can imagine him hiding out in a closet while the Sariens took over his ship. Furthermore, he looks quite a bit like Roger to boot.

Sludge Vohaul...Anthony Hopkins

Choosing an actor to play Roger's archnemesis was almost as challenging as choosing Roger himself. I wanted someone who could play both an evil man and a genius and look a little like Vohaul. Then, I saw this image of Anthony Hopkins in Entertainment Weekly. When bald, he's the spitting image of Sludge! Hopkins is known as one of the greatest actors of our time, with two of his bigger roles coming as Hannibal "The Cannibal" in Silence of the Lambs and as former President Nixon in Oliver Stone's Nixon.

Beatrice Wankmeister...Sharon Stone

Roger needed a beautiful woman for his love interest in Space Quest 5 (and future wife somewhere around Space Quest 11, I gather) and Miss Stone is the perfect choice. Stone is an excellent actress and could portray Bea's dignified ambassador attitude with ease. I also think the contrast between her and Shultz would be hilarious, much like what transpired in the early part of Space Quest 5. You probably remember the lovely Miss Stone from movies like Basic Instinct, Sliver, and The Quick and the Dead.

Capt. Raems T. Quirk...William Shatner

This character is obviously based on Shatner's classic James T. Kirk, so who better to play Quirk than Shatner himself? From various interviews I've read with Shatner, he seems like he can act just smug enough to pull off Quirk's character with ease. Besides, he might as well have been doing it for the last 20 years.

Arnoid...Arnold Schwarzenegger

This one was kind of a no-brainer. This baddie from Space Quest 3 was based on Arnold's Terminator character, so who better to play him than the Terminator? For those who have been living under a rock for the last decade or so, Arnold has appeared in such movies as Conan the Barbarian, Predator, True Lies, Kindergarten Cop (which, incidently, was titled Devil King of the Children in Japan), and Junior.

WD-40...Grace Jones

Arnoid's Gippazoid co-worker and Roger's science office in SQ5 needed practically a female version of Arnold to really make her sing. I can't think of a better candidate for such and undertaking than Jamaican-born singer/actress Grace Jones. Jones has released several albums over the last decade and starred in a number of movies, including playing Zulu in Conan the Destroyer. If you've never seen Grace in action, trust me; she is one mean chick!

Other Submissions...
Character Actor Credits Submitted by
Sludge Vohaul James Doohan Star Trek
Roger Wilco Joel Hodgson Mystery Science Theater Napalm Man
Cliffy Harrison Ford Star Wars Mike Stabos
Flo Bette Midler Recording Artist/Actress Mike Stabos
Fester Blatz Rush Limbaugh The Rush Limbaugh Show Seth Waddell
Roger, Jr. Corin Nemec Parker Lewis Can't Lose Bryan Thiessen
Roger Jim Carrey Batman Forever Bryan Thiessen
Sludge Vohaul Brian Dennehey Cocoon Gabbo
Sharpei Angelica Huston Addam's Family Andrew Hicks
Labion Terror Beast Macauly Culkin Home Alone Andrew Hicks
Elmo Pugg Christopher Lloyd Back to the Future Charlie Kazmeyer
Blaine Rohmer Bruce Campbell Evil Dead Charlie Kazmeyer
Arnoid Dolph Ludgren Johnny Mnemonic Charlie Kazmeyer
Cliffy Tom Arnold True Lies Matt Kneupper
Stellar Rosie O'Donnell Beautiful Girls Matt Kneupper
Elmo Pug Louie Anderson Life With Louie Matt Kneupper
Sharpei Barbara Bush Former First Lady Matt Kneupper
Cliffy Dean Stockwell Quantum Leap Wrandom
Flo Charlotte Rae Facts of Life Wrandom
Capt. Quirk Phil Hartman Sgt. Bilko B. Sable
Elmo Pugg Danny DeVito Taxi B. Sable
Two Guys Penn and Teller Um...well... B. Sable
Beatrice RuPaul Supermodel B. Sable
Roger Conan O'Brien Late Night
Cliffy John Belushi Animal House
Beatrice Michelle Pfieffer Dangerous Minds
Roger Kelsey Grammar Fraiser
Endodroid Kevin Costner Waterworld Paul
Cliffy Ken Kercheval Dallas Mangekillen
Droole David Letterman Late Show Dylan MacNeil
Roger Don Opper Critters Hellcat
Santiago Marisa Tomei My Cousin Vinnie Scott
Flo Rosanne Rosanne Nathan Taylor
Roger Jr. Mark Hammil Star Wars Joe Cassara
Latex Babes Female cast of Friends Friends Joe Cassara
Monochrome Boys Buchanan, Dole, Forbes Washington Monkeys Joe Cassara
Manuel Auxveride Rick Dees Top 40 DJ Joe Cassara
Cliffy Jonathan Winters Comedian Joe Cassara
WD-40 Suzanne Powers Stop the Insanity! Joe Cassara
D'jhurkwad Andrew Dice Clay Comedian Joe Cassara
Droid from SQ1 R2-D2 Star Wars Colin McEvoy
Bea Jennifer Aniston Friends David Ruddell
Roger Matthew Perry Friends David Ruddell
Bea Mariah Carey Recording Artist Donald Lovan
Stellar Demi Moore Striptease Donald Lovan
D'jhurkwad Christian Slater Broken Arrow
Elmo Pug Danny Devito Get Shorty
Beatrice Cindy Crawford Fair Game
Vohaul James Earl Jones Star Wars Nathaniel Budin
Commander Kielbasa Sean Connery The Rock Kate Drew
Sludge Vohaul Ed Asner The Mary Tyler Moore Show Phil Speer
Roger Wilco Dana Carvey Clean Slate Phil Speer
Elmo Pug Wayne Knight Seinfeld Michael Lovan
Roger Wilco Don Knotts Andy Griffith Show Chris Collet
Elmo Pug Jason Alexander Seinfeld Stephen Gill

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