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Roger Wilco Meets The Sims

    What happens when Roger Wilco moves in next door? Why not find out with these Space Quest skins for Maxis' hit game The Sims. That's right--Skeearmon has contributed some great-looking Sims skins of Roger, Beatrice, and Stellar that you can download below. Why not move them in next door and watch the confusing love triangle unfold? Check out the screenshot below...

Roger, Beatrice, and Stellar

To use these skins with The Sims, click here to download the file (123KB). Installation is simple. You just need to decompress the zip file and then copy the three bitmap files included therein to the "GameData/Skins" folder in the directory where you installed The Sims. Then, just load up the game, and you should be ready to use these snazzy-looking outfits! For more details, consult the readme file that's included with the zip.

As the screenshot below (courtesy of "MartyMcFly") suggests, Roger's StarCon Academy training apparently didn't include a course in home economics:

Kitchen Fire

Now, if only there was a "sanitation engineer" career track in The Sims... <g>

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