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Space Quest Series, Quiz #3
Thanks to Jeysie, FighterPilot, and Diane.

1. According to in-game text from Space Quest 3, which of the following sentences features correct spelling and capitalization?
Elmo Pug is the CEO of Scumsoft.
Elmo Pug is the CEO of ScumSoft.
Elmo Pugg is the CEO of Scumsoft.
Elmo Pugg is the CEO of ScumSoft.

2. In Space Quest 6, when Roger takes a number in the cyberspace office, what number does he receive?

6.24 x 1012

3. Where did the timepod centerfold from the Space Piston magazine included with Space Quest 4 later appear?

Inside Vohaul's chamber in the Super Computer
At the bottom of Cliffy's toolbox in Space Quest 5
In Singent and Nigel's apartment in Space Quest 6
In Gabriel Knight's bedroom in Sins of the Father

4. Which of the following souvenirs from his adventures is NOT located in Roger's quarters in Space Quest 6?
PocketPal terminal
Translating gadget
Hunk of orium
Rejection letter from Sierra On-Line

5. In Space Quest 6, there's a parody of the famous boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. In the Space Quest version of the scene, Roger is running away from which of the following?
A gigantic snowball
An intestinal worm
A gallstone
A boulder

6. What was the price listed on the cover of the Space Piston comic book included with Space Quest 2?
Twenty-five cents
One buckazoid
Five buckazoids
"As free as an Antarean Slime Devil!"

7. In SQ4, when you steal your first timepod from Vohaul's command center, what sector does the Sequel Policeman say it has just arrived from?
Space Quest 1
Space Quest 2
Space Quest 4
Space Quest 8

8. Bob Siebenberg, soundtrack composer for Space Quest 3, is also a member of what rock band?

9. What is the name of the merchant who gives Roger the Space Monkeys in Space Quest 5?
Cyrano Jones
Horatio Jones
Nelo Jones
Milo Jones
10. In the Inside Current Copy video included with the Space Quest Collection, which of the following Sierra employees claimed that SQ designer Scott Murphy made the best cup of coffee in the entire company?
Roberta Williams
Leslie Balfour
Jane Jensen
Lori Cole

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