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The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco
Submitted by Jeysie, Webmistress of The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco

1. How many ways can Roger die in the SQ6 demo?
Roger: "There will be no gratuitous death in this demo."

2. Which SQ game has the most ways for Roger to die?

Space Quest 1 VGA
Space Quest: The Lost Chapter
Space Quest 4
Space Quest 5

3. How many different things can eat Roger in Space Quest: The Lost Chapter?


4. In what time period of Space Quest 4 is it NOT possible to get shot by the Sequel Police?
Space Quest 1
Space Quest 10
Space Quest 12
Roger can get shot in all three.

5. Which of the following ISN'T a way that Roger can die in all of the Space Quest games?
Getting eaten
Getting turned inside out
Getting shot
Falling to your death

6. Which one of these is a standard "Thanks For Playing" death message in SQ2?
"Thanks for playing Space Quest II. As usual, you've been a real hoot."
"It has been a pleasure watching you play Space Quest II."
"We're glad you could play Space Quest II. As usual, you've been a real pantload."
"Thank you for playing Space Quest II. Better luck next time!"

7. In which of the following Space Quest games can/does a "good guy" other than Roger die?
Space Quest 2
Space Quest 4
Space Quest 5
Space Quest 6

8. What color jell-o does Roger get stuck in when shot by a jell-o pistol in SQ3?

9. If Roger presses the "Don't Touch" button in SQ1VGA, in what game does he end up?
King's Quest 1
Conquests of the Longbow
Quest for Glory 1
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father
10. Which of these items won't kill Roger if left in his pocket too long?
Terror Fish (SQ:TLC)
Endodroid (SQ6)
Spike (SQ5)
Unstable Ordnance (SQ4)

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