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Baleful Bouncing Beast Bested!
Two Visitors from the Planet Andromeda Defeat Antwerp!

The "Two Guys" from Andromeda vanquishing the vicious Antwerp  (photo by Vroomfondel)
Two Visitors Defeat Antwerp!
    Spielburg, Gloriana: The most popular "vacation theme planet" in the Galaxy has had problems of every kind these past few years. First, there was that curse by the witch Baba Yaga, then the passes froze up, and then the valley was invaded by two Antwerps, possibly the most ferocious beasts in the universe. "Things were looking really, really bleak for the tourist trade," said retired adventurer and Guildmaster Wolfgang Abentuer. "With the antwerps, we were getting worried that the tourists had permanently been driven away. I mean, these things are the worst! They're right up there with that Moose that came down from the mountains back in '63." Luckily for Spielburg, however, two mysterious strangers managed to defeat one of the Antwerps in combat just yesterday.

    Little is known about these "Two Guys" as they are being called by locals, except that they are from Andromeda and work for some kind of software company. "It was amazing," said Abentuer of their tactics. "They took a long rope and managed to wrap it around the antwerp. Then, they tied it to a rock with the rope and poked it with a needle. I've never seen anything like it!" The Two Guys apparently left soon after destroying the strange monster, much to the dismay of some who thought they would lift the curse of Baba Yaga. However, their feats of heroism will never be forgotten by the people of Spielburg, who have already mounted the Antwerp head in the local Adventurers' Guild.

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