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The Two Guys from Andromeda
Submitted by Ryan "Cool Guy" Henneboehle

1. The Guys were notable for what kind of facial feature and hair style?
Fu Manchu Mustaches and Bowl Cuts
Pig Snouts and Mohawks
Bushy Eyebrows and Skincaps
Joo-Joo Eyeballs and Hair Down To Their Knees

2. What company did the Two Guys work for until they were rescued by Roger?

Xenon On-Line
Pestulon Productions

3. How were the Two Guys from Andromeda being held captive when Roger rescued them in Space Quest 3?

Locked away behind a force field
Dangling over a pit of Antarean Slime Devils
Shackled to to their design terminals
Trapped in lime jello

4. Which Guy from Andromeda flew solo in designing Space Quest 5?
Mark Crowe
Scott Murphy
Josh Mandel
None of the above

5. What was the first game the Andromedan pair worked on together?
Space Quest 1
Black Cauldron
King's Quest 1
Police Quest 1

6. What individuals have earned the unofficial title of "Guy from Andromeda" other than Mark and Scott?
Ken and Roberta Williams
Josh Mandel and Sol Ackerman
Decaffeinated Jedi and Troels Pleimert
Josh Mandel and Leslie Balfour

7. Which of the Two Guy from Andromeda wrote the original Space Quest theme song?
Scott Murphy
Mark Crowe
Uh...there are only two of them.

8. In what game did the Two Guys send their distress signal while held captive in SQ3?
Miss Astrochicken
Nukem Dukem Robots
Space Quest 1

9. How many rooms (screens) were in the demo version of the Sarien Encounter that the Two Guys originally presented to Sierra founder Ken Williams in order to get the project green-lighted?
The demo included the entire Arcada sequence.
10. What Two Guys scandal was revealed by the issue of Galactic Inquirer included with Space Quest 5?
Scott had left Sierra and returned to a higher-paying position at Scumsoft.
Mark was not really from Andromeda, but rather from Earth.
Scott and Mark had framed Roger for mail fraud in SQ2.
The Two Guys had not actually designed SQ1-4; they were just a marketing gimmick all along.


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