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Space Quest Word Search

    Remember those fun word search games you used to play as a kid? Well, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, the Broomcloset now presents a Java word search featuring all your favorite Space Quest words--and you don't even have to borrow a pen from your mom! Just click on "New Game" below, and you can start searching for the words listed in the right-hand column. When you find a word, just highlight it on the grid with your mouse. It's just that simple!

    There are currently six word lists available--one focusing on each installment of the series. Just click "New Game" to cycle to the next word list. Each time a puzzle loads up, the grid is randomly generated, so you can play Space Quest Word Search over and over without ever seeing the same game. Enjoy!

To change word lists, click New Game. Use the arrows to scroll up and down the word list.

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