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Broomcloset Interviews

        Welcome to the Virtual Broomcloset's Interview section.  You'll find all kinds of interviews with the creators (and even a few of the characters) of the Space Quest series.  Enjoy!

Droole Interview with Jeff Stewart - Find out more about the awesome fan game, Space Quest 0: Replicated in this interview with designer Jeff Stewart!

The Virtual Broomcloset Interviews Mark Crowe - Check out this all-new, exclusive interview with Guy from Andromeda Mark Crowe (conducted in March 2001). Read what Mark has to say about topics ranging from where he keeps his Andromedan snout to the story behind the exclusive Latex Babes photo shoot!

Interview with Vonster D. Monster - Check out Josh Roberts' interview with the designer of Space Quest: The Lost Chapter, Vaughn Gosine! Hear the inside story on the fan-made sequel that has everyone talking!

Catching Up With Scott Murphy - To celebrate the Broomcloset's fifth anniversary, we present an all-new, exclusive interview with Guy from Andromeda Scott Murphy! What are you waiting for?

The Virtual Broomcloset Interviews Josh Mandel - The co-designer and writer of Space Quest 6 and Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist and designer of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon takes time out to discuss the Space Quest series, working at Sierra On-Line, the state of adventure gaming, and his choice of hamburgers. Another Broomcloset exclusive!

An Interview with Scott Murphy - Guy from Andromeda Scott Murphy talks about how he got tangled up with the Space Quest series in the first place, its future in SQ7, and why Kathy Lee Gifford is a babe.  A Broomcloset exclusive!

Leslie Balfour: Gal from Andromeda - A fun chat with SQ7 co-designer Leslie Balfour covering everything from what she and Scott have in store for Space Quest 7 to her secret past as a carney.  Only at the Virtual Broomcloset!

Wilco's Domain Interviews Mark Crowe - Troels Pleimert of Wilco's Domain sits down for a chat with SQ co-creator Mark Crowe! Originally from 1997.

Wilco's Domain Interviews Michael Hutchinson - This top-notch interview from 1997 touches on everything from how SQ6's animation director became involved with the series to the ins and outs of Corpsman Santiago!

Wilco's Domain Interviews Josh Mandel - Troels Pleimert hits Guy from Andromeda Josh Mandel with the all the tough questions! Originally from 1997.

Wilco's Domain Interviews Scott Murphy - Check out this 1997 interview with Scott Murphy, Guy from Andromeda, originally appearing at Wilco's Domain!

Wilco's Domain Interviews Mark Seibert - Want the inside scoop on the music for the Space Quest series? Troels Pleimert gets just that in the 1997 interview.

Wilco's Domain Interviews Ken Williams - Wilco's Domain discusses the Space Quest series with Sierra founder and former CEO Ken Williams! Originally from 1997.

Scott Murphy: Where Have All the Legends Gone? - This interview with Guy from Andromeda Scott Murphy originally appeared in the December 2000 issue of PC Gamer. Check it out!

A Visit with Scott Murphy - Originally printed in the Spring 1995 issue of InterAction, just prior to the release of SQ6.  Scott gives a behind-the-scenes look at SQ6 and explains how the release of Phantasmagoria will increase SQ6 sales.

Interview with the Two Guys from Andromeda - Originally appeared in the Space Quest 4 hintbook.  Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy talk about their origin as the Two Guys, the SQ design process, rabid fans, and brain implants.

The Men Who Designed Space Quest 3 - You don't want to miss this excellent interview with the Two Guys from Andromeda, Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, reprinted from the Spring 1989 issue of The Sierra Newsletter! New

Megalomaniac Monthly Interviews Sludge Vohaul - Laurie Neptune sits down for a talk with intergalactic baddie, Sludge Vohaul! New

Sales-Being Quarterly Interviews Fester Blatz - The winner of the Broomcloset character survey talks about his career and fills in the gaps between SQ3 and SQ6.

An Exclusive Interview with Roger Wilco - Reprinted from Space Piston Magazine.  Flip Quasar talks to space hero Roger Wilco about his extraordinary adventures.

PlayByte Interviews Roger Wilco - Reprinted from InterAction Magazine.  Sleet Kennedy finds out about Roger Wilco's most frightening moment during his career of galaxy-saving.

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