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Space Quest 7 News and Rumors

Welcome to the Virtual Broomcloset's exclusive coverage of the recent rumors concerning Sierra's possible revival of the Space Quest series. For information about the now-canceled original Space Quest 7 project headed up by Scott Murphy and Leslie Balfour, have a look at the Broomcloset's original Space Quest 7 archive. You can also check out the website for the unofficial Space Quest 7 fan-game project here.

News and Rumors

Escape Factory Project Cancelled
February 7, 2003 - Yeah, yeah--I'm back after a brief break from the site. Unfortunately, I return as the bearer of bad tidings for those fans looking forward to a new installment in the Space Quest series. Recently, Escape Factory (the developers of the rumored SQ project) posted this message at their website: "The not-yet-announced project was cancelled after just over a year of development for a variety of reasons. The team is obviously disappointed, but we understand the decision. We have terminated the relationship with our publisher amicably, and have once again begun the process of talking to other publishers about new projects, this time with a bigger and more experienced team." Sources suggest that the "not-yet-announced project" mentioned above was indeed a new game in the Space Quest series. By my count, that makes Roger Wilco fans 0-2 when it comes to Space Quest 7. I hope to check back at some point in the next couple of days with an editorial regarding my thoughts on the past year of Space Quest rumors and their impact on the fan community. Meanwhile, let's hope the Space Quest 7 fan project has a bit better luck.

Escape Factory Developing Rumored Space Quest Sequel?
November 14, 2002 - Courtesy of the fine folks at Adventure Gamers, I have some major news to report regarding the rumored Space Quest 7 project. The latest leaks suggest that Escape Factory is the Seattle-based independent developer currently working on the project for Sierra. Furthermore, the article at Adventure Gamers suggests that the game supposedly under development may not be a traditional graphical adventure, but rather "an action game of some sorts."

Both Escape Factory being based in Seattle and the possibility of a genre crossover certainly match up with what we've been hearing about the rumored Space Quest project in recent months. I should note, however, that these rumors remain completely unconfirmed by Sierra at this point. That being said, feel free to speculate about this news at the Broomcloset's message forum. Meanwhile, if you have any content that you would like to contribute to the Virtual Broomcloset's upcoming seventh anniversary celebration on November 29 (see below), please feel free to contact me.

A Tale of Two Sequels: News on Space Quest 7 Projects
July 27, 2002 - For those just tuning in, let's start out with a quick recap of the current Space Quest 7 situation. On one hand, a group of talented and devoted SQ fans (including Space Quest 6 co-designer Josh Mandel) has been working on an unofficial Space Quest sequel for several months. On the other hand, recent rumors have strongly suggested that Sierra is also secretly working on a new entry in the Space Quest series. What are the odds of receiving news on both of these Space Quest 7 projects on the same day? Better than you'd think, I suppose.

First up, the unofficial SQ7 fan project has released an awesome, all-new teaser trailer for their game! Just surf on over to, click on "Releases," and you'll find the trailer in a variety of formats and download sizes. I have to say that the brief preview has me looking forward to the game more than ever!

Meanwhile, on the Sierra front, Adventure Gamers ran an article earlier today examining the rumors concerning an official revival of Space Quest, as well as other classic Sierra series. In this article, Adventure Gamers once again reiterates that "a new Space Quest-based game is definitely being worked on" by an unknown Seattle-based independent developer. Furthermore, and perhaps most interestingly, the article provides an image of what is allegedly a clay model of an alien that is being used for the game. This model (supposedly named Keebo) is pictured below:


Please note that we might want to take this "Keebo" model with a grain of salt. There's still no confirmation from Sierra regarding the rumored Space Quest project, and it does seem a bit odd to have something like this dropped in our laps so soon. But, if nothing else, the folks at Adventure Gamers seem willing to stand behind it.

So, when it's all said and done, what does this mean? Could long-suffering SQ fans eventually find themselves with two separate Space Quest 7's from which to choose? I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. If we do end up with two new Space Quest games, though, I can think of quite a few worse fates. As always, fans are welcome to discuss these developments at the Virtual Broomcloset's message forum!

No Space Quest at E3
May 30, 2002 - Contrary to some expectations, Sierra did not unveil any plans for a new Space Quest game (or any other adventure revivals) at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles last week. Sources at Sierra, however, still hint that Space Quest fans will want to keep an eye open for announcements later this year. So, in the meantime, stay tuned to the Virtual Broomcloset for all the latest news!

Rumored Space Quest Project to Tap New Genre?
April 16, 2002 - Here's the latest news on Sierra's rumored Space Quest project! German computing website MCV Online ran a news item earlier today that included an interesting quote from Sierra President Mike Ryder. Translated to English, Ryder stated, "I think the adventure genre, as we knew it, cannot survive today, but perhaps you can transport the themes of these games to other genres like action or strategy." The article goes on to note that Sierra is currently working on two games based on their various classic adventure series--one of which will be an action-oriented multi-platform console title and the other a strategy game for the PC. Finally, MCV Online hints that Sierra may unveil these top-secret projects at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles next month and plans for release in either 2003 or 2004. Needless to say, this news item generates several topics for discussion, so why not drop by the all-new Subspace Channel message forum and share your thoughts? Also, thanks to Jan Schneider for passing along the article and translation!

Scott Murphy Not Involved in Rumored SQ Project
April 8, 2002 - Just to recap recent events, rumors from a variety of sources in recent months have suggested that Sierra currently has a third-party developer (possibly Seattle-based) working on a new Space Quest project. While these rumors have not been confirmed, Sierra has told Space Quest fans to expect a major announcement later this year. In turn, quite a bit of speculation has focused on who will be designing this rumored new project. So far, SQ6 co-designer Josh Mandel has confirmed that he has not been contacted by Sierra, and the Virtual Broomcloset can now confirm that Space Quest co-creator Scott Murphy is also not involved in the rumored SQ project. Here's what Scott had to say in a recent e-mail: "I honestly know nothing about an SQ project of any kind. As far as I know, SQ is as dead as it was when I left. I've only heard from SQ fans writing me, referencing the same [PC Gamer] article and [Sierra] website activity, and wanting to know what's going on." So, assuming that the rumors about a new Space Quest are true, it's looking more and more like we're going to see some fresh faces behind the wheel of the series.

Al Lowe Comments on Space Quest Rumors
April 5, 2002 - I have some more information on the recent Space Quest rumors that have been circulating. Al Lowe, designer of Sierra's popular Leisure Suit Larry series, recently told Frans van Hofwegen over at the following: "There is a group in Seattle working on a SQ sequel. They are not an internal Sierra team, but an outside development house. I don't remember the name. Sorry." It's just more confirmation of what we've been hearing for the past couple of months!

Sierra on SQ: "Keep an Eye Open for Upcoming Announcements"
March 20, 2002 - This is the news that we've been waiting for, folks--actual word from Sierra on the recent Space Quest rumors! Yesterday, I received a message from a reliable source at Sierra saying that fans of the Space Quest series "will want to keep an eye open for upcoming announcements later this year." The source is definitely someone who's "in the know," and, needless to say, this is a very encouraging development for Space Quest fans--straight from Sierra, no less. From all indications, it looks like Roger Wilco may indeed fly again!

Ken Williams Comments on Recent Rumors
March 13, 2002 - Earlier today, the fine folks over at Adventure Gamers' Sierra Corner posted an e-mail from former Sierra CEO Ken Williams concerning the recent rumors about Sierra's return to the adventure genre and the possible revival of the Space Quest series. Mr. Williams had the following to say:

"I did have lunch with the new head guy at Sierra, and he confirmed that his intention is to 'bring back' the old Sierra. He has several of the old games back in development, and is meeting with several of the old designers to explore their possible involvement. I think it's great! My only concern is that I hope that they are able to find something new and exciting to do with the old series, and don't just continue them as they were. I like things that use the old characters, and the worlds that we created, but that somehow move entertainment forward in some way. I can't say exactly which series are in development, because he wouldn't want me to."
Mr. Williams' comments lend further credence to the recent rumors that have been circulating around the Web regarding the future of Sierra and its classic adventure series (including the Space Quest games). Meanwhile, I encourage everyone to contact Sierra and let them know that you'd like to see Roger Wilco fly again! As I've said before, it looks like the fans might actually be able to make a difference for the first time in years.

Sierra Entertainment: Back to Basics
March 10, 2002 - The latest issue of PC Gamer (April 2002) includes a short news article entitled "It's Back to Basics for the New Sierra." In this article, PC Gamer speaks with Sierra president Mike Ryder about the company's upcoming plans. Says Ryder: "We've looked at which brands you think about when you think of Sierra, and which have enough value in the marketplace to bring back. There's King's Quest, Space Quest, Gabriel Knight, and Leisure Suit Larry." The article goes on to mention that Ryder has already met with Al Lowe regarding a possible revival of the Leisure Suit Larry series as part of the company's "reappreciation of past glories." If nothing else, Roger Wilco fans should at least take heart in the fact that Ryder included Space Quest in his list of series that still have marketplace value. Furthermore, Ryder's statement only lends further credence to the recent rumblings that Sierra might be developing a new installment in the Space Quest series.

Do you want to see Sierra return to its roots and begin publishing new installments of its classic adventure series--including Space Quest? If so, you should contact Sierra and let them know what you think. For the first time in several years, it looks like the fans might actually be able to make a difference.

Roger Wilco Appearing in SWAT 4?!?
February 19, 2002 - Notice anything strange about this screenshot (courtesy of GameSpot) of Sierra's upcoming SWAT 4?

Roger in SWAT 4

That's right--Roger Wilco makes a cameo in the form of "backglass" art on the fourth pinball machine from the left! The art itself is taken from the rare Space Quest comic book series from the mid-1990s. Could this surprise appearance have anything to do with recent rumors about the new Space Quest game that's possibly under development? If nothing else, it could be another piece of the puzzle. Thanks to Dopefish for calling this to my attention!

New Space Quest Game in Development?
February 7, 2002 - A few days ago, the Broomcloset broke the story that rumors circulating around the Internet might point to a new Space Quest project in development. Earlier today, GameSpot posted a news item stating that they "had learned from sources working on the project that Sierra is developing a new game in its classic Space Quest sci-fi adventure game series." While GameSpot didn't give go into detail about the game, it looks like Roger Wilco is finally making a comeback!

Meanwhile, AdventureGamers is also confirming this news, noting that an independent studio is working on the project for Sierra. What other news is in store? When will Sierra confirm or deny the project? Stay tuned for all the latest developments, and feel free to discuss this awesome news at the Broomcloset's message forum!

Space Quest Rumors
February 3, 2002 - There's some interesting news going around, folks. First up, in a recent article, GameSpot hinted that Sierra is planning to revive one of its "Quest" series at some point in the near future. Curiouser still, Sierra has recently launched a new sub-page at their website devoted to the Space Quest series, listing the games as featured products that are temporarily out of stock. It's worth noting that Space Quest had been virtually absent from Sierra's main site for the past few years prior to this update. What does this all mean? Who knows? Still, it seems like something worth keeping an eye on. Meanwhile, why not stop by the Subspace Channel and discuss these new developments?

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