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Space Quest Character Database

   Welcome to the Character Database section here at the Virtual Broomcloset.  Here, you'll find short biographies of all the major (and some of the not-so-major) characters from the Space Quest series.

The Main Characters...  
  Roger Wilco

  • Roger Wilco -- known throughout the galaxy as space janitor, savior of the universe, recipient of the coveted Golden Mop, hero of the Space Quest series, and all-around nice guy.  Rog first burst onto the scene by foiling the Sariens in their attempted theft of the Star Generator.  Since then, he has gone on to thwart the evil Sludge Vohaul and numerous other galactic miscreants, while travelling through both space and time in the process.  During his tenure as captain of the SCS Eureka, Roger met and fell in love with Ambassador Beatrice Wankmeister, the woman his son from the future (confused yet?) told him was destined to be his wife.  Since then, Roger has been busted back to Janitor Second Class and assigned to the SCS DeepShip 86.  While filling this post, Roger put a stop to the plans of the evil Sharpei and was also reunited with a woman from his past -- Corpsman Stellar Santiago.  What's a janitor to do?

    Sludge Vohaul
  • Sludge Vohaul -- scientific genius and quite possibly the most nefarious individual to ever be,, nefarious.  Embittered by the fact that the Xenonian scientific community had chosen to use the Star Generator he helped to build (along with his brother Slash) for good instead of evil, Vohaul was the mastermind behind the infamous Sarien Encounter.  However, his plans were foiled by a lowly space janitor, Roger Wilco.  After this defeat, Vohaul hatched a plan to unleash a plague of bio-engineered insurance salesmen on the unknowing galaxy.  Once again, Wilco stopped him, this time pulling the plug on Vohaul's life support system in the process.  Vohaul was not yet finished, though.  After copying his brainwaves to disk, Vohaul returned by infecting Xenon's computer systems in the distant future of Space Quest 12.  Roger thwarted him once again, leaving Vohaul's mind trapped on a floppy disk in the future.  Has Roger really seen the last of this flabby foe?

  • Beatrice Wankmeister -- Roger's current girlfriend and possible future wife.  Ambassador Wankmeister currently serves as representative for the G6 quadrant in the StarCon Diplomatic Corps.  Roger first encountered Bea in the form of a holographic image shown to him by his future son, Roger Wilco, Jr., in SQ4.  He later met her in person while in training at StarCon Academy.  Upon his promotion to captain, Roger ended up saving Bea's life when she was infected by mutagenic sludge in SQ5.  After the Pukoid Affair, Bea fell for Roger and the two began dating.  However, they were separated by Roger's assignment to the DeepShip 86.  Since then, Roger has been reunited with his old friend, Corpsman Stellar Santiago.  The question remains: where does this leave Bea (and, for that matter, Roger's sphincter if she finds out about Stellar)?

  • Stellar Santiago -- old friend and flame of Roger Wilco.  Little is known of Corpsman Santiago's past before her appearance in SQ6.  She and Roger were obviously old friends and when Wilco was posted to the DeepShip 86, it appears that Stellar followed along to watch his back.  As Stellar went about this task and attempted to save Roger from one of Sharpei's cleverly-laid traps, she was apparently killed in the process.  However, it was all a ruse; Sharpei had actually kidnapped Stellar in an attempt to transfer her evil mind into Stellar's young body.  Wilco, after being shrunk down to microscopic size and injected into Stellar's bloodstream, was able to save her from Sharpei's clutches.  After such heroics, could this old flame reignite?

    Supporting Cast...


  • Ape-Men -- a less-than-intelligent result of the genetic tinkering of Sludge Vohaul, the origins of the Ape-Men are shrouded in mystery.  They made their first appearance in Vohaul's service, kidnapping Roger in anticipation of the unleashing of Vohaul's plague of insurance salesmen upon the galaxy.  Thanks to the fact that their mental capacity was slightly lower than Roger's own, Roger was able to outwit the Ape-Men on Labion and hijack their shuttle.  It is not known what became of the Ape-Men after Vohaul's defeat, but he had obviously replaced them with the more-efficient Sequel Police by SQ12.
  • Arnoid

  • Arnoid the Annihilator -- a terminator droid, equipped with an invisibility belt and commissioned by the Gippazoid Novelty Company.  Sent to track down Roger Wilco for that bit of mail fraud back in SQ2, Arnoid finally caught up with him on the small planetoid of Phleebhut in SQ3.  Always the sporting type, Arnoid gave Roger a chance to get away, letting him go with a few seconds headstart.  Through pure dumb luck, Roger managed to outwit the Annihilator unit and left it little more than a pile of spare parts.
  • Astro Chicken

  • Astro Chicken -- poultry star of his eponymous Scumsoft arcade game, known for his trademark "Bacock!" battle cry.  While Astro Chicken is little more than a pixelated creation of the Two Guys from Andromeda, he has played a significant role in the adventures of Roger Wilco.  It was while playing Astro Chicken that Roger discovered the hidden distress call from the captive Two Guys from Andromeda.  This, in turn, led directly to their rescue from the corporate clutches of Scumsoft.  Scumsoft later followed up this highly profitable arcade game with a sequel--Ms. Astro Chicken. While Ms. Astro Chicken was less successful than the original, it is certainly a classic in its own right.
  • Dr. Beleauxs

  • Dr. Hayden Beleauxs -- brilliant scientist working in the service of the nefarious Sharpei.  Dr. Beleauxs first appeared working for Sharpei as part of her top secret Project Immortality. Using technology developed by Beleauxs, Sharpei planned to transfer her mind into a youthful body.  While this crossed many of Beleauxs' ethical boundaries, he carried on with his research out of love for Sharpei.  However, when Roger presented him with the evidence he procured in Cyberspace, Beleauxs realized the error of his ways.  In an attempt to make amends, he agreed to help Roger save Stellar Santiago by miniaturizing him and injecting him into Stellar's body.  It is unknown what--if any--punishment Beleauxs faced for his role in Stellar's kidnapping.
  • Fester Blatz

  • Fester Blatz -- entrepreneur extraordinaire, who first encountered Roger Wilco on the planet Phleebhut, where he owned and operated the planet's most thriving tourist attraction, World O'Wonders.  Fester  later crossed paths with Roger again in SQ6, when he turned up running Implants-N-Stuff on Polysorbate LX.  His skills as a salesman--employed hocking wares ranging from Astro Chicken Flight Hats to illegal cyberspace jacks--is unparalleled throughout the universe.
  • Circuit Sidney

  • Circuit Sidney -- android officer aboard the SCS DeepShip 86.  Sidney is also one of Roger's closest friends on the DS86.  He's always willing to lend his friend Roger a hand--and the rest of his arm and an eye, as was the case during Space Quest 6.  Fortunately, these bodyparts used by Roger to steal a StarCon shuttle have since been replaced.  Sidney often speaks using archaic references understood by few aboard the DS86.  He seems to forget sometimes that not everyone has a 400 megagig harddrive for a brain.
  • Cliffy

  • Cliffy -- somewhat gruff Chief Engineer of the SCS Eureka with a penchant for fixing things that aren't broken--yet.  While this tinkering might cause the occasional minor malfunction, Cliffy's skills as an engineer are indisputable (after all, he managed to reassemble a highly complex Gippazoid android in a matter of mere hours).  Cliffy takes great pride in the Eureka, as demonstrated by his willingness to fight for his ship's honor during the infamous Space Monkey Incident.  Since the Eureka was destroyed after Roger Wilco's tour of duty as captain, little has been heard from Cliffy.
  • Dorff

  • Dorff -- the DeepShip 86's near-sighted chief of security.  Early in his career, Dorff made a name for himself as one of the finest security officers in StarCon.  As the years passed, however, Dorff's abilities began to decline and he found himself being bumped from ship to ship, eventually landing on the DS86.  His tenure aboard the DS89 has been quite unremarkable thus far.  He failed to do anything to prevent the Bjorn takeover of the ship, and ended up being turned into a scoop of lemon sorbet along with the rest of the crew (minus Roger Wilco, of course).  Later, when Wilco was thrown in the brig for assaulting a fellow officer, Dorff allowed him to escape, thanks to his failing eyesight.  It is assumed that Dorff, despite these shortcomings, remained chief of security aboard the DS86.
  • Droole

  • Droole -- navigation and weapons officer aboard the SCS Eureka.  Droole was unlucky enough to be posted aboard the garbage scow after opening fire on some of StarCon's own robotic freighters while servering aboard the SCS Stupendous.  While at first skeptical of his new captain, Droole quickly warmed to Roger and even saved his life from a Pukoid while they were scouting out the planet Klorox II together.  Known for his aggressive attitude and itchy trigger finger, Droole has not been heard from since the Pukoid Affair.
  • Flo

  • Flo -- the SCS Eureka's oft-married communications officer.  Flo is rumored to have had fourteen husbands, all of whom she has divorced. When Roger came aboard the Eureka as captain, he was met with a great deal of contempt from Flo, who viewed him as yet another overblown male authority figure.  However, her feelings changed after Roger rescued Cliffy at the Spacebar.  Flo developed a crush on Wilco and became quite jealous when he fell for Beatrice.  Since helping to put an end to the Pukoid's polluting spree, Flo has faded into obscurity.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you,  thank you...

  • Commander Kielbasa -- feline commander of the SCS DeepShip 86.  From atop his scratching post/command center on the bridge of the DS86, Kielbasa currently serves as Roger Wilco's commanding officer.  Relatively little was revealed about Kielbasa's past in SQ6, but he is clearly a highly-respected officer in the ranks of the Star Confederacy and an old friend of Admiral Toolman.  Although Kielbasa was understandably skeptical when Roger Wilco told of the kidnapping of the presumedly-dead Stellar Santiago, he is generally highly appreciative of his crew's efforts during their missions.
  • Labion Terror Beast

  • Labion Terror Beast -- a vicious creature, generally found in the forests of Labion.  As its primary means of defense, the Terror Beast spins around rapidly, creating a whirlwind of destruction that will wipe out anything in its path.  Terror Beasts are also a very curious breed; they can be distracted for hours with simple puzzles.  While stranded on Labion by Sludge Vohaul, Roger encountered one of these creatures.  Fortunately, he was able to keep it occupied with a Cubix Rube long enough to escape its clutches.
  • Zondra

  • Latex Babes of Estros -- beautiful inhabitants of the watery planet of Estros.  Led by the lovely Zondra (pictured at right)--a woman claiming to have been abandoned by Roger sometime between the SQ4 and SQ10 time periods--this band of femme fatales has sworn to strike back at the men who have wronged them throughout their lives.  Other members of the Latex Babes include Madame Thoreen, resident torture specialist.  During his crosstime capers, Roger ran afoul of the Latex Babes, was captured, and taken to their subterranean base.  Just as Roger was about to face unspeakable torture at the hands of Madame Thoreen, they were interrupted by the appearance of a giant sea slug.  Using little more than his cleverness (and a carefully placed air tank), Roger defeated the slug, winning the respect of the Latex Babes.  To celebrate this victory, Roger and the Babes embarked on a shopping trip to the Galaxy Galleria.  At this point, Roger has yet to meet Zondra in the current time period.
  • Orat

  • Orat -- an extremely ferocious species of carnivores known to inhabit the desert planetoid of Kerona.  While they seldom venture forth from their lairs, Orats show no mercy to those that inadvertantly stumble into their caverns.  The Orats' preferred way of dealing with intruders is to shoot a few hoops with them--using the unfortunate victim as the ball.  Roger encountered a full-grown Orat during his adventures on Kerona.  At the request of the subterranean Keronian residents, he managed to kill this specimen (though reports on his methods of slaying the creature vary).
  • Pinkun

  • Pinkunz -- a tribe of diminutive warriors living on the planet of Labion, encountered by Roger Wilco in SQ2.  After freeing one of the tribe's scouts from a hunter's snare, the Pinkunz (as named by StarCon xenobiologist Dr. Justin Barker) helped Wilco in escaping the planet.  The Pinkunz make their home at the bottom of various chasms in the Labionian landscape and survive through hunting and gathering.
  • Elmo Pug

  • Elmo Pug -- former head of Scumsoft, Inc., and current resident of the streets of Polysorbate LX.  Elmo was a boy genius, who took over Scumsoft and, with his creative management techniques, turned it into one of the most profitable businesses in the galaxy.  When Roger Wilco infiltrated Scumsoft headquarters in search of the Two Guys from Andromeda, Pug captured him and challenged Wilco to a game of Nukem Dukem Robots.  Wilco defeated Pug, causing him to lose the respect of his employees.  Soon, he lost control of Scumsoft and was left destitute.  When last seen, Pug was a drunkard, living by selling cheat sheets to popular video games on the streets of Polysorbate LX.
  • Quirk

  • Raemes T. Quirk -- former golden boy of StarCon turned hideous mutant blob.  Quirk served as captain of StarCon's flagship, the SCS Goliath, until his power corrupted him.  He began under-the-table dealing with the infamous Sludge Bandits, dumping toxic waste throughout the galaxy.  In the process, both Quirk and his entire crew were turned into Pukoids after coming into contact with the mutagenic slime.  This infection tipped Quirk over the brink of sanity, setting him on a course toward megalomania.  Foruntately, his plans for galatic domination were thwarted by Roger Wilco and the crew of the SCS Eureka.  Trapped in blob form within the trash compartment aboard the Eureka when it self-destructed, Quirk is assumed dead. 
  • Sarien

  • The Sariens -- ruthless, crimson-armored race of would-be galactic conquerers.  The Sariens were expelled from the planet of Xenon ages ago and have since held quite a grudge with the Xenonians.  A few years back, under orders from Sludge Vohaul, the Sariens stole the Star Generator device to took it aboard their flagship, the Deltaur.  However, the Generator (along with the Deltaur) was soon destoryed by Roger Wilco in the event which has come to be known as the Sarien Encounter.  It is assumed that the Sariens are still roaming space, performing random acts of senseless evil and wanton destruction. 
  • Scumsoft Employee

  • Scumsoft Employees -- also known as the infamous Pirates of Pestulon.  These employees of Elmo Pug's sinister Scumsoft serve primarily as security forces for the company's headquarters on the small moon of Pestulon.  They also act in such capacities as scientists, surveyors, Skull Fighter pilots, and beta testers.  Evidently, beta testing wasn't their strong suit, as the Two Guys from Andromeda managed to sneak a secret message by them in Astro Chicken.  The Pirates were typically armed with ScumSoft's trademarked Jello Blasters (not to be confused with Jello Shooters).  The status of the Pirates of Pestulon is unknown after the company's recent financial dilemmas.
  • Sequel Policeman

  • Sequel Police -- killer droids with a single mission objective: eliminate Roger Wilco at all costs.  The Sequel Police were constructed by Sludge Vohaul after the evil genius took over Xenon in the SQ12 time period. Vohaul sent these robotic shock troops out to search the time stream and eradicate Roger Wilco, in turn ensuring Vohaul's continued domination.  Wilco, however, managed to outwit them on a number of occasions throughout various sequels, and went on to defeat Vohaul.  While quite handy with a laser rifle, the Sequel Police are known to be exceptionally poor zero-g skaters.
  • Sharpei

  • Sharpei -- elderly widow of a high-ranking StarCon officer and evil mastermind.  Sharpei, worried by the fact that she was growing ever closer to death, funded research by a Dr. Beleauxs into transferring her mind into a younger body.  Her original plan called for kidnapping Roger Wilco and using his body, assuming nobody would even notice the janitor was missing.  However, she ended up with the body of Stellar Sanitago instead.  While the process was underway, Roger was shrunk to microscopic size and injected into Stellar's body, where he proceeded to defeat Shapei, apparently killing her.
  • Spike

  • Spike -- Roger's face-hugging, acid-dripping pet and bestest pal.  Roger first encountered Spike after discovering him in the trash compartment of the Eureka following a routine garbage pickup at Gangularis.  At first, Spike ran wild on the ship, dissolving areas of the deck and generally creating havoc.  He calmed down, however, once Roger plunked him in the specimen containment unit with a few anti-acid tablets.  Spike later proved himself quite an asset to the crew of the Eureka, helping to rescue Cliffy from the Spacebar and nudging Roger toward a cure for Bea's Pukoid infection.  Since new StarCon regulations prohibit having potentially dangerous creatures like Spike aboard starships, he is currently spending his time planetside with Bea.
  • Two Guys

  • The Two Guys from Andromeda -- software design duo, famous throughout the galaxy for their smash hit, Astro Chicken.  The Two Guys (or Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy as they are sometimes known) were budding software designers when they took a position with Scumsoft, Inc.  However, before long they found the sweatshop conditions at Scumsoft to be less-than-adequate (especially since they weren't being paid for their efforts).  In hope of espcape, they programmed a secret message into Astro Chicken, to be displayed when the player completed the game.  Roger Wilco happened to stumble upon this code and rescued the Two Guys from imprisonment at ScumSoft's headquarters on Pestulon.  Since then, they have settled on the planet Earth, where they have designed the Space Quest series for Sierra On-Line.
  • WD40

  • WD40 -- Gippazoid Novelty Company androidess sent to track down Roger after Arnoid's failure to do so.  WD40 is equipped with cloaking technology similar to that of the original Arnoid unit.  She also possesses the ability of flight and houses powerful twin laser cannons within her metallic frame.  Roger managed to defeat WD40, however, when she attempted to cash in his debt on Kiz Urazgubi.  After this unlikely defeat, WD40 was rebuilt and reprogrammed by Cliffy to serve as the Eureka's science officer.
  • Roger Jr.

  • Roger Wilco Jr. -- a member of the Time Rippers, a resistance group from the Vohaul-controlled SQ12 era.  Roger Jr., the son of Roger Wilco and Beatrice Wankmeister, was sent back through time to the SQ4 era in order to bring his father into the future, where he could free Xenon from Vohaul's evil grip.  He was captured by the Sequel Police moments after sending Roger Sr. into a time rip and his body was then occupied by Vohaul's mind.  Fortunately, Roger managed to not only defeat Vohaul, but to save his son as well.
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