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Space Quest: The Lost Chapter
By Vonster D. Monster, Designer of Space Quest: The Lost Chapter

1. What kind of worm Roger does find inside the strange fruit on the jungle planet?
Avonian Worm
Avonian Fricca Worm
Avonianon Frica Worm
Frightening Frica Worm

2. What is the full name of the fish that Roger finds hibernating in an underwater cave on the jungle planet?

Pouting Poofy Fish
Puffy Fish
Scowling Puffer Fish
Pouting Puffy Fish

3. What is the full name of the fish that Roger has to catch on the surface of the jungle planet?

Terror Fish
Toothed Terror Fish
Tiny Toothed Terror Fish
Tiny Terror Fish

4. How quickly can the fish from the previous question strip a Harkothian Lava Pig to its bones?
5.00425 seconds
4.00524 seconds
3.00567 seconds
5.00524 seconds

5. What kind of fishing line does Roger find on the jungle planet?
Avonian Deep Sludge Fishing Line
Vorian Deep Sludge Fishing Line
Volcanic Deep Sludge Fishing Line
Voronian Deep Sludge Fishing Line

6. What race of alien arrests Roger if he wanders into the wrong areas of the Vercotron?
All of the above

7. What are Blobbies usually used for?
Agents of death for noisy Xenonians
Pie Stuffing
To take up space and look cute

8. What race of aliens have a hidden underwater city on the jungle planet?

9. According to the nearby plaque, what is known about the origin of the Oracle?
It is too complicated to ever get into.
You wouldn't care anyway.
It is clouded in mystery.
It is hidden deep, deep, deep in the mists of time.
10. What is the name of the alien pilot of the shuttle observing the explosion at the start of SQ:TLC?

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