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Space Quest: The Lost Chapter

Welcome to Mokalus of Borg's walk-through for Space Quest: The Lost Chapter. This walk-through should help you complete the game with a perfect score. If you have problems with this walk-through or would like to make an addition or correction, please e-mail Mokalus. If you're still having trouble with The Lost Chapter, try dropping by the Virtual Broomcloset's message forum, the Subspace Channel. The Space Quest fans that hang out there are always willing to lend a hand--or a hint.

TLC ScreenshotSpace Quest: The Lost Chapter has been updated several times since it was originally offered for download. To make sure you avoid as many of the potential bugs as possible, please download the latest version from the official website.

This file was originally housed at The Hex Domain.

This walk-through has been divided into the following sections. Select one of the below to jump to a specific point within this document:

Inside the Escape Pod

Type LOOK to see inside the ship. GET UP and walk to the front control panel, making sure you're in front of the chair. OPEN DOOR then EXIT SHIP. You will now see one of the shorter cut-sequences of the game.

In the Swamp-forest

Go S,N, then W up on the ledge. Get the flower. Go E,S,S,S. Look in the ship by typing LOOK DOME. Get the code card.

Go N,W,N,N, then walk up until you hit the blue shrub on the edge of the screen. Go W. Walk up to the purple plant, then go over to the west until you're standing in front of the red bush. GET MOULD, then eat it. You will then have to watch a LONG cut-sequence.

Go W,S,W,W, and W once more, at the edge of the water. CLIMB TREE, then go UP,E. GET FRUIT. Try EAT FRUIT to extract the worm. Climb back down the tree by returning W,DOWN.

In the Swamp

Go E and enter the water. DIVE. Go W,W,W,S,S. Swim towards the trunk of the tree. GET JAR and GET LINE. Exit S. Go E,S,E. SEARCH HOLE.

Go W,N,N,N,W,W,W,W,W, swim to the brown thing, and go down S. GET BAG from the bottom-left corner. Go N, E and SURFACE. Exit the water and get the nail from near the tree. BEND NAIL. Re-enter the water, but don't dive. Go E about five times, until you can't swim further that way. FILL JAR, then walk out of the water.

PUT HOOK ON LINE, then PUT WORM ON HOOK. This might be a good time to save. CATCH FISH, then quickly PUT TERROR FISH IN JAR. COVER JAR, then Tiny won't bother you any more.

Tiny's Cave

Go back in the water. DIVE. Go in the cave to the east, then E,E. GET METAL from the cave floor. Go E and stay near the top of the screen. Go E,N. EXIT WATER and go W. Get the fish from the hole and PUT FISH IN BAG. Go E and DIVE. Again, staying near the top of the screen, go W,W,W,W,W, out of Tiny's cave.

Tentacle Cave

Go W,N and stop before you go too deep into the cave. RELEASE PUFFY FISH. GET TENTACLE from the hole and continue W. Go W at the top, then W,S,E,E. GET CODE CARD from the drill ship. Return W,W,N,E,E. Type USE TENTACLE, but don't press Enter. Go W at the bottom, then press Enter to confuse the monster. Go E at the bottom, then E again. TOUCH ORACLE then LOOK ORACLE. Another cut sequence.

Go W, and type USE TENTACLE, again without pressing Enter. Go W and press Enter, then leave to the East at the top. Go E at the bottom, then E,E and down through the hole. Next, go W,W, and type USE FRUIT, without pressing Enter. Go W at the back and press Enter. Get the paper from the far end of the room and then return the way you came (E,E,E,up through the hole,W,W,W,E at the top). Exit E.

Back in the Swamp

Go West until you enter the second section of swamp, then go South until the way opens up to the East. Go East until you are under a rock formation. You'll REALLY know about it if you've gone too far.


Set the speed right down to SLOW, and head East from near the bottom of the screen. Stop IMMEDIATELY. Save the game. Keep trying to head to the right, restoring every time you die. You need to make it past the first tentacle at the bottom, then stop before you hit the next one, then head up about one pixel, right again, up two pixels, right again, then up, stopping before you die. From there, it should be clear to the right. Go right to the edge of the screen, then down to the bones. GET BONE, then head back the way you came, which is EVEN HARDER. You may get trapped up too high. Just keep trying to go down near the point where you went up before. You'll probably make it eventually, if you keep a saved game handy. Go West several screens, then NorthWest several more, until you're at the Big Crashed Ship. SURFACE.

The Mountain

Head West as far as possible, even behind the big tree, if you like. You'll be going to the cave you can see from there. Head North from the water, then go up onto the path. Follow the path until you get to the mountain. CLIMB MOUNTAIN, and go up quickly, then stop when you get into the cave. Walk to the left, just until Roger is no longer visible. GET STONE WITH BONE. Go back along the rock path, then East to the door of the Big Crashed Ship.

In the Big Crashed Ship

OPEN DOOR WITH METAL. ENTER SHIP. Walk to the door and USE PANEL. Go E and GET ROD from the upper-right corner. Go W,S,E,N. Walk to the big screen on the East wall and USE PANEL. Save your game, because falling down here is all too easy. Walk right to the edge of the hatch and CLIMB LADDER. OPEN COMPARTMENT on the North wall, then PULL LEVER beside it. USE ROD, then PULL LEVER and CLOSE COMPARTMENT. Walk to the little red switch and PULL SWITCH. CLIMB LADDER back out of there. Exit W, then go W,W. Keep walking past the doorway and LOOK. OPEN COMPARTMENT on the North wall and GET GUN. Exit S, then walk into the glass chamber - an elevator.

Under the Big Crashed Ship

Save your game. You'll appreciate it. Go E, and FIRE GUN repeatedly, dodging the alien's shots, too. Kill the second alien in the same way. Go E,S,E. Get the lower of the two suits. You only need one, but one of them is the wrong one. Walk up to the panel next to the helmet, and PRESS GREEN BUTTON. Get the helmet. Exit W,N,W,W and get in the elevator again.

Back in the Big Crashed Ship

Exit to the West, then USE PANEL to go back through the door on the North wall. Save your game before walking through. Go N, and carefully navigate around the live wires until you're standing on the horseshoe-shaped thing. It's a magnet. Get it. Walk further left until you're near the little grey circle. It's an Extendo-rope. Get it, too. Exit S, then EXIT SHIP.

In the Swamp again

DIVE. Go E,E,E,S,S,S,E. PULL CORAL from behind the rock, then ENTER HOLE.

Coral Rock Maze

Before you go into the maze, make sure you've made it past the shark, or else you won't be able to open the door at the end. Go Down, then E. After that, just go Down when possible, and East or West when necessary. You'll come to a door. USE PANEL. Go E. USE PANEL again, then once more, USE PANEL to drain the airlock. Walk to the door on the East wall and PRESS GREEN BUTTON.

Underwater City

Go S,S,E. USE the panel that's in the upper-right corner, then walk under the ship. Save your game. PRESS BLUE BUTTON, FLIP GREEN SWITCH, and PRESS RED BUTTON. Continue West until you see the crashed ship. Stop. WEAR SUIT and EXIT SHIP. ATTACH MAGNET TO ROPE and GET BOX WITH ROPE. ENTER your ship. Continue West. Go to the door and USE BOX. Go E and USE PANEL to open the door. Go through it.

Go E,S,E,E,N,E,E. Walk up to the un-enclosed dummy and GET OUTFIT, then GET MASK. Return to your sub, making sure you close the docking bay door behind you. Enter your ship, PRESS BLUE BUTTON, FLIP GREEN SWITCH, then PRESS RED BUTTON to get back in the water. Just keep going until you're back where you found the sub. Go W,N,N,W.

Coral Rock Maze again

USE PANEL to flood the airlock, then PRESS GREEN BUTTON on the West wall. Continue West. Now, go Up where possible, and East or West when necessary. You will eventually emerge back in the swamp.

Swamp Yet Again

Go N,N,N,W,W,W,W. SURFACE then OPEN DOOR WITH METAL. Enter the ship again.

Big Crashed Ship

USE PANEL then go N,E. ENTER POD and USE GREEN CODE CARD to transport to the orbiting spaceship.


GET HAIR, then WEAR MASK. Go W. Enter the elevator. PRESS FOUR. Go East, then into the door. Go West, and talk to the bartender. ORDER TORMEENIAN SPECIAL. Pick it up from the end of the bar. Go back to the bartender and ORDER FIERY FROST. Go East twice, then TALK TO TORMEENIAN when you're standing in front of the one that looks like he's asleep. When prompted, type PURPLE STONE.

Go West, and LISTEN TO ALIEN who's talking to the other two. Go back to the elevator, and PRESS ONE. Follow the corridor East, then North, into the science room. Go West and, when you're near the wandering alien, GIVE TORMEENIAN SPECIAL TO ALIEN.

Go back to the elevator and PRESS TWELVE. Walk to the panel on the North wall and PRESS GREEN BUTTON. Walk West and hang around near the experimental ship until the Tormeenians start talking. Go back East and FLIP SWITCH on the panel. Go West again, then walk to the purple pole. PUT ROPE ON POLE, then PRESS RED BUTTON. PRESS GREEN BUTTON as soon as you can.

Go back to the elevator and PRESS SEVEN. Go West, then into the door and West again. Walk up to the alien at the upper-right corner and GIVE SPANNER TO ALIEN. Return to the elevator and PRESS THREE. TALK TO VORAKIAN who's sitting on the couch.

Go back to the elevator and PRESS SIX. Go West to the lab and walk through the door. Walk up to the machine in the corner and PUT HAIR ON SCANNING SURFACE. Return to the elevator and PRESS TEN. Go East and into the door. Stand there until you hear the conversation. Return to the elevator once again. PRESS ELEVEN. Go East and into the door. Don't hang around long. Go West and look at the bomb. HELP VORAKIAN, and, when prompted, FRAZILATOR. He'll leave. Then, HELP TORMEENIAN, and tell him you know about PROMAK DEVIATION TEST. GIVE FLOWER TO TORMEENIAN to get him to leave for good. Walk to the bomb and PUT WRENCH IN HATCH, then PUT FIERY FROST IN HATCH. Walk East and get arrested.

In the Jail Cell

In the cell, you can READ GRAFFITI and LOOK OUT WINDOW if you want, but they're not essential. Clean up all that graffiti by typing CLEAN CELL.

Congratulations, you've just finished Space Quest: The Lost Chapter!

Mokalus of Borg

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