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Space Quest 0: Replicated Walk-Through

Screenshot Welcome to the Virtual Broomcloset's walk-through for Space Quest 0: Replicated (more information on SQ0 is available here). This walk-through should help you complete the game with a better-than-perfect score. Needless to say, this walk-through includes spoilers for the entire game, so proceed at your own risk. If you're still having trouble with SQ0, try posting a hint request at the Virtual Broomcloset's message forum.

This walk-through has been divided into the following sections. Select one of the below to jump to a specific point within this document:

Labion Orbital Station 10

Roger emerges from one of his famous supply-closet naps just in time to find a dead body on the floor and witness a mysterious blue chick exiting the laboratory. Re-enter the closet and GET CROWBAR. Search the body and GET KEYCARD. Walk over to the computer console and PRESS BUTTON to listen to the scientist's log. Walk over to the elevator and USE KEYCARD. Enter the elevator and PRESS THREE.

Walk to the right and enter the first door. You'll find yourself on the LOS10 bridge. Search the body of the white-clad crewman on the right side of the screen and GET CHIP. Walk to the center station along the back wall and LOOK MONITOR for information on LOS10's communications protocols. They might come in handy. Now, walk to the left console at the front of the bridge and EXAMINE MONITOR to see a familar face. Well, it will be familiar to Roger soon enough. Exit the bridge through the door on the left. Once you're in the corridor again, continue to the right and walk up to the computer console on the wall. USE CHIP.

Return to the left, past the bridge and the elevator. You'll encounter the mysterious blue chick entering one of LOS10's escape pods. Follow her lead. Walk to the escape pod on the right, stand directly in front of it, and OPEN DOOR. Now, ENTER POD to get out of this place. Once you're seated in the pod, PUSH POWER and EJECT DISK--it's a virus. Now, PULL THROTTLE and you're on your way!

D'oh! Your engine just died. PRESS ORANGE BUTTON to activate your distress signal. Now, just wait for your ship to gently land on Labion.

The Labion Surface

Once you've crashed, swim down and GET KIT. OPEN KIT and WEAR MASK. Swim one screen to the right. Be careful around those pinkish-purple plants; they're deadly. Unfortunately, you'll have to navigate through them. Take the lower path, inching along with the arrow keys. You might also find the diagonal controls on your numeric keypad helpful for getting past the plants. Swim through the plants to the right, make your way through the plants on the next screen, and continue to the right. Now, on the next screen, GET PLANT at the bottom of the screen before swimming up toward the opening at the top. Roger will then surface.

Exit the water and go to the right. On the next screen, walk up to the log that's leaning on the rock and LOOK IN LOG to get a buckazoid. You'll also notice a pinkish-purple fruit hanging on the bush behind the log. GET FRUIT. Now, walk over to the tree near the middle of the screen--the one with the branch growing out of its right side. GET BRANCH and ignore the the tree's protests. Exit the screen to the right.

What a quaint little hut! GET BOARD that's leaning up against the building and enter through the door. TALK TO MAN to find out that he's looking for a walking stick. GIVE STICK TO MAN and TALK TO MAN a few more times. Then, walk over to the fire and TASTE SOUP. Walk to the table at the bottom of the screen, GET GLUE, and READ PAPERS for an important hint. Now, exit the hut and walk back to the screen where you found the fruit. Now, return to the hut again. The Yoda wannabe should have departed on his journey. Why not rob him blind? Walk over to the chest that's against the left wall and OPEN CHEST. LOOK IN CHEST and TAKE ORIUM. Now, you can get out of here.

ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: If you prefer, there's another way to acquire a gem--in this case, a hunk of amber. After the tree shrieks at you for stealing its arm, return the branch. The tree will then give you a hunk of amber. You'll still need to go to the old man's hut to get the glue, read the notes, and taste the soup, but the amber can substitute for the orium when you need it later. Now, back to our regularly-scheduled walk-through.

Exit to the left and return to the screen where you first emerged from the water. Now, exit at the top of the screen. You'll find yourself in the presence of a semi-creepy face carved from stone. If you spoke with the old man and read his notes, you'll know that the face likes fruit. Whaddaya know? When you feed it, a door opens in one of the nearby rocks! It's opening and closing too quickly, though. So, you'll need to slow down the stone face's jaws. USE GLUE ON FRUIT and GIVE FRUIT TO MOUTH. That did the trick! Now, walk through the passage that's opened.

Subterranean Labion Blues

Wow... this looks like something out of King's Quest! Before you start exploring, DRINK WATER--it's important that space heroes remain well hydrated. Now, walk to the edge of the chasm, near the top of the screen, USE BOARD, and walk across it. It can be a little tough to find the right spot. If the game says get closer, get closer--just don't fall over the edge. In fact, if you haven't saved your game already, this might be a good time. Also, don't forget to GET BOARD before you leave.

Once you've crossed the chasm, you'll need to be careful. There are some nasty spikes lurking in those holes in the floor. You need to navigate through them using the arrow keys without getting skewered. This might take some trial-and-error, but you'll get it. Now, exit through the passage on the other side of the spikes. Walk along the path on the next screen and exit to the left at the bottom of the screen.

What an odd place to put an underground complex! For now, you can't access the doors in this hallway, so continue to the left. Don't worry, the bees won't hurt you--at least not now. Once you're in the lab, walk over to the glass case on the pedestal and GET DEVIL. Walk to the computer console on the right wall. PRESS BUTTON to listen to a scientist's log. There's also a passcard lying on the floor, so GET PASSCARD. Then, walk to the shelf on the left side of the room and GET BEAKER. Now, exit to the right, returning to the hallway.

USE PASSCARD on the first door on your left. Yikes! This looks like murder--murder most foul. Search the body and GET TOWEL. Now that you've stolen everything from the dead scientist that might be of use, why not test out his exercise equipment? Walk onto the treadmill and PRESS BUTTON. Keep exercising until the game notes that Roger is soaked in sweat. USE BEAKER to collect a bit of sweat. Trust me--it makes sense later. Now, walk into the booth on the left side of the screen and USE SHOWER to clean up a bit; it will keep the bees from bugging you. SEARCH COUCH to find a small scrap of paper. READ PAPER for more information about something called R.A.L.P.H. Walk to the shelf at the top of the screen and LOOK AT SHELF a couple of times, moving from one end of the shelf to the other as you do so. GET BLUE CARTRIDGE and GET GREEN CARTRIDGE. Now, exit back to the hallway.

Head back to the left into the lab. Use the computer console to ANALYZE SWEAT and acquire a few salt crystals. Walk to the door at the top of the screen and USE PASSCARD. Walk over to the second generator bay and GET ACTUATOR. Uh-oh! That brings a guard downstairs! He'll keep returning every few seconds, so you'll need to sneak up on him somehow. Stick to the shadows and inch your way over to the shadows on the right side of the dumpster, near the bottom of the stairs, only stepping out of the shadows when the guard isn't around. Once you've set yourself up at the bottom of the stairs, wait for the guard to come down and USE CROWBAR. Way to go, Roger! Now, GET RIFLE and GET ARMOR. WEAR ARMOR and head up the steps.


Hey, it's a spaceport! Maybe you can get a ship and get off this rock. TALK TO MAN to find out about the droid he has for sale. Walk over to the ship and PULL LINE to remove the fuel hose. USE DEVIL ON BOOT to take care of the traffic boot. Now, exit the screen to the left. TALK TO COP; he wants a drink from the bar and gives you a few buckazoids. Walk up the ramp to the green door and OPEN CELL. Now, exit back to the right. You'll want to use the elevator on the right wall, but there's no power. Someone must have stolen the actuator! Oh, wait... you did that. Head back downstairs and REPLACE ACTUATOR. Go back to the elevator, walk in, and PRESS TWO.

Wow! This place is straight out of a sci-fi flick! And, hey--isn't that the mysterious blue chick in the lower righthand corner of the screen? Hide behind the bushes and EAVESDROP. Ah... now things are starting to make sense. And the mysterious blue chick's name is Xavi. Now, TALK TO ALIEN (the slug guy at the droid shop, that is) to find out his price for a nav droid. SEARCH BOX behind the alien and TAKE PARTS. Exit to right, into the souvenir shop.

Hey, she looks familiar! SELL RIFLE and SELL ORIUM. Now, you've got some cash on-hand--let's go to the bar!

Exit Bambi's shop and head across the concourse to the bar. Walk up to the bar and ORDER BRANDY. When it arrives, GET BRANDY. Then, ORDER ALE. When it arrives, GET ALE. Some players have reported problems buying the ale. If the bartender won't sell you the ale, try returning to the room with the dead scientist and taking another shower. It seems to work. Before you leave the bar, LISTEN a few times to drop in on some interesting conversations.

Leave the bar, enter the elevator, and PRESS ONE. Go to the left, and GIVE ALE TO COP. He'll drink the ale and the brandy, knocking him out cold. SEARCH COP and GET KEY. Awesome--you've got a ship! Now that you've taken care of the cop, you shouldn't need this armor anymore either. Return to Bambi's souvenir shop and SELL ARMOR. Now, exit and BUY DROID from the slug alien. TURN ON DROID (get yer mind outta the gutter!) and return to the ship you procured. ENTER SHIP on the right side, near the front. Walk over to the seat on the right and SIT.

ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: You can also buy the droid from the somewhat shady dealer stationed in front of your ship. Once you've bought the droid, you can liberate it from its crate using the crowbar. Just be sure to keep those spare parts handy.

When you pull up the flight interface, press 2 to activate the engines. Press 1 to load the navigation system. Press 3 to take off and 7 to activate the radar. Now, press 1 until you turn up the nearest Monolith Burger. Press 2 to set course and 5 for light speed. You're on your way!

To Monolith Burger--And Beyond!

Press 4 to dock at Monolith Burger. Press 6 to exit the computer interface. Exit the ship by walking to the left, and you're at everyone's favorite fast food joint! Walk to the left and BUY MEAL. EAT MEAL. Hey--the secret prize is a ring! Cool! WEAR RING. Oh... it's one of those rings. Return to the right. Wow--it's Xavi. Who would have expected to see her here? She wants to meet you on Andromeda. You have something more important to do first, though.

Exit to the right and enter your ship. Sit at the console, start the engines, enter the navigation system, take off, activate the radar, scan the sector, and lay in a course for Ortega at light speed.

Land and USE TRANSPORTER to beam down to the surface of Ortega. Walk to the edge of the cliff and THROW RING. Not bad... you've destroyed one of the most powerful forces of evil in the known galaxy. Now, let's get back to our rendezvous with Xavi on Andromeda. Thankfully, your droid beams up off Ortega just in time.

To Mitos 15... By Way Of Andromeda

Sit down at the controls, start the engines, take off, and lay in a course for Andromeda at light speed. Land and exit the ship. Walk over to the house and enter the elevator. PRESS TWO to head upstairs to see Xavi. TALK TO XAVI. Okay, now things are finally starting to make sense. KISS XAVI. Oh, well... it was worth a try. Re-enter the elevator and PRESS ONE. Return to the ship with Xavi. Sit down, start the engines, take off, lay in a course for Mitos 15, and engage light speed.

Once you've landed, USE TRANSPORTER to exit the ship. GET MUSHROOM. Exit the screen to the right. Watch the guard get dematerialized and then return to the left. FEED MEAL TO BOULDER. Oops! Oh, well... he looked hungry. Enter the water and WEAR MASK. Swim down and to the right. Exit the water, walk over to the pile of rocks and GET ROCK. CLIMB ROCKS and you're on the other side of the forcefield. Good work! GET RADIO (yep, that's a radio) and exit to the right.

Uh-oh... it looks like you'll have to distract the guards. THROW ROCK. That takes care of one. USE RADIO to get rid of the other. Once they've cleared out, enter the complex.

Mitos 15 Cloning Facility (Or, Ael's Well That Ends Well)

You've made it into the cloning complex. Exit the screen through the door to the right. Walk over to the computer in the center of the room and TAKE RED CARTRIDGE and INSERT BLUE CARTRIDGE. Swapping a warfare training program for an insurance sales program in a cloning facility? I hope that doesn't come back to haunt us someday. Now, exit the screen by returning to the left. You'll will hear footsteps, so boogie over to hide behind the computer. A guard will pass by. Stay behind the computer, and he'll return. Once he's exited to the right, you can head through the door that he foolishly left open at the top of the screen.

You'll find yourself in the security room for the complex. LOOK AT COMPUTER. EJECT DISK and INSERT VIRUS DISK to disable the security systems. Exit the security room and through the open doorway at the top of the screen, heading past the traffic cones and barrier.

D'oh! The pathway is wrecked. I guess it's action hero time! USE HANGER ON ROPE to make a grappling hook. THROW HOOK. SWING and JUMP when the time seems right. W00t! Follow the path, edging along the wall near the top. Then, exit through the door at the top of the screen.

You can't get through the door to the right, so you're going to have to get creative. Walk to the cables along the back wall and CLIMB CABLES. This will bring you to a mass of cables that form a maze for poor Roger to navigate. LOOK to get a few hints. Basically, you'll want to keep your hands on the larger cables to flip the various switches around the room. Each switch will take care of the electrical sparks, opening new areas of the cable maze to you. Got it? Good. Head straight up on the orange cable and then move over to the dark green, thick cable. Climb straight up and FLIP SWITCH. Head back down the green cable until you reach the orange horizontal cable. Go to the left on that cable and FLIP SWITCH. Go back to the right and head down the green cable until you reach the pinkish-purple horizontal cable. Go to the left and FLIP SWITCH. Keep going left and FLIP SWITCH again. Now, you'll want to climb up the vertical light green cable. You'll have to time the sparks on the cable, heading up when you get the chance. FLIP SWITCH at the top of the screen. Climb back down the light green cable, looking out for the sparks again. Now, you'll need to climb up the J-shaped dark green cable to flip the last switch. When you make it there, FLIP SWITCH and head straight up to exit the maze.

Hey, look! It's a bunch of insurance salesmen clones. It looks like your plan worked. More or less. If you can really call it a plan in the first place. Anyway, exit to the left. You'll find yourself on a walkway with a fan and generator above you, creating strong gusts of wind periodically. You'll need to destroy that generator. USE TOWEL ON BRANDY to create a Molotov cocktail. Shades of Leisure Suit Larry 2! Now, walk to the edge of the walkway and LIGHT TOWEL when the wind is blowing (watch the plants in the background). That drops the forcefield, so exit to the left.

A lightsaber duel? You've gotta be kidding! Anyway, this shouldn't be too tough. Just use A for a high attack, Z for a low attack, S for a high block, and X for low block. In my experience, mixing high and low attacks and pretty much not blocking seems to work well to defeat Ael. Once you've finished him off, exit to the left. Xavi is waiting for you with the ship. You escape just as a group of heavily armed apemen arrive to raid the facility.

Congratulations! You've managed to survive defeat Ael, and even get the girl! Not too shabby, Wilco...

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