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Space Quest Series, Quiz #8
Spaced-Out Screenshot 1. Whoa... trippy. What location is pictured in the Spaced-Out Screenshot™ seen here?
The Keronian Bar from Space Quest 1 VGA
Monolith Burger from Space Quest 3
Buckazoid Bill's Arcade from Space Quest 4
The Polysorbate Arcade from Space Quest 6
2. In Quest for Glory II, what fine piece of Space Quest merchandise is available on the shelves of Keapon Laffin's magic shop?
An AstroChicken™ flight hat
An Aluminum Mallard™ model
An Orat-on-a-Stick™
A Two Guys from Andomeda™ glasses/snout combo
3. An advertisement for which of the following appears on the back cover of the Space Piston magazine included with Space Quest 4?
Monolith Burger
Kerona Ale
Buckazoid Bill's Arcade and Sushi Bar
The Sierra Network
4. According to in-game text from Space Quest 5, what is the proper designation of the androidess that nearly kills Roger on Kiz Urazgubi and eventually becomes his science officer?
Both of the above
Neither of the above
5. What installment of the Space Quest series includes an alternate ending (apart from Roger dying at various points during the game, wise guy)?
Space Quest 1 VGA
Space Quest 3
Space Quest 4
Space Quest 6

6. Complete the following quote from Space Quest 4: "Jump into the time rip! Do it now! You've got to! If I take the time to explain...
...Vohaul's goons will scatter our atoms halfway across the chronostream."
...we're both parking lot pizza."
...the Sequel Police will make sure that we don't get a second chance."
...we're as good as dead."

7. If Roger enters an invalid sector code en route to the Deltaur in Space Quest 1 VGA, he is attacked by a hostile ship. On which of the following designs is that hostile ship clearly based?
A Romulan Warbird
An Imperial Tie-Fighter
A Klingon Bird of Prey
An Imperial Star Destroyer

8. When Xenonian scientists loaded Sludge Vohaul's consciousness into the Super Computer (sometime prior to Space Quest 12), what menacing message appeared on all the system's monitors?
Wilco Will Pay!
Wilco Must Pay!
Wilco Shall Pay!
Pay, Wilco, Pay!

9. In Leisure Suit Larry III, where does Roger Wilco make a cameo appearance?
Sitting in the audience of the Nontoonyt Comedy Hut
Lounging at the hotel piano bar
Lost deep in the bamboo jungle maze
Wandering around the Sierra-Online backlot
10. The text on the back of the Space Quest 2 packaging describes Sludge Vohaul as being...
...more bent on revenge than a shipload of Sariens.
...madder than a drenched AstroChicken.
...more demented than a game designer running on two hours of sleep.
...more twisted than the roots of a Labion root monster.

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