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Space Quest Series, Quiz #7
Spaced-Out Screenshot 1. In the Spaced-Out Screenshot™ seen here, what location appears on the viewscreen?
The Spacebar
Klorox II
The Genetix Lab
2. In the Space Quest 6 demo, which of the following items does Roger take from the dresser in his quarters?
A pair of pliers
A roll of duct tape
A ClapMaster™
A spare buckazoid
3. Which of the following Space Quest characters has graced the cover of Sierra's in-house magazine, InterAction?
Beatrice Wankmeister
Stellar Santiago
All of the above
Spaced-Out Screenshot 4. From which of the following Sierra games was the small section of a Spaced-Out Screenshot™ seen to the right taken?
Space Quest 1
Space Quest 2
Space Quest: The Lost Chapter
5. According to the Space Piston magazine included with Space Quest 4, what was Roger Wilco's major at Janitorial Graduate School?
Custodial Arts
Industrial Waste
Broom Wrangling
Cleaning Agents and Disinfectants

6. Complete the following quote from Space Quest 4: "You sure ask a lot of questions...
...for a guy wearing a dress."
...for a guy about to be eaten by a sea slug."
...for a guy carrying around a little pink bunny."
...for a janitor."

7. What is the official designation of the weapon that Roger "borrows" from the Deltaur Armory in Space Quest 1?
Phase rifle
Kill-o-Zap pistol

8. Of the following familiar faces, which DOES NOT make a cameo appearance at StarCon Academy in Space Quest 5?
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Darth Vader

Mystery Character 9. What is the name of the rather unsavory Space Quest 6 character pictured to the right?
Magnum Opus
Nigel Rancid
Singent Flembukit
10. In what sector was the planet Phleebhut located in Space Quest 3?

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