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Space Quest Series, Quiz #6
Special thanks to Sludge Vohaul and Andrew Friden.

Spaced-Out Screenshot 1. What location is depicted in the Spaced-Out Screenshot™ seen here?
The Star Generator Lab (Space Quest 1)
The Deltaur Armory (Space Quest 1
The Super Computer (Space Quest 4)
The Goliath Engine Room (Space Quest 5)
2. According to the narrator's description in Space Quest 6, the SCS Deepship 86 is what kind of ship?
A battlecruiser
A transwarp class vessel
A sub-light transport
A class-four science/exploration vessel
3. What was the name of the Klorox II colony administrator in Space Quest 5?
Professor Lloyd
Nelo Jones
Harry Kerry
Lord Garth
4. Complete this quote from Space Quest 4: "This is EpiRip 357, the most powerful hand hair remover in the universe...
...and it's more the capable of making you cry for your mommy, Wilco."
...and I've been waiting for the chance to try it out on a 'willing' test subject."
...and it's capable of shaving your legs clean off."
...and it's time to test out just what it can do, you whimpering fool."
5. It's time for a super-fun audio question! Listen to this MIDI file. Where did this song originally appear?
Roger's Quarters in Space Quest 6
Eight Rear in Space Quest 6
Sacks in Space Quest 4
The Magmetheus Canteen in Space Quest 4

6. In Space Quest 2, which of the following inventory items is not required to complete the game?
The glowing gem
The athletic supporter
The Labion Terror Beast whistle
The plunger

7. In the "Current Inside Copy" video that's included with the Space Quest Collection, who helps Guy from Andromeda Scott Murphy interview candidates for the position of New Guy from Andromeda?
Mark Crowe
Barry T. Smith
Bill Shockley
Josh Mandel

8. According to Space Quest 4, how old was Roger Wilco Jr. at the time of Space Quest 12?

Spaced-Out Screenshot 9. Extreme close-up! What character is pictured in the Spaced-Out Screenshot™ shown to the right?
The thief from Ulence Flats
The Labion Terror Beast
Sludge Vohaul
Fester Blatz
10. Which of the following games was NOT in the bargain bin at Software Excess in Space Quest 4?
Tic-Tac-Toe Construction Set
It Came for Dessert

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