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All righty! Space Quest fans sure are a creative bunch. And we kick ass when it comes to writing stories. Here's what we have to offer so far. Remember, if you're a prospective writer and want to make your contribution to this site's well-being, don't hesitate to send in your contribution! Click here to learn the procedure.

The stories have been assorted by author. Authors are placed in alphabetical order by their last name. (Typical, that means I'm one of the last...damn Swedish last name...)


The Middle of the Night

by Allronix

Description: "No, I don't talk to anyone about these. As I said earlier, most people don't credit me with the capability to have survived these. Even if they do, they credit it to blind luck. This mop-toting slob COULDN'T be capable of those kinds of feats. And they're sure I'm not aware enough to appreciate the horror. Fools never are."

Comments: Have you ever wondered what a space janitor/intergalactic hero/all-around nice guy dreams about at night? If this excellent story is any indication, maybe you don't want to know!

Added: March 2003

A dark tale featuring mild language.

Dan Cerulo

Revenge of the Mebans

by Dan Cerulo

Description: Who are the Mebans? Why do they want revenge on Roger Wilco? After all, he's just some janitor. Check out this story for the answers to these questions and many others.

Comments: Set in the post-SQ6 period, this is definitely a fun read.

Added: 1995 (carry-over from Wilco's Domain).

A bit of profanity here, there, and about...

The Sariens Strike Back!

by Dan Cerulo

Description: Find out what happens when Roger bumps into his old friends, the Sariens! Set in the time period between SQ5 and SQ6.

Comments: When the Sariens return, you know that Roger is in for some trouble!

Added: 1997 (carry-over from Wilco's Domain).

Contains no profanity or adult themes.

Diane LaJuene

Burn, Xenon, Burn

by Diane LaJuene

Description: "The Super Computer rose right under our noses, a deadly tornado that, for the moment, was just beyond the horizon. Jack and I both knew what was coming. My visions were soon to become a reality, and each death at the hands of a robot would mean the rise of a better Xenon. But for now all I would see was the flame kindled in my own heart, a flame that hungered for justice. Burn, Xenon, burn."

Comments: Diane's story, based in the dark future of post-apocalyptic Xenon (as portrayed in Space Quest 4), presents the reader with a unique perspective on Roger Wilco, Jr. and the basic motivations behind his actions. One should note that the story is not played for laughs; instead, it offers significant insight into both the Space Quest 12 time period, as well as the enigmatic son of Roger Wilco and Beatrice Wankmeister. Highest recommendations!

Added: December 2001

Contains some dark themes, but nothing terribly offensive.

Brian Lusk

The Xenon Conspiracy

by Brian Lusk

Description: While on temporary assignment in the Xenon Sewer Maintenance department, Roger Wilco gets excitement dumped right over his head! Up to his eyebrows in anti-government conspiracies, can Roger clean his way out of the halls of the Xenonian Government?

Comments: Set between SQ1 and SQ2.

Added: June 2002

Clean as a free Labion Terror Beast whistle...

Mokalus of Borg

The Vohaul Bubble

by Mokalus of Borg

Description: He could feel his consciousness spreading out through the circuits of the supercomputer, like new and bizarre limbs. It always took some time to remember who he was, where he was, who had trapped him here. He was Vohaul. Sludge Vohaul. And the man responsible for his current predicament was Roger Wilco. WILCO MUST PAY!

Comments: If you enjoy time travel stories (not to mention the nefarious Sludge Vohaul), this is one temporal paradox you don't want to miss!

Added: May 2001

As non-threatening as a battery-powered pink bunny.

Decaffeinated Jedi

The Death of Roger Wilco

by Decaffeinated Jedi

Description: An accident aboard the DeepShip 86 has claimed the life of Janitor Second Class Roger Wilco. Join Roger's friends and crewmates as they remember their departed friend. Along the way, expect a few surprises. After all, this is Roger Wilco we're talking about!

Comments: Although this story may not contain an abundance of action and sci-fi adventure, per se, I like to think of it more as an old-fashioned character study. Hopefully, it will give readers a little more insight into the person of Roger Wilco, as well as his friends and crewmates.

Added: June 2001

Cliffy can get a little worked-up from time to time. Nothing too serious, though.

The 10-Minute Sarien Encounter

by Decaffeinated Jedi

Description: Maybe you've heard of a ten-minute Shakespeare performance. For those you that haven't, these events usually feature a series of Shakespeare's plays condensed into quick (usually humorous) ten-minute versions of the original. Anyway, I thought that I might try something similar with the Space Quest series. Hence, here's the first of my offerings: The Ten-Minute Sarien Encounter! Please note that the following story contains spoilers.

Comments: Based on the original story by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy--just much, much shorter. All in all, it's a fun, first-person look at the events of Space Quest 1.

Added: June 2001

This one's as clean as they come, foks!

Troels Pleimert


by Troels Pleimert

Description: After a late-night heavy drink session with the DeepShip 86 officers, which involves a pint mug of Maximillian Headbanger and a hostile Mr. Soylent vending machine, Roger goes for a snooze in the deserted engineering corridors. When he wakes up, something has gone terribly amiss, and reality threatens to shatter around him... which leads to him to wonder if he shouldn't cut down on booze the next time the DeepShip has a celebration?

Comments: Probably the best Space Quest story I have written thus far. The plot is a parody of the Star Trek: TNG episode, Future Imperfect (my favorite episode).

Added: 1997 (carry-over from Wilco's Domain).

Occasional profanity. Explicit descriptions of intoxication. Really, really, REALLY strange and twisted plot twists.

A Final Vengeance

by Troels Pleimert

Description: Roger Wilco is targeted for kidnapping by a mysterious man who holds a serious grudge against our courageous hero. Unless the maladjusted crew of the DeepShip 86 can come to a hurried rescue, Roger will either mind-melt with the most evil mind in the galaxy, or become a victim of his own sick mind...

Comments: An early story that tried to sum up some points left over from Space Quest IV.

Added: 1996 (carry-over from Wilco's Domain).

Mild profanity. Some really strange plot twists.

The Rip

by Troels Pleimert

Description: Dorff, the DeepShip's nearsighted and relatively clueless security chief, stumbles upon a stellar phenomenon that can make him a rich mole... er, man. The question is, will Roger's clumsiness manage to ruin his chances?

Comments: The cleanest story I've ever written. Unfortunately, also the dullest.

Added: 1996 (carry-over from Wilco's Domain).

Clean. Neat. Tidy.

The Inside Story

by Troels Pleimert

Description: Between Space Quest V and Space Quest VI, before Roger returned to StarCon with the crew of the SCS Eureka, they had a little run-in with a strange derelict. This tells just that story...

Comments: The first Space Quest story I ever wrote for public consumption. It's a parody of a really bad Danish science fiction novel I once read, in which the main character was sucked into his own virtual reality system and went insane with power. Sounds like a foreign Lawnmower Man to me.

Added: 1995 (carry-over from Wilco's Domain).

Occasional foul language. Unbearable suspense. <g>

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