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Are you interested in contributing your Space Quest fan fiction to the Virtual Broomcloset? We've listed some guidelines below to help make the submission process as painless as humanly possible.

First of all (and this should be obvious), your fan fiction should relate to the Space Quest series in some shape, form, or fashion. Don't get me wrong--feel free to do anything you want within the confines of the SQ Universe. You can revisit the past, explore the future, kill off characters, create new characters, and generally muck things up. Want to write a story about the tourists that are leaving the World O'Wonders on Phleebhut just as Roger is showing up? If it's an interesting story, that's terrific! Just be sure to keep your stories connected in some manner to the SQ Universe created by Sierra and focused around plotlines and characters that would interest the average--and that's a pretty subjective term--Space Quest fan.

Also, feel free to depart from and build upon the themes present in the Space Quest series. For instance, it's perfectly acceptable to do a murder mystery set on the Deepship 86. If you want to write something a little darker in tone or more mature than the SQ series, feel free. If you need to take advantage of the Offend-o-Meter, that's what it's there for.

In terms of length, it's entirely in your hands. If your fan fiction begins to top over forty or fifty pages, you might consider submitting it as a full-fledged Space Quest novel.

How should you format your submissions to the Fan Fiction Library? Great question! If you're submitting a short story, the preferred file formats are Microsoft Word or good old-fashioned text (with line breaks, please). We also accept stories in rich text and WordPerfect formats. Please do not submit your work in HTML. To make things easier on our end, it is suggested that you doublespace between paragraphs in your submission.

If you're submitting a novel-length fan fiction, it is strongly recommended that you send your work in Microsoft Word format. Feel free to utilize snazzy graphics or embedded fonts to add a bit of flash to your piece. For good examples, check out the SQ novels here at the Fan Fiction Library.

Are you read to submit your stunning piece of fan fiction? This is the easy part: just send your work as an e-mail attachment to for review. If the attachment is unusally large (over one megabyte), please e-mail me to notify me of the upcoming file transfer prior to sending it.

Now, get out there and write some fan fiction, Space Cadets! I look forward to seeing what you creative folks cook up. If you have any other questions, let me know and I'll do my best to help!

fan fiction welcome
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