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Space Quest Series, Quiz #5

1. During the opening command simulator sequence of Space Quest 5, what is the name of the ship that Roger Wilco is supposedly captaining?
The SCS Goliath
The SCS Excalibur
The SCS Stupendous
The SCS Trident

2. Speaking of the Space Quest 5 command simulator, what is Roger's make-believe mission in this sequence?

To study the Menudo Triangle
To transport Ambassador Wankmeister to negotiations on Organa VI
To wipe out the Static Cling-on threat in Section G6
To trackdown the legendary Flying Xenonian

3. Complete the following quote from Space Quest 4: "Jump into the time rip! Do it now! You've got to! If I take the time to explain...'s going to close, and we'll both be stuck here!"
...those Sequel Police will find us and scatter our molecules!"
...we're both parking lot pizza!" entire world is doomed!"

4. In Space Quest 3, how many Skull Fighters does Roger have to destroy in the Aluminum Mallard before the Pirates of Pestulon give up and turn back?

5. Looking at the mirror in Roger's quarters in Space Quest 6 produces a spoof of which of the following Sierra games?
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
The Castle of Doctor Brain
Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out

6. In Space Quest 2, which of the following items is located in the janitor's closet on Level Three of Vohaul's asteroid?
wastepaper basket
glass cutter

7. In 1992, Sierra released a product called the Space Quest Trilogy, including SQ1VGA, SQ2, and SQ3. What was the subtitle featured on the box-art for this trilogy?
"Roger Wilco: The Other World Series"
"Boldly Going Where No Man Has Swept the Floor"
"The Many Adventures of Roger Wilco"
"May The Farce Be With You"

8. How many buckazoids does Roger find if he searches the pile of dust behind the Ulence Flats bar in Space Quest 1 EGA?

Spaced-Out Screenshot 9. What Space Quest locale is pictured in the Spaced-Out Screenshot™ shown at right?
Kiz Urazgubi
10. What was Droole's StarCon rank in Space Quest 5?

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