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VLAD #3 - Virus Descriptions

   Virus Descriptions

   Hemlock virus   
                   -    Author: Qark
                        Origin: Australia
                        Type:   Polymorphic infector of EXE/COM/SYS/Floppy
                                Boot Sector/Harddisk MBRs.  Full stealth on
                                both files and the boot sector.  Survives
                                CTRL-ALT-DEL by emulating a warm boot.
                                Disables any tunneling.

   Antipode virus  
                   -    Author: Automag
                        Origin: France
                        Type:   TSR COM infector.  Contains anti-virus
                                features to stealth TBSCAN.  Changes the
                                file size on directory listings and file
                                search operations which makes it a
                                semi-stealth virus.

   Insert virus    
                   -    Author: Darkman
                        Origin: Denmark
                        Type:   TSR COM infector.  It uses an unusual form
                                of infection in that it infects on file

                   -    Author: Darkman
                        Origin: Denmark
                        Type:   TSR EXE infector.  Another unusual Darkman
                                creation as it infects on file searches.

   Quantum Magick  
                   -    Author: Rhincewind
                        Origin: Unknown
                        Type:   TSR EXE infector.  Infects on file read
                                by manipulating SFT's.

   Mon ami la pendule   
                   -    Author: Black Avenger and Metabolis
                        Origin: Russia and Australia
                        Type:   TSR EXE/COM infector with some strange code.
                                Infects files in the path.

   Monkeys out of Control
                   -    Author: Rhincewind
                        Origin: Unknown
                        Type:   TSR COM infector.  An experimental virus to
                                demonstrate a method of bypassing TBFile.

   Small Virus     
                   -    Author: TLN
                        Origin: Australia
                        Type:   TSR EXE/COM infector.  Smallest TSR EXE/COM
                                infector ever ?  Good use of tight coding.
                        Note:   This is not a VLAD virus, but a contribution
                                by an independant author.

                   -    Author: Rhincewind
                        Origin: Unknown
                        Type:   Not a virus at all, but a loader for use by
                                viruses to go resident without being detected
                                by TBMEM.  Very tricky.

   Antigen's Radical Tunneler
                   -    Author: Antigen
                        Origin: The United States of America
                        Type:   Not a virus, but the most highly advanced
                                tunneling routine ever created.  Will bypass
                                the anti-tunneling features of every AV TSR.

                   -    Author: Qark
                        Origin: Australia
                        Type:   TSR COM/BS/MBR infector.  This virus uses
                                int13 and int76 stealth to prevent detection
                                by AV scanners on the MBR.



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ARTICLE.1_7       Coding the Mag


The Press
ARTICLE.2_2       Fooling TBScan
ARTICLE.2_3       Backdoors
ARTICLE.2_4       Tracing Int21
ARTICLE.2_5       Replication
ARTICLE.2_6       VSUM denial
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TBTSR Checking
ARTICLE.3_2       TBScan Flags
ARTICLE.3_3       HD Port Reading
ARTICLE.3_4       HD Port Writing
ARTICLE.3_5       TBAV Monitor
ARTICLE.3_6       Micro128 Disasm
ARTICLE.3_7       Aust403 Disasm


Virus Descriptions
ARTICLE.4_2       Hemlock
ARTICLE.4_3       Antipode
ARTICLE.4_4       Insert
ARTICLE.4_6       Quantum Magick
ARTICLE.4_7       Mon Ami La Pendule


ARTICLE.5_2       Small Virus
ARTICLE.5_3       Catch-22
ARTICLE.5_4       ART Engine
ARTICLE.5_5       Megastealth
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