Virus Labs & Distribution

Memorial Virus Analysis by Peter Szor.
The last VLAD virus to be written in 1997, in remembrance of Clinton Haines (RIP).

Secret World Of The Virus Writer
A syndicated news article in which VLAD got a mention.

Spyware Information Center
VLAD magazine, now classed as spyware!

McAfee Validate 0.3
A CRC checker from the 80s, with some strange quirks.

Meta's World
Metabolis' homepage.

Seccon '98
The exciting journey that was Seccon '98.

Patricia Hoffman's VSUM 8.09 online.


Metabolis (The Unforgiven)
Metabolis (Cicatrix)
Metabolis (Blackened)
Qark (The Unforgiven)
Quantum (Sepultura)
Coke (Asterix)


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