Virus Labs & Distribution
VLAD #3 - Greets


  Just remember, this list of greets is in no order of importance
  whatsoever and if I've forgotten you.. tough shit :).  Can't
  remember everything now can I.  If you want to annoy me about that
  you know my email address.

  gregor           : heh thanks for the help
  fury             : boy do those velcro gloves come in handy!
  vrt              : you're here!
  cursor           : you'll get your collection back :)
  babelfish        : hope to see you around soon..
  grayarea         : how about you dcc this to everyone :) hehe
  dark slayer      : good to see you on IRC :P
  kain             : blah!! happy? :)
  csa              : b3h0ld3r is whatching me
  the unforgiven   : +.* rules hehe
  euclid           : waiting for new revelations
  talon            : massdeop roqs right?
  falcon           : can you email me??
  tiphoid mary     : salut mon ami
  ncl93dev         : anything for my friend ;)
  levski           : zdravey hehe
  aardvark         : greetz
  irons            : 8) 8) 8) :I
  mr. twister      : waiting for that tape! ;)
  emperor          : BeLGiuM iS iN Da HouSe
  jumper           : we did talk a while back..
  halflife         : calm down with that op status now heh
  data ruckus      : nice try with the ascii :)
  police brutality : greets, thanks for inet! heh
  ajax             : ain't shit.. heh
  qwik             : tempest r0qt :(
  radio boy        : haven't been on for a while
  quantum          : stop whining heh
  daver            : tmok is great :)
  donduck          : son of a duck!
  memory lapse     : number one chief rockah
  bphile           : yeah you know who's boss :)
  kalvin           : hope the dist gets you more callers! heh
  ferris           : you unban the wrong ppl heh
  slash wu         : hi there!
  coaxial karma    : where you been man?
  dark angel       : nice to see you on irc
  pryme            : hit the vx scene hard man :)
  neuron           : nice touches to the mag..
  omega            : hope #3 gets to ya
  evil avatar      : disappeared?
  priest           : publicity is bad (yeeeeah)
  stormbringer     : nice to see ya around
  garbage heap     : we win we win we win ehehe
  aladar           : *.hu!! routed ;)
  a-e              : full of knowledge as usual heh
  zerial           : get a real account!!
  xalopp           : maybe next oktoberfest
  shockwave        : zzzzZZzzzZz
  tik tak          : er.. keep h/ping I guess heh
  dreadlord        : can't wait to see vlad#4
  ripmax           : have to catch up with ya 1time
  crypt keeper     : er.. keep scripting? hehe
  lookout man      : long time no see
  disorder         : w3rd again
  screaming radish : no hard feelings man..
  thor             : sup
  firststrike      : have email will travel
  moon             : pommy bastard!
  mfm              : gimme access on ya bot :)




ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
ARTICLE.1_3       Greets
ARTICLE.1_4       Members/Joining
ARTICLE.1_5       Dist/Contact Info
ARTICLE.1_6       Hidden Area Info
ARTICLE.1_7       Coding the Mag


The Press
ARTICLE.2_2       Fooling TBScan
ARTICLE.2_3       Backdoors
ARTICLE.2_4       Tracing Int21
ARTICLE.2_5       Replication
ARTICLE.2_6       VSUM denial
ARTICLE.2_7       Proview


TBTSR Checking
ARTICLE.3_2       TBScan Flags
ARTICLE.3_3       HD Port Reading
ARTICLE.3_4       HD Port Writing
ARTICLE.3_5       TBAV Monitor
ARTICLE.3_6       Micro128 Disasm
ARTICLE.3_7       Aust403 Disasm


Virus Descriptions
ARTICLE.4_2       Hemlock
ARTICLE.4_3       Antipode
ARTICLE.4_4       Insert
ARTICLE.4_6       Quantum Magick
ARTICLE.4_7       Mon Ami La Pendule


ARTICLE.5_2       Small Virus
ARTICLE.5_3       Catch-22
ARTICLE.5_4       ART Engine
ARTICLE.5_5       Megastealth
ARTICLE.5_6       Virus Scripts
ARTICLE.5_7       What's Next ?

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