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VLAD #3 - HD Port Reading

;       Reading the harddisk using ports!
;       +-------------------------------+   by qark
;  This took me months to get working but I finally managed it.
;  Now you can write your virus to the bootsector and there is nothing any
;  AV TSR or BIOS setting can do to stop it because we are using io ports
;  to talk to the hard disk.
;  This code only works for the 286+ so you must detect for 8088's somewhere
;  in your code.
;  Technical Information on the ports:
;      Port    Read/Write   Misc
;     ------  ------------ -------------------------------------------------
;       1f0       r/w       data register, the bytes are written/read here
;       1f1       r         error register  (look these values up yourself)
;       1f2       r/w       sector count, how many sectors to read/write
;       1f3       r/w       sector number, the actual sector wanted
;       1f4       r/w       cylinder low, cylinders is 0-1024
;       1f5       r/w       cylinder high, this makes up the rest of the 1024
;       1f6       r/w       drive/head 
;                              bit 7 = 1
;                              bit 6 = 0
;                              bit 5 = 1
;                              bit 4 = 0  drive 0 select
;                                    = 1  drive 1 select
;                              bit 3-0    head select bits
;       1f7       r         status register
;                              bit 7 = 1  controller is executing a command
;                              bit 6 = 1  drive is ready
;                              bit 5 = 1  write fault
;                              bit 4 = 1  seek complete
;                              bit 3 = 1  sector buffer requires servicing
;                              bit 2 = 1  disk data read corrected
;                              bit 1 = 1  index - set to 1 each revolution
;                              bit 0 = 1  previous command ended in an error
;       1f7       w         command register
;                            commands:
;                              50h format track
;                              20h read sectors with retry
;                              21h read sectors without retry
;                              22h read long with retry
;                              23h read long without retry
;                              30h write sectors with retry
;                              31h write sectors without retry
;                              32h write long with retry
;                              33h write long without retry
;  Most of these should work on even non-IDE hard disks.
;  This code is for reading, the code for writing is the next article.

	mov     dx,1f6h         ;Drive and head port
	mov     al,0a0h         ;Drive 0, head 0
	out     dx,al

	mov     dx,1f2h         ;Sector count port
	mov     al,1            ;Read one sector
	out     dx,al

	mov     dx,1f3h         ;Sector number port
	mov     al,1            ;Read sector one
	out     dx,al

	mov     dx,1f4h         ;Cylinder low port
	mov     al,0            ;Cylinder 0
	out     dx,al

	mov     dx,1f5h         ;Cylinder high port
	mov     al,0            ;The rest of the cylinder 0
	out     dx,al

	mov     dx,1f7h         ;Command port
	mov     al,20h          ;Read with retry.
	out     dx,al
	in      al,dx
	test    al,8            ;This means the sector buffer requires
	jz      still_going     ;Don't continue until the sector buffer
				;is ready.

	mov     cx,512/2        ;One sector /2
	mov     di,offset buffer
	mov     dx,1f0h         ;Data port - data comes in and out of here.
	rep     insw

;   ------

	mov     ax,201h         ;Read using int13h then compare buffers.
	mov     dx,80h
	mov     cx,1
	mov     bx,offset buffer2
	int     13h

	mov     cx,512
	mov     si,offset buffer
	mov     di,offset buffer2
	repe    cmpsb
	jne     failure
	mov     ah,9
	mov     dx,offset readmsg
	int     21h
	jmp     good_exit
	mov     ah,9
	mov     dx,offset failmsg
	int     21h
	mov     ax,4c00h        ;Exit the program
	int     21h

	readmsg db      'The buffers match.  Hard disk read using ports.$'
	failmsg db      'The buffers do not match.$'

buffer  db      512 dup ('V')
buffer2 db      512 dup ('L')



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