Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter (vga)

Welcome to the Virtual Broomcloset's walk-through for the VGA remake of Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter. Please note that this is not the walk-through for the original EGA, parser interface SQ1. It is located here. This walk-through should help you to snag a perfect or nearly perfect score at the end of the game. The Broomcloset also features a complete point list for SQ1VGA. If you have any problems with the walk-through or would like to make an addition or correction, feel free to e-mail me! If you're still having trouble with Space Quest 1 VGA, try dropping by the Virtual Broomcloset's new and improved message forum, the Subspace Channel. The Space Quest fans that hang out there are always willing to lend a hand--or a hint.

Please note that the cartridge retrieval codes and the navigational grid codes serve as copy protection for SQ1VGA. Since Sierra no longer provides documentation replacement for the game, I have included the necessary codes in this document.

BUG ALERT - On faster systems, Space Quest 1 VGA encounters numerous timing errors. These errors can make it impossible to complete various sequences (such as surviving the Keronian desert and dodging the acid drips). If you are experiencing problems in these areas, try downloading either Mo'Slo (if you're running the DOS version) or Turbo (for Win95 users). Alternatively, the Virtual Broomcloset now features saved games for Space Quest 1 VGA that will allow gamers to bypass these troublesome sequences. Give 'em a try!

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Aboard the Arcada

The game opens with Roger exiting from his comfy janitor's closet to the annoying klaxon of the Arcada's security alert system. It seems that his ship has been boarded by the ruthless Sariens, a reptilian race bent on galactic conquest. They have stolen the Star Generator--a powerful device capable of destroying entire star systems--and slaughtered the entire crew, sans Roger. Now, it's up to him to escape the ship before he meets the same fate as the rest of the crew, and somehow get back the Star Generator!

After Roger exits the closet, you will be standing in the hallways of the Arcada. If, at any time, the game tells you that you hear footsteps, be sure to high-tail it off the screen before the Sariens show up and give your body an extra orifice or two. Head through the door to the left and into the ship's data cartridge library. Now, head left again two screens to find the corpse of one of Roger's crewmates, Jerry. Use the HAND icon to search the body, discovering a KEYCARD. Head back to the right and return to the library. After a few seconds, an injured scientist should stagger into the room. When he collapses to the floor, use the HAND icon to attempt to help him. Unfortunately, he's beyond help. However, he will bring you up to speed and mutter a phrase. This phrase which he drops (asteroids, astral bodies, binary systems, and so forth) should be cross-referenced with the Arcada Planetary Reference Library Catalog included with the game. These codes are reproduced below.

Reference Library Codes
Sit down at the cartridge station and enter the corresponding code to the phrase the scientist gave you. The robot should retrieve a CARTRIDGE. Take it and exit to the left.

When you come to an turbolift, take it down to the level below. There will be an open doorway to the Star Generator lab to the right of the lift. Enter through it to discover the Star Generator gone. Also, be sure to take the WIDGET from off the base of the Star Generator--it will come in handy later. Now, exit the lab and head two screens to the right. You should come to a with with a black and yellow striped door, heading down. Take it to the level below. Go to the right and you'll find yourself in a room with a giant joystick. You'll probably hear Sarien footsteps at this point. If so, hide Roger behind the giant mouse along the rear wall of the room. The Sariens should leave without noticing the Roginator. Now, go right again. Use the panel in the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the bay doors. Then, insert the KEYCARD into the slot to activate the elevator.

You'll find yourself in an airlock of the Arcada. Open the drawer on the and you'll discover a TRANSLATING GADGET. Take it. Open the closet on the right and put on the SPACE SUIT. Now, open the airlock door and head out to the pod, being careful not to fall off the edge. End the pod and use the HAND icon to buckle your seatbelt. Then, press the power button (on the far right) located on the control panel above your head. Then, pull by the throttle (the joystick in front of you). You'll rocket off the Arcada, just before she blows to kingdom come! Now, press the auto-nav button (on the far left), and you'll lay in a course for the small, desert planetoid of Kerona!

Crash Landing on Kerona

When you have touched down on Kerona, remove your safety belt and exit the craft. Once outside, reach back into the pod with the HAND icon and take the SURVIVAL KIT from the wreckage. Also, pick up the PIECE OF GLASS from in front of ths ship. Then, walk to the east. Walk south one screen and you should see some pinkish-purple plants growing in the desert. Take a piece of the PLANT. Around this point, a Sarien Spider-Droid should drop down to the planet, sent to hunt you down. If you make contact with the Spider-Droid, it will explode, destroying Roger along with itself. Now, go noth and to the east twice. Then, head to the south. There should be a cave on this screen. Head south again. You should be at the tail of the large bone structure. Walk up this bony path, following it until you find yourself falling down into an underground complex.

Once under the Keronian surface, take a piece ROCK from the large rock. Head to the left. Use the purple PLANT on the monsters under the grate. Then, cross the grate, walking along the upper part, near the rock wall. Then, place the ROCK on the geyser on the other side in order to open a secret door. Go up and then to the left. You should find yourself with a laser beam blocking your path. Use the PIECE OF GLASS to refract the laser beam and head on through, up and to the right. Up ahead, you will be faced by acid dripping from the ceiling. Time the drips and attempt to walk through. After getting through the acid, enter your inventory and use the HAND icon on the TRANSLATING GADGER to turn it on. Continue along to the right, entering a dark room. An alien head will appear before you, explaining that your mission is to kill the Orat. Exit the room, and leave the underground complex the way you came.

Head back down the path to the bottom, then head north. You will find yourself back on the screen with the cave. This is the Orat's lair. At this point, there are two ways in which to slay the Orat. For maximum points, lure the Spider-Droid into following you into the cave. Then, use the WALK icon to hide behind the rocks near the bottom of the screen. The Droid will come in, make contact with the Orat and destroy them both. Alternatively (and for fewer points), you can throw the DEHYDRATED WATER from the SURVIVAL KIT at the creature, causing him to inflate and explode. Then, you can kill the Spider Droid by pushing the vertebrae from the skeletal bridge onto it as it walks beneath you. Whichever method you choose, take the PIECE OF ORAT into your possession as proof for the aliens. Then, return up the path and back to the underground complex. When you have returned to the alien's room, drop the PIECE OF ORAT for him. He will grant you access to the inner complex. Once inside, go to the computer and insert the CARTRIDGE you got back on the Arcada. Be sure to note the deactivation code for the Star Generator from the screen. After you're through reading the message, retrieve the CARTRIDGE and enter the skimmer! Skim your way to Ulence Flats, avoiding the rocks as much as possible during the arcade sequence.

Ulence Flats

After you complete the skimmer sequence, you'll glide into Ulence Flats. Exit the ship and use the HAND icon to take the skimmer's KEYS. A man will try to purchase the ship from you when you first exit. Refuse for the time being. Enter the bar and then return outside. He will return and offer you money, a JETPACK, and coupons for Droids-B-Us and the bar. This time, accept his offer. Return to the bar and start buying and drinking Keronian ales. As Roger starts to get a little tipsy, he'll overhear another person at the bar talking about his encounter with the Deltaur. When he tells the sector he bumped into it in, be sure to take note. Then, go over to the slot machine and use the WIDGET you picked up back on the Arcada on it. It will allow you to easily win as much money as you need. Play until you break the bank. When you have enough money, head north and east to Droids-B-Us. Purchase the NAV-201 DROID; all of the others will malfuctiona dn are useless. Then, head to Tiny's Used Ships. Buy the SHIP on the upper screen of the lot; the others are slightly defective. Climb the ladder into the ship and the droid will automatically loaded. Then, input the navigation code you overheard in the bar. The necessary navigational grid codes are reproduced below.

Navigational Codes
If you entered the code correctly, the ship will take off, and you'll be bound for the Deltaur!

Aboard the Deltaur

When you arrive at the Deltaur, your droid will ask you if you wish to leave. Say, "No." The droid will then leave you, planning to rendezvous with you later. Using your JETPACK, fly toward the airlock door on the Deltaur. Push the button on the left side to enter. You'll find yourself in the airlock of the ship. Hide to the right side of the door, waiting for the cleaning droid to come through. While the door is still open, slip out into the inner portions of the ship.

You will find yourself in a room with a box in the middle of the floor. Use the HAND icon to move it under the vent. Use the KNIFE from the SURVIVAL KIT to pry open the vent. Enter the air ducts and head up the ladder to the next screen. Then, head to the vent to the right. Use the HAND icon to knock it loose and exit. You should be in the Sarien laundry room. Enter the dryer using the HAND icon. A Sarien will enter and start his clothes (and Roger) to drying. In the jumble, Roger will end up disguised as a Sarien. After you exit the dryer, take the IDENTIFICATION CARD from the pile of clothes on the floor. Then, head through the door at the bottom of the screen. Head up the elevator to the left. Once of the top floor, go to the right until you find another elevator and head up again. Continue to the right and you will enter the Deltaur's armory. Show the Droid there your ID CARD while he's gone to retrieve your weapon, use the HAND icon to take the GRENADE from the counter. When he returns, take the PULSERAY and leave the armory.

Head to the screen overlooking the Star Generator. Position yourselft above the guard and drop the GRENADE, knocking him out. Now, head to the left until you reach the elevator. At this point, Roger will stumble and lose his helmet. If you encounter any Sariens, use your PULSERAY to make short work of them. Once you've gone down the elevator, head to the right until you reach the Star Generator. Search the guard, taking his REMOTE CONTROL. Use the CONTROL to deactivate the force field surrounding the Star Generator. Then, click on the Generator's screen and key in the code from the CARTRIDGE you read back on Kerona, activating the self-destruct mechanism. Exit the room and go back down the elevator that originally brought you to this floor, shooting any guards that get in your way. Now, enter the door to the right after taking the elevator down and you will find yourself in the escape pod bay. Enter the ship and zip out of there, just in time!

You win!

Nicely done, Roger Wilco! You've managed to foil the plans of the evil Sariens and saved the entire galaxy! Now, just take a break and watch the ceremony...

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