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Welcome to the Virtual Broomcloset's walk-through for Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter. Please note that this document pertains only to the original EGA version of Space Quest 1. Click here if you are looking for the walk-through for the point and click, VGA version of SQ1.

This walk-through should help you complete Space Quest 1 with a perfect or near-perfect score. Please note that the following documents contains spoilers. The Virtual Broomcloset also features a complete point list for Space Quest 1. If you have any problems with the walk-through or would like to make an addition or correction, feel free to e-mail me! Furthermore, if you're having trouble with Space Quest 1, try dropping by the Virtual Broomcloset's new-and-improved message forum, the Subspace Channel. The Space Quest fans that hang out there are always willing to lend a hand--or a hint.

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Aboard the Arcada

You begin the game as Roger stumbles out of his janitorial closet following a refreshing nap. Roger finds himself in the hallways of the Arcada. After the vile Sariens boarded the ship, they slaughtered the entire crew--except for Roger. Worse still, the Arcada has been set to self-destruct, and Rog only has a few minutes to escape! Meanwhile, hordes of reptilian Sariens are scouring the ship for any survivors. If you are warned at any point that Roger hears footsteps approaching, get off the screen immediately or hide in (or behind) an elevator as quickly as possible. You'll be glad you did.

Upon exiting the closet, go to the left into a room with a couple of chairs and a computer. It's the ship library. Wait around a bit (you might have to leave the room and return). Soon, you will receive the message that you hear footsteps approaching. Don't try to escape this time; soon, a wounded scientist will stumble into the room. Talk to him before he dies. Now, look at the screen in the room and, when it asks you what cartridge to retrieve, reply ASTRAL BODY, as per the dying scientist's instructions. The archival unit should retrieve a DATA CARTRIDGE for Roger. Take it.

Now, leave this room and continue to the left, where you will find the body of a fallen crewmate. Search the body and take the KEYCARD. Next, take the elevator down a level. Once on this lower floor, find another elevator leading down and take it to the engine room. Go one screen to the right. Along the back wall of this room, there are docking bay controls. Look at the panel and push the "open bay door" button. Then, go to the right, insert the KEYCARD into the panel, and ride the elevator down a level to the airlock.

Once in the airlock, go to the back wall and press the button on the right, revealing the SPACESUIT. Wear the SPACESUIT. Then, push the left button and get the TRANSLATOR GADGET. Turn on the TRANSLATOR GADGET. Now, walk around the railing, go to the panel, and open the airlock door. Exit through this door.

Once in the docking bay, look at the panel. Press the "platform" button. Enter the escape pod which appears. Close the pod door, buckle the seatbelt, and look at the panel. Turn the power on, press the "autonav" button, and pull the throttle. Congratulations! You made it off the Arcada just in time. Now, get ready for...

Planetfall on Kerona!

After you crash on Kerona, a SURVIVAL KIT will drop down into the cockpit. Take it, open the KIT, and see what's inside. Now, exit the pod. Once outside the pod, take the REFLECTIVE GLASS lying on the ground in front of the ship. Now, go to the right. Soon, you will notice a path leading upward. Take this path.

After a short while, you will see a Spider Droid drop from the sky. Don't worry about the droid just yet--but be sure not to let it get too close! Continue along the path until you find two rock arches. Walk under them to activate a secret elevator. When you arrive at the bottom of the shaft, take the ROCK. Follow the passage to the left to arrive at a room with a grate on the floor. Walk all the way to the back of the grate and creep along the back wall to avoid the tentacles of the grate monster. Now, place the ROCK on top of the geyser on the far side of the grate. This will trigger a door to open. Enter the passage. You'll find yourself in a room with an acid pool. Don't take a drink! Now, exit toward the top of the screen and then walk to the left. You will enter a room with a laser beam blocking your path. Place the REFLECTIVE GLASS in the path of this beam to short-circuit it. Continue up the path to find a room with water dripping from the ceiling. This is acid, so be careful! Time the drops carefully to get past them.

Continue along the path until you are confronted by the image of an alien. If you remembered to turn on the TRANSLATING GADGET (you did, didn't you?), the alien will send you on a quest to slay an Orat. Suddenly, you are outside again. Go back down the path to find the Spider Droid waiting for you. Go north up screen. On the right side of the wall, there is a small indentation in the wall; this is the Orat's cave. Enter the cave and move to the bottom-right corner of the screen, hiding behind the rock outcropping. The Spider should enter, collide with the Orat, and kill them both. If this proves too difficult, you can also throw the DEHYDRATED WATER at the Orat, which will cause it to explode. However, this yields fewer points and can lead to Roger's own dehydration in the desert if he doesn't high-tail it back to the alien's lair. Also, if this method is followed, Roger can attempt to push to boulder off the natural bridge onto the Spider Droid in order to destory it.

Anyway, retrieve the PIECE OF ORAT as proof for the alien of the Orat's demise. Take your proof back to the alien and give it to him. This will allow you to go into the Keronian's secret underground settlement. After listening to the alien's speech, go to the dark screen and insert the CARTRIDGE you got back on the Arcada. This will explain the true nature of your mission. Retrieve the CARTRIDGE and the Keronians will give you a SKIMMER. Enter the SKIMMER and turn the key. You will now have to navigate the skimmer across the planet's terrain, avoiding the rocks that litter the surface (also known as the arcade sequence). Save often-- you can only be hit five times before you get killed.

Ulence Flats

Once you arrive in Ulence Flats, take the KEY from your skimmer and exit. A man will offer to buy the skimmer from you. Tell him "no." Enter the bar and then exit immediately. The man will now offer 30 BUCKAZOIDS and a JETPACK. Accept his offer this time. Go back to the bar and play the slots until you have 230 BUCKAZOIDS. Now, go to the bar and buy DRINKS (and drink them) until you overhear what sector you need to go to--Sector HH!

Now, go buy a SHIP. Buy the 219 buckazoid model that's one screen up from the lot--the others will malfuction if purchased. After making the purchase, head off to the the right and enter Droids-R-Us. Buy the DROID at the top of the steps to the right--the piloting model. Go back to the SHIP, enter it, load the DROID, and tell him to go to Sector HH. Once you arrive at the Sarien ship, the Deltaur, wear your jetpack and exit the ship. Well done! Now, all you have to do is outwit a whole ship-full of highly advanced aliens. It's a piece of cake! Get ready for some...

Fun Aboard the Deltaur

You will find a door on the side of the Sarien ship. Open it and enter the Deltaur. You will find yourself in an airlock. When the droid enters the airlock, slip through the door and into the ship. You will find yourself in a room with a trunk.  Push the trunk up against the wall, under the vent. Open the trunk, put the JETPACK in, open the grate (you may have to use the KNIFE from the SURVIVAL KIT), and enter the vent. Climb until you see a passage to the right and enter it. Now, kick the grate several times to escape into the laundry room. Enter the washing machine.

When you emerge, you will be wearing a Sarien uniform. Why do Sariens wash their helmets? Look in the uniform to find a ID CARD. When you emerge from the laundry room, go all the way to the left, take the elevator up, and go all the way to the right until you're in the Armory.

Give the droid the ID CARD from your uniform. When it leaves, get the GRENADE off the table. The droid will bring you a PULSERAY. Exit the room and you will see a man guarding the Star Generator. Drop the GRENADE from above. This will kill the disable the Sarien guard. As you make your way back to the Star Generator, you will stumble and lose your helmet. If you run into any Sariens, be quick on the draw and fire the PULSERAY! Walk to the elevator and go back down to the Star Generator. Search the fallen guard and find the REMOTE CONTROL. Press the "off" button. Walk to the panel of the Star Generator, look at it, and press the button. You will now be asked to key in a destruct code, which is "6858".

This leaves you with five minutes to get the heck out of dodge! Go to the elevator and up, so you're outside the laundry room. The elevator to the right has an "Out Of Order" sign. This door must be opened. Blast it open if it will not open on its own. You will now be in a room with an ESCAPE SHIP. Enter the SHIP and turn the KEY.

That's It!

Excellent job! You've successfully completed Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter. Now, sit back and watch as Roger receives his coveted Golden Mop Award.

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