Space Quest 6: The Interactive Demo

"This is the Shuttle cockpit. In the real game, I will sit here. I will be smart.
I will make it go. I will make things work."     
--Roger Wilco

Welcome to the complete walk-through for the interactive Space Quest 6 Demo. Please note that this is not the walk-through for Space Quest 6 itself. It is located here. The Space Quest 6 Demo is a stand-alone product with an entirely separate storyline and puzzles from the actual game. If you would like to discuss the SQ6 Demo, drop by the Virtual Broomcloset's message forum, the Subspace Channel. So, enough smarm already. Let's walk-through!

Once again it appears that Roger Wilco has managed to survive the boarding of one of his ships and the subjucation of his crewmates unscathed. The Bjorn have taken over the Deepship 86, transforming its entire crew (sans Roger) into scoops of lemon sorbet. Roger must somehow rid the ship of the invading Bjorn and save his crewmates from their dessert-like fate in the process. Will he do it? Probably...after all, he's the hero!

Roger starts out in the Shuttlebay of the of the Deepship 86. Head over to the second shuttle from the top in the right column of ships. Open the hatch using the HAND icon. Once inside the shuttle, open the glove compartment, taking the DUCT TAPE and the PLIERS you discover there. Then, enter your inventory. Choose the DUCT TAPE and use it on the PLIERS, creating a pair of INSULATED PLIERS. See, it's always a good idea to pay attention to other, more intelligent maintenance engineers! Exit the shuttle and make your way to the ComPost panel on the rear wall. Use the Intraship Transport and choose to travel to Roger's Quarters.

Wow! It's Roger's quarters! It'''s a real pile. Anyway, that's not important. Take the CLAPMASTER from Roger's dresser. One of the pins from the CLAPMASTER's plug will remain stuck in the wall outlet. To avoid a nasty little jolt, use the INSULATED PLIERS to remove the PIN. Then, enter the inventory and reattach the PIN to the CLAPMASTER. All right! You've got yourself a functioning ClapMaster! Now what?

Activate the ComPost again, this time using the Intraship Transport to go to 8-Rear, the ship's bar and lounge. Use the ComPost Database and select the Entity Database to look up the Bjorn--your ship's captors. When you find their entry, it will list the replicator code for Bjorn Chow, the Bjorn's favorite mineral-rich snack. Copy down the code (7469410). Activate the Mr. Soylent food replicator on the other side of the lounge, keying in the code for Bjorn Chow. After the Mr. Soylent does its thing, take the plate of BJORN CHOW it produces. Use the ComPost again, this time travelling to the Bridge of the Deepship, for Roger's final showdown with the Bjorn!

When Roger arrives on the Bridge, the Bjorn--sensibly not viewing Roger as a threat--will ignore him. Use the CLAPMASTER on the power outlet on Commander Kielbasa's command chair. Then place the plate of BJORN CHOW on the command post. The Bjorn will come over and start eating the tasty treat you've brought for him. While the Bjorn is distracted, Roger will automatically attach the ClapMaster to the Bjorn, take a few steps back and clap away, short-circuiting the evil cybernetic creature! Search the fallen Bjorn to find his SORBET BIOCONVERTER BELT. Take it and enter your inventory. Use the HAND icon to activate the BIOCONVERTER BELT and restore your crew to their natural forms.

Congratulations! You've saved the Deepship from the Bjorn threat, rescued the crew from a short life of imminent palate-cleansing, and completed the Space Quest 6 Interactive Demo. Way to go... now go buy yourself a copy of SQ6!

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