Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation

Welcome to the walk-through for Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation. This walk-through should help you to snag a perfect or nearly perfect score at the end of the game. The Broomcloset also features a complete point list for SQ5. If you have any problems with the walk-through or would like to make an addition or correction, feel free to e-mail me! Furthermore, if you're having trouble with Space Quest 5, try dropping by the Virtual Broomcloset's new-and-improved message forum, the Subspace Channel. The Space Quest fans that hang out there are always willing to lend a hand--or a hint.

All coordinates called for in this walk-through are contained in the Galactic Inquirer documentation that was included with SQ5 (or in the manual included with the Space Quest Collection). In the original documentation, they are listed in the background of the section entitled "Gir Draxon's Predictions." If you have misplaced your copy of the Galatic Inquirer, the codes are included in the walk-through below.

This walk-through has been divided into the following sections. Select one of the below to jump to a specific point within this document:

Starcon Academy

You will start out this adventure playing around in the StarCon bridge simulator. When you get kicked out of the simulator, you'll find yourself in the corridors of Star Confederacy Academy. It's time to make your way to class to take the dreaded StarCon Aptitude Test. Go north and enter the classroom on your right. In order to pass the test, you will need to cheat his way through. Use the EYE icon to look away from your paper and at the intelligent looking guy's test beside you. Copy his answers in order to pass the test; just be sure not to get spotted by the teacher-droid! The correct answers should be: d,e,e,c,e,c,e,d,a,a. Once you complete the exam, it's time to go clean the StarCon crest. Go to the south and open the second door on the right to reveal (you guessed it!) a janitor's closet. Grab the SCRUB-O-MATIC and the SAFETY CONES. Go south again and head down the corridor to the right. Take the anti-grav lift down to the crest.

When you've made your way to the StarCon crest, place the CONES on the floor. Then, place the SCRUB-O-MATIC on the floor, activating and mounting it with the HAND icon. Now, steer the scrubber around in order to shine the crest. Be careful; this portion of the game is timed. When you're finished, Captain Quirk and Ambassador Wankmeister should appear. After Quirk takes a tumble, head back up the the lift to the main hallway. Go south and you will find a crowd gathered around the bulletin board, checking their SAT scores. Look at the board to find out that you scored perfect and have been promoted to captain...of the SCS Eureka, galactic garbage scow!

Aboard the Eureka

When you arrive on the bridge, take a seat in the captain's chair. Tell Flo, your communications, to hail StarCon for clearance to leave the space dock using the COMMAND icon. Command Droole, you navigator/weapons officer to lay in a course for Gangularis (#71552), as per your orders. Have Droole shift into lite speed. When he alerts you that you are approaching Gangularis, reduce to regular speed. When the planet comes into view, have Droole activatate the Refuse Removal System (RRS).

Cliffy will notify you that a life form has been detected in the waste compartment. Stand up and head out through the door to the north. You'll find yourself in a hallway of the Eureka. Open the trash compartment (the white door on the right side of the screen. An alien creature will hop out and stick to your face. Once you get it detached, it will wander off around the ship a bit. Now, examine Cliffy's toolbox in the lower left-hand portion of the screen. Take the LASER TORCH, the FUSE, the HOLE PUNCH, and the ANTACID TABLETS. Be sure to clean up the tool box when you're finished!

Head back to the bridge and lay in a course for Peeyu (#92767), following the same procedure as last time. When you arrive, command Droole to activate the RRS again for your pickup. At this point, you should intercept a secret message about some dirty goings-on. Now, lay in a course for Kiz Urazgubi (#20011). When you arrive, you'll be confronted by WD40, an androidess from the Gippazoid Novelty Company, still hunting you for that mail fraud you pulled off in Space Quest 2! Follow her instructions and beam down to the planet. In order to beam down, go to the engineering room, stand on the platform, and use the COMMAND icon on either the platform itself or around the room somewhere. This should beam you down to K.U., ready for your showdown with WD40.

Kiz Urazgubi

When you beam down, you'll find yourself beside a pool. Enter the cave to the northwest -- quickly, before WD40 catches up to you. Now, go to the east. Walk out onto the BRANCH (not the log bridge, mind you). Roger will cause the branch to break and it (along with you) will end up back in the pool. Once you float your way to shore, pick up the broken BRANCH. Now, head back into the cave and and east to the log screen. Crawl through the log to the other side. Begin hitting the bunch of bananas on the far side with the BRANCH. When they swing close enough to snatch, grab a BANANA.

Now, head back through the log and go through the cave on the left to arrive at a waterfall. Then, go through the left hand cave on the next screen as well to end up at the top of the cliff. Jump across the gap and use climb up to the boulder perched on top of the peak. When you see WD40 enter the cave below you, use the BRANCH on the boudler to send it rolling toward her, knocking her for a loop as she makes her way through the cave! Return to the pool area where you beamed down earlier. You'll find that WD40 isn't finished quite yet. Her cloaking device, however, has been disabled. Return to the log screen and crawl half-way through the log. When WD40 lands above you, place a BANANA in the exhaust pipe of her jetpack. This time, you'll take care of her for good! Get out of the log and be sure to retrieve her HEAD before you leave. Now, return to the pool where you beamed down to find Cliffy, picking up the parts. Talk to him and you'll be beamed back to the Eureaka.

Exit the engineering room and return to it. Cliffy should just be beaming up and starting work on repairing WD40. Give him the HEAD and he'll toss you a REMOTE CONTROL. Beam back down to K.U. with Cliffy. When you arrive, use the REMOTE CONTROL on yourself. This will decloak WD40's ship. Stand on the platform to enter the ship. Once inside, click on the panel along the right wall. This is the ship's cloaking device. You have a limited amount of time to remove it before the ship's security systems kick in. In order to remove the device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the top latch.
  2. Open the bottom latch.
  3. Turn the upper left dial.
  4. Turn the lower right dial.
  5. Open the upper left panel.
  6. Open the lower right panel.
  7. Turn the lower left dial.
  8. Turn the upper right dial.
  9. Open the upper right panel.
  10. Open the lower left panel.
  11. Grab the CLOAKING DEVICE.
  12. Get out of there!

Once you get back on the ship, you should encounter SPIKE again in the engineering room. If he's not there, leave the room and return a few times. He should pop up before long. This time, Roger will take him into his possession. Once you have SPIKE, place him the specimen containment tank there in the engineering room. Drop in a few ANTACIDS to calm him down a bit while you're at it. After that's taken care of, lay in a course for the Spacebar (#69869) for a little rest and relaxation for you and your crew!

The Spacebar

When Droole tells alerts you that the ship is approaching the Spacebar, reduce to regular speed and enter a standard orbit. Then, head down the the transporter room, grab SPIKE and beam down.

Have a seat with your crew at the table on the left side of the Spacebar. You will be approached by Nelo Jones who, will present you with a complementary package of SPACE MONKEYS and his BUSINESS CARD. Then, Quirk will approach you and challenge you to a rousing game of Battle Cruiser. Accept his challenge and do your best to defeat him. In order to get maximum points from this sequence, you'll need to knock out all of his ships and prevent him from destroying any of yours. The easiest way to do this is through a combination of trial-and-error and save-and-restore.

After you defeat Quirk, Cliffy will end up getting in a brawl with some of the Goliath's crew who accuse the Eureka of being a garbage scow (this is more like The Trouble with Tribbles every minute) and be thrown in the brig. Talk with Flo and Droole to devise a plan to spring Cliffy. In order to create a distraction, put the SPACE MONKEYS in your drink. They will begin to multiply and slowly overrun the Spacebar. Head to the east, where the holding cells are. When you get there, the guards will leave to deal with the sudden Space Monkey infestation. Click on the panel to deactivate the force field. Then, click the HAND icon on the second cell, where Cliffy is being help. Use SPIKE on the bars in order to melt through them and free your Engineer. Then, head back to the west and beam off the Spacebar before it goes ka-blooey!

Klorox II

When you arrive back on the Eureka, put SPIKE back in his container and head for the bridge. You'll receive a message that the Eureka is to procede to Klorox II (#90210). Lay in the course, go to lite speed, and enter a standard orbit when you arrive. Press the orange button by your right hand on the command chair to contact your newly-reassembled Science Officer WD40 and have her scan the planet. Also, have Flo attempt to hail the planet and hail ship. Then, go to the engineering room and beam down.

You'll find yourself on a desert planet. Droole will run off to scout the place for any signs of danger. To the north is a domed complex. Enter the large building. Once inside, activate the computer terminal. While you are accessing it, you will be attacked by one of the mutated colonists. He will pin you down and start spitting mutagen loogies at you. Dodge to the left and right in order to avoid them. Fortunately, Droole will save you just in time! After you talk with the mutant and he tells you about the ridge path and the "bad soup," pick up the piece of paper he dropped and examine it. Now, use the computer again and enter the code on the paper (#80869). Leave the building and head back to the screen you beamed down to. Follow to tumbleweed to the west to find the secret path to the ridge. There will be a canister of Primordial Soup there. Examine it to ascertain the coordinates for the Genetix Lab. After you copy these down, contact Flo with your communicator and have her beam you back up to the ship. Then, head for the bridge.


Once you return to the ship, you will receive a weak emergency signal from the Goliath. You will be told that the Goliath is in the Thrakus system. Lay in a course for Thrakus (#53284) at lite speed and attain standard orbit when you arrive. Have WD40 scan the planet. Then, leave the bridge and press the red button on the right wall to activate the lift to the pod bay. Stand on the lift and you'll be taken down. Get the REBREATHER MASK from the panel to the left of the space suits and the OXYGEN TANK from the panel to the left of that. Use the console on the right side of the room to open the turbolift and enter it. Now, head to the engineering room and stand on the transporter. Put on the REBREATHER MASK and you'll be beamed down.

Make your way to the abandoned escape pod and look inside. Take the COAT. Also, be sure to push the read button to deactivate the homing beacon. Walk to the west and you'll be attacked by Bea. As you fight, you'll end up rolling over the ledge and be stuck hanging around. Then, the mutants will appear and begin shooting. When you get the chance, give Bea the COAT to hang on to. Then, use your COMMUNICATOR to have Flo beam you up. Bea will then toss you a vine. Grab it and climb up. Just as the mutants look like they have you, you'll be beamed up!

Back on the Eureka

When you arrive back aboard the Eureka, you will discover that Bea is beginning to feel the effects of the mutagen. She will give you the WARP DISTRIBUTOR CAP she stole from the Goliath. Access the cryofreeze chamber on the right side of the room by pressing the red button on the wall. Open the chamber, pick up Bea, and place her inside. Examine the chamber in order to access the control panel. Set it for ten seconds on freeze and press start. This will take care of Bea for the time being.

Now, return to the bridge. When your ship comes under attack by the Goliath, have Droole go into evasive action. Then, command him to head into the asteroid field. Cliffy will attempt to do some outside repair work and drift off into space. It's up to you to rescue him. Head down to the pod bay. Use the console and press the "pod rotation" button. Enter the pod. Cliffy will appear as a red dot on the radar display. Use this to track him down. When you come into range, a green box will appear on his chest on the display. A message should alert you that the target is in range. Extend the claw and push the thumb button to grab him. Then, return to the ship. Be sure to keep track of your oxygen and fuel gauges!

Return to the bridge and lay in a course for the Genetix Lab (the coordinates you found on the canister of Primordial Soup back on Klorox II). Achieve standard orbit and beam down.

The Genetix Lab

Oops! It looks like that wacky transporter has made a molecule cocktail with your and a fly's respective DNA's. Your communicator will fall to the ground. Fly toward the edge of the water where it meets the grass. A frog should leap out and land on your COMMUNICATOR, activating it. Land of the communicator and talk to Flo. Then, fly toward the west. Soon, you'll come upon a card slot in a rock wall. Fly into the card slot.

When you walk through the card slot, be sure to take note of which beams activate the locking mechanism. You will need this information later. Fly down and land of the computer screen when you penetrate the lab. Walk onto the restart button and begin reading all the entries. Find out about all about Project X and Quirk's involvement with it by checking out the Projects and Accounting listings. Then, fly back outside. Click on Cliffy. Then, lead him off behind the rock at the right back side of the screen to the dumpster. Click on your body and everything should be sorted back out.

Now, return to wall with the card slot. Enter your inventory and use the HOLE PUNCH on the BUSINESS CARD. Punch an x-shaped pattern on the left side of the card to create a keycard for the slot. The proper pattern will form an "X" along the left side of the business card. The proper pattern is pictured at right.

Now, insert your homemade KEYCARD into the slot to get back in. Go to the panel at the bottom of the stairs and press the black button to its left, then get the LIQUID NITROGEN. Go back out the door and have Cliffy to beam you back up to the ship.

When you arrive back aboard the Eureka, Spike will start to jump around, trying to convey a message to you. Tell Cliffy to reverse the transporter's polarity. Look at the cryochamber and put Bea on defrost for ten seconds. Pick her up and place her on the transported pad. This will save her from the mutagen. Then, talk with WD40 to get a game plan together to take out the Goliath.

Showdown with the Goliath

Head for the bridge and lay in a course for Gingivitis (#81100). When you approach get close to your destination, you will be notified that the Goliath will be within visual range in ten seconds. Contact Cliffy using the green button on your command chair. Tell him to cloak the ship. Then, go down to engineering.

When Cliffy shows you the schematic of the Goliath, click on all the various sections of the ship to find the area with the least Pukoid activity. Then, go down to the pod bay enter the pod. When you approach the Goliath, click on the area just to the right of the engines (where the least Pukoids were in the schematic). When you get to the Goliath, open the hatch by pressing the button to the right. Use the LASER TORCH on the Goliath's hull to cut your way through. Enter the ship.

Once inside, wait for a guard to appear and leave. Then, walk up to the computer in the middle of the room. Replace the WARP DISTRIBUTOR CAP. Wait for the guard to enter and leave again. Then, creep to the door. Once in the corridor, lift the grating and drop into the access passages underneath.

You'll begin on level eight of the service tunnels. Go north, east, north, north. Now, quickly shimmy up the elevator to avoid getting squashed. Go up two levels to get to level six. If the turbolift is blocking your path, enter level seven instead. When you enter the shaft again, the turbolift should have moved to allow you access to level six. On level six, go south, west, north, north, east, north, north. Make your way up to level four and then go south, west, north, north, west, west, north, north and then enter the second door hatch from the top. Then go south, south, west, south, east, south. You should find a panel in the access tunnel. Use the panel on the wall to turn the Goliath's shields off.

You'll get captured at this point by one of the Pukoids. Don't worry; WD40 will save you! Once you're inside the transporter room, wait for all the Pukoids to be on the platform. Then, command Cliffy and he'll beam the sludge out of them. Now, head up to the bridge. You'll see Quirk fly into the blob in space. Flo will contact you and ask what she should do. Have her beam you back to the Eureka.

Head the bridge. Tell Droole to fire, drawing the Quirk-Blob toward the Eureka. Have Droole activate the RRS to suck the blob into the garbage compartment. Give Flo the command to abandon ship. Then, activate the self-destruct mechanism by pressing the red button on the command chair. Go down to engineering and get Bea out of the cryochamber. Stand on the transporter platform. D'oh! It blew a fuse! Leave engineering and head for the maintenance. Remove the fuse in the middle of the closer row and replace it with the FUSE you've been carrying around.

Head back for the engineering room. The blob will come oozing out of the garbage container toward you. Click toward the engineering room again to jump over it. Grab SPIKE out of his container, stand on the transporter, and energize!

Woo-hoo! You win!

Congratulations! You've defeated Quirk and his Sludge Bandits. Of course, you trashed your ship in the process, but nobody will probably notice...

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