Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon

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On the Freighter

Roger will begin his adventure drifting through space, still in the cryogenic sleep chamber he entered at the close of Space Quest 2. A robotic junk freighter detects the escape pod and hauls it aboard, considering it little more than scrap metal. This stirring awakens Roger from his cryogenic slumber.

When you hop out of the pod, head to the south. Now, go east. You will see a bucket-lift carrying material up to the screen above. Stand under the buckets, where Roger will be picked up. When you reach the top, Roger will be dumped onto a conveyer belt, heading for a shredder. Stand up and jump to avoid this grisly fate. Head to the west along the beam, entering the control center. Enter the grabber hanging from the railing. Be careful not to dally, or the robot manning the freighter will demonstrate his disregard for organic life! Once you enter the grabber, head to the left, looping around behind to the back side of the railing. As soon as you exit the structure, head to the center of the first screen (along the back railing still). Push the claw button on the grabber to pick up the WARP MOTIVATOR. Now, continue to the right until you loop around the other side of the railing. When you're back on the front side, use the claw button again (near the loop area) to deposit the WARP MOTIVATOR in the ship below. If you miss, adjust a bit and try again.

Now, head back to the structure in the grabber. Exit the grabber onto the platform in the middle of the screen. Then, walk and fall into the garbage chute. You'll find yourself in a rat-infested junk pile. Head for the left side of the screen, near where the wire meets the wall and take the GENERATOR. Then, head for the ladder on the right side of the screen and climb out. Head to the north and then go east. Enter the tube, going east again. Roger will be robbed by some rats who will take your GENERATOR. That's all right, though; you know where they live! Go back to the west and south again. Then, walk to the bottom left-hand corner and climb down the ladder again. Take back your GENERATOR. Now, climb back up, take the LADDER (ouch!), head back north, and east into the tube again. While in the tube, take some of the WIRING and continue to the east.

Now, enter the head large robot head through its eye. When you climb down the ladder and arrive at the ship, walk around to its right side. Use the LADDER, climb up it, and open the hatch. Be careful on top of the ship--it's slippery! When you're inside, drop the GENERATOR into the open compartment and use the WIRE to hook it up. Have a seat in the cockpit and search the seat to discover seven BUCKAZOIDS. Look at the computer screen. Activate the ship's engines and turn on the radar. Then, take off. You will be halted due to an obstruction in the way. Enter the weapons system, set your rear deflector shield and fire away. Congratulations! You and the trusty Aluminum Mallard have escaped the junk freighter!


Activate the navigational system and lay in a course for the planet Phleebhut. Kick it into light speed and then land there. When you touch down, exit the ship and read west, west, north, and north. You'll find yourself at Phleebhut's number one tourist attraction and gift shop: Fester Blatz's World-O-Wonders! Enter and sell the chunk of ORIUM that you've been carrying around since SQ2 to Fester for 425 buckazoids. You also need to buy the ORAT-ON-A-STICK, the ASTROCHICKEN FLIGHT HAT, and the THERMOWEAVE UNDERWEAR. Before you leave the store, wear the FLIGHT HAT.

When you exit the World-O-Wonders, you will be confronted by Arnoid, a droid from the Gippazoid Novelty Company, tracking you down for that bit of mail fraud back in SQ2. He does, however, give you a sporting chance to make it back to your ship. There are two ways to dispose of this problem. The first method (which earns fewer points) is to head to the west, enter the door at the side of the store, and head up the lift. When Arnoid pursues, push the pulley hanging from the ceiling at him. If timed correctly, this should send him reeling into the machinery, destroying him. Head down the stairs after he's taken care of and take his INVISIBILITY BELT. The second method will earn more points and goes as follows. When Arnoid lets you go outside of the World-O-Wonders, go south, south, and east. You will find yourself on a screen with an overhang and a number of pulsating pods on the roof. Walk under the overhang, being careful not to walk directly under the pods. Arnoid should appear coming from the left (pay attention to the footprints in the sand) and start making his way toward you. When Arnoid casually strolls under the pods, they will devour him, spitting out his remains. Walk around to the left side of the scrap metal and use the ORAT-ON-A-STICK to take his INVISIBILITY BELT. After you've dealt with Arnoid, head back to the Aluminum Mallard.

Monolith Burger

Once back aboard the Mallard, sit down in the cockpit, use the computer, and lay in a course for Monolith Burger at light speed. Once you arrive, dock and enter the restaurant. Head one screen to the left and talk to the cashier. Look at the menu and order a MONOLITH FUN MEAL. After you pay for your food, have a seat and chow down. While you're enjoying your meal, you'll come across the Fun Meal Prize--a secret DECODER RING. Now, stand up and head for the arcade game. Insert a buckazoid and enjoy some AstroChicken! You'll need to beat the game in order to receive a coded message. This will take ten successful landing to accomplish. If you're having trouble with it, turn down the game speed a little and try again . Use the RING and you should be able to figure out the code. It seems the Two Guys from Andromeda, galaxy-renowned software designers, have been imprisoned by ScumSoft, Inc., on the moon of Pestulon. It's up to Roger to save them! Now, leave Monolith Burger and reboard your ship.


When you arrive back on your ship, lay in a course for the planet Ortega. When you arrive, be sure to wear the THERMOWEAVE UNDERWEAR you purchased back on Phleebhut. Head to the east and then south, being careful as you cross the unstable ground. You'll find yourself near a surveying area. Remain hidden behind the rocks to avoid a jiggly fate at the hands of the ScumSoft employees. When they depart, take a look throught the telescope. You'll see the moon of Pestulon, where the Two Guys are being held. You'll need to knock out its shielding system before you can land, though. Then, take a DETONATOR from the box on the right side of the screen. Also, pick up the POLE that's part of the strange device near the right-hand side of the screen.

Head east, east, north, and then north once again through the gap in the crater. Go down the stairs and then head back toward the east. Climb the ladder, taking you to the domed roof of the complex. Walk close to the edge and drop the DETONATOR, knocking out the shield generator. Now, it's time to get off the planet before it blows up! Head back the way you came. When you come to the newly formed chasm, use the POLE to vault your way across the fault. Now, get back on board the Mallard and lay in a course for Pestulon.

Pestulon and ScumSoft, Inc.

Exit your ship when arrive on Pestulon and head off to the east. You'll find yourself looking out of ScumSoft's headquarters. When the first wave of security guards have poured out of the building, wear Arnoid's BELT and activate it. Now, leave and enter the complex. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, push the button to open the door and enter. You'll find yourself in the corridors of ScumSoft. Walk down until you come across another door on the left. Enter and and search around. Surprise--it's a janitor's closet! Take the OVERALLS and wear them. In turn you will come across the VAPORIZER.

Now, exit the closet and head down again until you find a door on the right. Head to the west, but be sure the use the VAPORIZER on any full wastebaskets you pass on your way, in order to keep up your facade as a janitor. When you arrive at the next screen and have zapped all the trash within reach, take the PORTRAIT of Elmo Pug, ScumSoft's CEO, from the wall. Head over to the photocopier and make a COPY of it. When you're through, return the PORTRAIT.

Now, return to the east, go north a bit, and go west again. Make your way to the upper half of the screen and go east again. Then, head out the exit in the northeast. Be sure that you've been disposing of any trash as you go! You'll be at Elmo's office. Zap his trash and then head out the door in the upper east side of the screen. From the overlook, you'll see your ship. Don't worry, you'll be reunited before long! Now, return to Elmo's office and take the KEYCARD lying on his desk. Now, head back to the circular corridors of the building. Walk around until you find a door on the right with a card slot. Insert the KEYCARD in the slot. When it begins its scan, hold up the PICTURE OF ELMO to trick it. Head inside. It's the Two Guys! Push the button to make a bridge and use the VAPORIZER to rescue them from their jello-y confines. Way to go! No, wait...never mind. Elmo shows up and captures you.

Now, you'll end up facing Elmo in a game of Nukem Dukem Robots. The easiest way to beat this sequence is let Elmo's aggressiveness be his downfall. Hold your ground and let him charge at you. When he gets just within range, throw a bunch. He'll stagger back and come at you again. Keep this up and you should be able to take care of him. Once he's been defeated, his robot will collapse, creating a hole in the wall. Escape to the Aluminum Mallard with the Two Guys in tow.

When you get back to the ship, you'll have to fight off a fleet of ScumSoft's skull fighters. Use the weapons system and balance your shields between front and rear. If they're coming from the front, throw up your front shields. If they're zooming at you from the rear, throw up the back shields. When none are detected on the sensors, drop your shields to conserve power. After you destroy five fighters, the rest should disperse.

Way to go, Roger Wilco!

After escaping Pestulon, you will discover that the light speed drive has been disabled. Luckily, Scott is able to repair things. Unluckily, you head off into light speed with no course laid in. As you rocket through the black hole, sit back and enjoy the ending sequence!

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