Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge

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Aboard the Orbital Station

Roger begins the installment of his adventures doing what he does best: cleaning up. You'll be sweeping an outside deck on Xenon Orbital Station 4 when your watch begins to beep. Look at your watch and press the 'C' button to receive a message from you slightly-angry boss. Now, walk along the walls (it's zero gravity, after all) and make your way to the the hatch on the ceiling. Once you step onto the hatch, you'll be whisked away inside. After decontamination, get your standard janitorial suit. Then, open the the locker and get the ATHLETIC SUPPORTER and the CUBIX RUBE.

Exit to the left and get your chewing-out at the hands of your boss. Now, walk over to the elevator platform to enter the transport tube. This will take you to the docking bay. Enter the ship to perform your duties. Once inside, you'll be beaten senseless and kidnapped. When you awaken, you'll be face-to-bloated-face with the nefarious Sludge Vohaul. After carefully detailing his plans to you (why do villains always do that?), he will send you down to the planet Labion to work his mines for the rest of your life. Fortunately, the craft you take down to the planet crashes, killing your guards and setting you free on the surface.

On Labion

After crashing down, search the guard lying on the ground and take the KEYCARD you find on him. Then, push the button in the crashed ship to turn off the homing beacon. At any time, if you hear what sounds like another one of the hoverfrafts coming in the distance, either get off the screen or (for added points) hide behind a bush, tree, or rock until the patrol passes. You'll need to be completely out of site to earn these points. Now, head to the north and then to you east. There you will find one of the inhabitants of Labion--a Pinkun--hanging from a rope by his ankle. Free him and return west. Go west again and take one of the SPORES on the ground, being careful not to step on one. Then, head to the north. Here, you will find the dreaded Labion root monster. Carefully work your way through the maze, not touching any of the roots. When you reach the other side, take some of the BERRIES from the bush and head back the way you came.

Head south to the screen where you picked up the SPORE. Now, go east and head to the top of the screen. Turn left and head back toward the west. You should be up on the ledge where the mail box is located. In your inventory there will be an ORDER FORM. Insert this into the slot on the mail box. A genuine LABION TERROR BEAST WHISTLE will be deliver from the Gippazoid Novelty Company. Wow! Now, return to the east. While still on the upper path, head to the east again to find yourself on the outskirts of a swamp.

Rub the BERRIES on yourself (by typing "rub berries on body") in order to discourage the swamp monster from chowing down on you. Now, enter the swamp and head one screen to the east. When the swamp monster attacks, the BERRIES will repel it. Now, go to the upper half of the screen, near the center. Walk around a bit and you should find a deep spot where Roger will start swimming. Hold your breath and dive under the surface, heading to the west. Swim up into the cave and retrieve the glowing GEM. Once you have it, hold your breath again and return to the surface. Now, head to the east and out of the swamp. Go east again and you'll find a chasm with a dead tree growing at its ledge. Climb the tree, causing it to fall and create a bridge across the chasm. Climb across the chasm.

Now, head to the east again, leading toward a forest. When you walk under the trees, you'll be captured by a hunter. When you come around, you'll inside a cage, the hunter's prisoner. Once captured, talk to the guard twice. As he comes over to see what you're blathering about, throw the SPORE at him (wait until he's fairly close to the cage). This will knock him out. Now, search the guard and get his KEY. Use the KEY to open the cage. Once you're out, take the ROPE lying on the rock and head north through the bushes. Once you see the hovercraft take off, head off the screen to the west as quickly as possible to avoid being captured by Vohaul's goons.

Return to the west to where you pushed the log over the chasm. Climb on the log. While on the log, tie the ROPE to the log and climb down.

Subterranean Labion

Now, you're heading down into the chasm. To the right, there will be a vicious-looking beast, looking to bat you around a little bit. Climb down toward the end of the rope. Swing on the rope until you think you have enough momentum to make it to the ledge. When you do, let go and jump. Don't wait too long, though, or the monster will get you first! Enter the cave to the west and use the GEM to generate enough light to find your way around (and to avoid any more foul creatures that might be awaiting you). Head to the west. You'll stumble down a shaft and emerge in the valley of the Pinkunz!

Listen to the chief of the Pinkunz and then head back to the north to get your GEM that you dropped during the fall. Head back south and say "the word" (literally) and the Pinkunz will move the rock and let you leave. You'll find yourself in a maze of tunnels. Place the GEM in your mouth the shed a bit of light on the subject. Then, head as far to the east as possible, then down, then east again. When you find another downward passage, go down as far as you can, then west as far as possible. Then, head down and then east until you emerge into a subterranean cave.

Enter the water and swim to to the east. You'll be faced by two branches of the river. Choose the branch on the right. Roger will be sucked down into a whirlpool and deposited on the far side into a small pool. Now, it's time to get off this rock!

Escape from Labion

Exit the pool and head off to the east. You'll find your path blocked by a stone wall. Blow the LABION TERROR BEAST WHISTLE to summon this spinning force of nature. The Terror Beast will come blasting through the rock wall, leaving it in a shambles. When the he arrives, throw him the CUBIX RUBE to keep him occupied. Now, head north through the newly-created passage. On your way, pick up a ROCK from the rubble.

You'll find yourself at the bottom of a landing pad with a guard keeping watch over the area. In order to take care of this minor problem, throw the ROCK at the guard using the ATHLETIC SUPPORTER (type "sling rock at guard"). Now, insert the KEYCARD into the slot and take the elevator to the top of the platform. Then, enter the ship and prepare for take-off. Set the dial to vertical and push the power button. Now, push the thrusters and ascend until you're in orbit around Labion. Turn the attitude dial over to horizontal and head off. Within a few seconds, Vohaul's face will appear on your monitor, alerting you to the fact that he's taken over control of the ship. It looks like you've won yourself an all-expense paid trip to Vohaul's asteroid!

Vohaul's Asteroid

It's time for your final showdown with Vohaul! Head either east or west and enter the elevator. Go to the level of your choice; each level contains a janitor's closet where you'll find a number of items you'll need later in your adventure. Be sure to find the PLUNGER, the GLASS CUTTER, the WASTEBASKET, and the LIGHTER. You'll also need to get the roll of TOILET PAPER from the restroom on the fourth floor. While you're collecting these items, be careful to avoid the floor polisher and the face-hugging alien at all costs! To avoid the caged monster, simply walk along the bottom of the screen, out-of-reach.

Now, head back to the first level and head down the corridor to the south. Walls will spring up on either side, trapping Roger. The floor will slowly start to slide away revealing...a pool of acid! When the acid gets fairly close, stick the PLUNGER on the wall and use it to support yourself above the pool. If you do this too soon, Roger's grip will give out and he'll fall into the acid. After you've waited a few seconds, the floor will slide back into place and the walls will disappear. Now, drop the WASTEBASKET, put the TOILET PAPER in it, and light the PAPER with the LIGHTER. This will cause the sprinkler systems to be activated, short-circuiting Vohaul's security robots.

Head to the east and you'll find yourself in Vohaul's inner sanctum. When you head up the stairs, Vohaul will turn his shrink-ray on you, confining you to a small jar. Use the GLASS CUTTER to cut your way out of the jar. Then, climb into the exhaust vent on the left wall. Press the large button on the wall to deactivate Vohaul's life support system. Now, climb back out and head to the west to a computer terminal. Turn it on, type "enlarge," and head back to the jar to return Roger to full size! Search Vohaul's lifeless body; you'll find the code SHSR written on his hand. Look at the computer and type this code to abort the launch of the cloned insurance salesmen.

Now, exit via the stairs heading to the east. Once in the asteroid's outer tubing system, take the rebreather MASK from the box and wear it. Follow the passage until you're back in the regular corridors of the asteroid. Head west a few screens. Eventually, you'll happen upon an escape pod. You'll also happen upon Vohaul's Marrow-Matic. Press the button to open the nearest pod door and get in before the Marrow-Matic has a chance to get you! Now, launch the pod in order to escape the asteroid. You'll receive a message that the oxygen in the ship is running low. Open the sleep chamber and climb in.


Way to go, Roger Wilco! You've beaten Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge. Now, it's time to wake Roger up with SQ3...

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