Save Space Quest 7

February 25, 1999

   For the past several months, Roger Wilco fans around the world have been fighting hard to save the seventh installment of Sierra On-Line's Space Quest series after it was placed "on hold indefinitely" in December of 1997. Since then, loyal gamers have engaged in letter-writing campaigns and signed numerous petitions in hope of seeing the return of their favorite intergalatic janitor. Recent revelations, however, have placed the future of the campaign to save Space Quest 7 in question.

   Scott Murphy, co-creator of the Space Quest series, recently revealed that he is no longer under contract with Sierra. Furthermore, in Scott's own words, "[Sierra's] actions seem to indicate that [the series] is over and Roger Wilco is dead, at least as far as they're concerned." For more information, please refer to Space Quest 7 Central.

   In addition, Sierra announced on February 22 that its Yosemite Entertainment division located in Oakhurst, California, would be shut down, placing approximately 150 employees out of work. Oakhurst was the birthplace of the Space Quest series, along with various other classic Sierra games.

   Clearly, these recent events have cast a great deal of doubt on the future of the Space Quest series. Therefore, for the time being, the campaign to save Space Quest 7 will be discontinued, pending further evaluation as the situation is evaluated and more information becomes available. Thanks goes out to everyone who has fought long and hard to see Roger Wilco fly again. I can think of at least one broom jockey who would be proud...

Decaffeinated Jedi
Webmaster, The Virtual Broomcloset

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