Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

1. Which of the following Sierra characters makes a cameo appearance in Space Quest 4?
Sonny Bonds
Leisure Suit Larry
King Graham
Laura Bow

2. On what planet does Roger first encounter the Sequel Police while making a quick pit stop?


3. What item does Roger retrieve from the Space Quest 1 time period?

A book of matches
A discarded cigar butt
A cold Keronian beer
A gum wrapper

4. According to Space Piston, what model is the timepod utilized by Roger and the Sequel Police throughout Space Quest 4?
The Timebuster 2000 SUX
The TimeRipper D-LUX
The ChronoHopper 850
The Wayback 4000

5. To which of the following time periods does Roger not travel in Space Quest 4?
Space Quest 1
Space Quest 8
Space Quest 10
Space Quest 12

6. Who provided the voice of Sludge Vohaul in Space Quest 4?
Jeff Bender
Josh Mandel
Bill Shockley
Scott Murphy

7. What torture did Madame Thoreen of the Latex Babes of Estros have planned for Roger?
A forced viewing of "Space Magnolias"
A quick shave with the EpiRip 357
A "gender adjustment"
A feeding to the giant sea slug

8. How much do the black dress and wig that Roger buys at Sack's cost?
60 buckazoids
75 buckazoids
100 buckazoids
115 buckazoids

9. What software program infected Xenon's Super Computer with the Vohaul virus?
Where in the World is Hymie Lipschitz?
Astro Chicken
Windoze 3095
Leisure Suit Larry 4
10. Which of the following Galaxy Galleria establishments appeared in the disk version of Space Quest 4, but did not appear in the CD-ROM version?
Banana GalacticTM
Radio ShockTM
Sears & RobotTM

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