Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon

1. What is the name of Roger's trusty ship in SQ3?
The Aluminum Mallard
The Spruce Goose
The Lowercase Q-Wing
The Eureka

2. Which of the following items is not included on the Monolith Burger menu?

The Filet-O-Orat
The Mini-Monolith Burger
The Big Belcher Combo
AstroChicken Nuggets

3. On what desert planet is Fester Blatz's World O'Wonders gift shop located?

Gangrene IV
Polysorbate LX

What is it? 4. What is the name of the device pictured at right?
The Lift-O-MaticTM
The ClawTM
The GrabberTM
The GraviTon 6000TM

5. Digging around in the pilot's seat of Roger's ship reveals which of the following?
A few buckazoids
A page from the owner's manual
An advertisement for Leisure Suit Larry 3
A discarded sandwich

6. What is the name of the mechanical lizard in which the World O'Wonders is housed?

7. What is the maximum price at which Roger can sell his chunk of orium to Fester?
375 Buckazoids
400 buckazoids
410 buckazoids
425 buckazoids

8. In what sector is the Monolith Burger in SQ3 located?
Sector G6
Sector 62
Sector L12
Sector 43

9. During the ending sequence, which of the Two Guys from Andromeda manages to repair Roger's ship?
Um...there are only two Guys
10. When Roger finds the Two Guys from Andromeda at Scumsoft headquarters, how are they imprisoned?
They are contained in a force field
They are dangling above a pit of acid
They are slaving away in the programming department
They are encased in lime Jello

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