Fester Blatz

1. Which of the following locations or attractions was not included on the postcards at Fester's World O'Wonders in Space Quest 3?
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
The Beta Alpha Starless Region
Black Hole Bertha

2. What kind of creature is kept under glass outside of the World O'Wonders?

an Antarean Slime Devil
a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast
a Purple Sand Scorpion
a Keronian Grell

3. What does Roger get from Fester at Implants-N-Stuff in Space Quest 6?

A moddie chip
A Stooge Fighter cheat sheet
An orium datacorder battery
A cyberspace jack

4. The doorway of Implants-N-Stuff faces out onto which of the following Polysorbate streets?
Rush Street
State Street
Oak Street
Cedar Street

5. How much did Fester charge for the AstroChicken Flight Hat at World O'Wonders?
15 buckazoids
25 buckazoids
35 buckazoids
50 buckazoids

6. In what context does Fester's name appear in Space Quest 5?
His name was in the purchase log at Genetix.
He was one of Flo's many ex-husbands.
He was mentioned as an associate on Nelo Jones' business card.
He has a ship for sale at StarCon Academy.

7. According to the entry in the Space Quest 6 ComPost, what is the name of Fester's race?
the Bhigdeelers
the Phleebhutinskis
the Nosenugget Nomads
the Bicranial Crudsnorters

8. What brand of lobe piercings products does Fester offer at Implants-N-Stuff?
Brain DeadTM
Gippazoid Novelty PiercingsTM

9. What question is posed regarding Fester in the Space Quest 7 promotional movie included with the SQ Collection?
"What illegal products will Fester peddle to Roger this time around?"
"Who will Roger choose: Beatrice, Stellar, or Fester Blatz?"
"Where will Fester Blatz pop up this time?"
"Will Fester Blatz find his true love?"
10. Fester is a master entrepreneur, not a handyman. Which letter in the World O'Wonders sign flickers on and off?
The first 'W'
The second 'W'
The second 'O'
The third 'Q'

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