Sludge Vohaul

1. Sludge Vohaul's secret asteriod base was in orbit around which of the following planets?

2. What was the abort code that Roger used to thwart Vohaul's plans in Space Quest 2?


3. What is the name of Sludge's brother who was involved in the Star Generator program?

Flash Vohaul
Grudge Vohaul
Slash Vohaul
Pudge Vohaul

4. When last seen in the Space Quest series, what was Vohaul's condition?
His program was formatted from the Super Computer and presumably destroyed.
He was lost in the chronostream and plotting his escape.
His consciousness was trapped on a computer disk at the bottom of the Super Computer.
He was disconnected from his life support system and presumed dead.

5. Who performed Sludge Vohaul's voice in Space Quest 4?
Scott Murphy
Gary Owens
Ken Williams
Jeff Bender

6. (Complete the analogy.) SHARPEI : STELLAR SANTIAGO ::
Sludge Vohaul : Beatrice Wankmeister
Sludge Vohaul : Roger Wilco, Jr.
Sludge Vohaul : Slash Vohaul
Sludge Vohaul : The Sariens

7. What was the name of the resistance force that held out against Vohaul's total domination of the SQ12 time period?
The Xenon Resistance Corps
The Time Rippers
The Crosstime Commandos
The Planetary Liberation Alliance

8. On the original Space Quest 4 box art, Roger is shown using a plunger on Sludge Vohaul's face. What is the "sound effect" made by the plunger?
There was no sound effect on the box art.

9. Of the following diabolical plans, for which was Sludge Vohaul not responsible?
Hatching the Sarien Encounter to steal the Star Generator
Unleashing a plague of bioengineered insurance salesmen
Dispatching the Sequel Police to destory Roger Wilco
Organizing the Sludge Bandits to "puke out" the galaxy
10. Did you enjoy Question 2? If not, you probably won't like this question either. What was the code to open the programming chamber of Vohaul's Super Computer in SQ12?

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