Turbo Instructions and Download

    You have clicked on the link to download the Turbo utility (a link for which is provided at the bottom of this page). Turbo is a small program that will temporarily slow down your system enough to allow faster computers to pass certain time-related portions of the Space Quest series (including the dreaded Error 47 from the Sickbay in SQ6). These instructions are provided to make installation simpler. Feel free to print them out for personal reference.

    In order to install Turbo, which requires Win95, you will need an unzipping utility. If you don't already have one, I recommend downloading a shareware version of WinZip.

Turbo Screenshot     Now, extract (unzip) Turbo to its own directory. After the program is unzipped, run TURBO.EXE with either Windows Explorer or the Run command in the Start Menu. This will bring up the Turbo program. To adjust the speed of your system, click on the Turbo menu option. Then, adjust the speed to the percentage of your system's normal speed at which you wish to run. At this point, leave Turbo running, load up the game, and give it a shot. If it doesn't work the first time, try tinkering around with the percentages and see if you have any more luck. When you're finished with Turbo, just close the program and your machine will return to normal speed.

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