Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier

Welcome to the walk-through for Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier! This document should help you achieve a perfect or nearly perfect score by the end of the game. The Broomcloset also has a complete point list available for the Spinal Frontier. If you have any further questions or would like to make an addition or correction to this document, feel free to e-mail me! Furthermore, if you're having trouble with Space Quest 1, try dropping by the Virtual Broomcloset's new and improved message forum, the Subspace Channel. The Space Quest fans that hang out there are always willing to lend a hand--or a hint.

Sierra has finally released the Space Quest 6 copy protection information for public consumption! This includes the information necessary to solve the Datacorder and the fuel intermix puzzles. If your copy of SQ6 didn't include the Popular Janitronics documentation, download it now!

BUG ALERT: On faster systems, Space Quest 6 tends to crash (Error 47) when Roger inserts the datacard into the ComPost in Sickbay. Luckily, this problem can be avoided. If you're playing under Windows, you can download Turbo to temporarily slow down your machine enough to complete this sequence. On the fastest machines, however, this may not be enough. In that case, the Broomcloset also offers saved games for all versions of Space Quest 6. Download one today!

This walk-through has been divided into the following sections. Select one of the below to jump to a specific point within this document:

The Streets of Polysorbate LX

After watching Roger being busted back to janitor second class and assigned to the DeepShip 86 during the intro, we join our hero as he beams down to Polysorbate LX for shore leave. However, there's a slight glitch in the transporter that leaves Roger trapped waist-deep in the pavement. In order to save Roger from this predicament, wait for the humanoid robot (pictured above in the screenshot) to enter the screen from the left. As he walks by, click the HAND icon on him. Roger will grab hold and be pulled out of the pavement. Before you leave the screen, be sure to pick up the ID CARD hanging from the bicycle leaning against the lamp post. The ID CARD is a little hard to spot, but it's there.

Now, wander around the streets of Polysorbate a bit. Sooner or later, you'll happen upon a photo booth (its appearance is random). Now, click on your POCKETS and select the BUCKAZOID. Use the BUCKAZOID on the photo booth to have your picture taken. After the PHOTOS are finished (and the booth devours its next customer--yikes!), go back to your inventory. Select the PHOTOS and use them, without leaving the inventory screen, on the ID CARD. This will create a handy FAKE ID.

Once again, just roam around the streets of Polysorbate LX until you encounter a man wearing a trench coat. Get close enough to talk to him (twice). It turns out that he's an Endodroid Runner and wants your help in tracking down his prey. He agrees to pay you a tidy sum and gives you a DATACORDER to help you find the Endodroid.

Now, make tracks for the Orion's Belt Bar. Enter the bar and head to the right side of the screen. Use the FEET icon on the door a few times and Roger will eventually kick it in. Head down to the basement and you'll discover the Endodroid. Don't stick around too long, though, or he'll inflict some major pain. Grab the METAL BAR on the floor and get out of there. Head back up to the bar and take the lift to the second floor. You'll notice a bunch of people toward the back of the room, sitting around a table. Show them your FAKE ID to run them off. Now, grab the HOOKAH HOSES they left behind. Enter your inventory and click the HAND icon on the HOSES to untangle them. Also, there is a tank of NITRO under the table. Pick it up. Roger won't be able to walk very far with the NITRO. A little to the right of the table, there's a conduit on the wall (it's a little hard to see with a dark monitor). Click the NITRO on this conduit to hook it up. While you're upstairs, you can also swipe a few BUCKAZOIDS from the robo-waitress. Now, head back downstairs.

Show the bartender your FAKE ID. Then, order the Special. While he's busy making it, you'll need to freeze the Endodroid, so act fast. Go behind the bar and open the refrigerator. Grab the ICE TRAY and then close the door. Now, start testing the valves off to the right of the fridge. When you find one that doesn't spray you with water, use the HAND icon just below it to break open the conduit. Now, use the untangled HOOKAH HOSE on the conduit off the the left of the bar a bit. Once again, you'll only be able to walk a short distance with the hose. Attach it to the conduit you just broke open. Now, hurry back upstairs and turn on the NITRO with the HAND icon. Then, go back to the basement, where you'll find the Endodroid frozen solid. Use the METAL BAR to shatter him into ice cubes. Sweep him up using the DUST PAN in your inventory. Then, while still in your inventory, place the ICE CUBES in the ICE TRAY. To get a few extra points, place the ICE TRAY back in the refrigerator and close the door to get a WELL-FROZEN ENDODROID. Now, head back to the streets, find the Endodroid Runner again, and collect your payment of 50 BUCKAZOIDS. Hey, you even get to keep the DATACORDER!

You should now make your way to the Arcade. Once inside, talk to the big guy leaning on the arcade machine. He'll challenge you to a game of Stooge Fighter 3. Accept his challenge and face him. Regardless of your actions, you can't win this time around. But, try anyway. After he soundly defeats you, he'll challenge you to a rematch. This time, decline and leave the arcade.

Now, wander around the streets until you encounter a drunk. Is that? Could it be? Why, yes, it is! That drunk is none other than Elmo Pug, former CEO of Scumsoft, Inc. It appears the times have been rough on old Elmo. Talk to him (it might take a few tries) and make a deal: one bottle of COLDSORDIAN BRANDY for one STOOGE FIGHTER CHEAT SHEET. After making the deal, head for Boot Liquor. Talk to the guy behind the counter a couple of times. Then, click the BUCKAZOIDS on him to buy the COLDSORDIAN BRANDY. Before you leave, you can also earn a few extra points by clicking the HAND icon on ET several times. Eventually, Roger will pull his finger and your point total will go up. Leave Boot Liquor and find Elmo again. Give him the BRANDY and get the CHEAT SHEET (and a slightly rancid FISH). Read the SHEET in your inventory for the code that will allow you to defeat Djhurkwhad. Now, return to the arcade.

Accept Djhurkwhad's challenge and enter the code (ABBACACA) manually at the character selection screen. Then, use this special attack (by clicking on it with your mouse) the entire fight. You should defeat him easily. After you've won, he'll pay up the 300 BUCKAZOIDS he promised. Now, leave the arcade and head for the Dew Beam Inn. Talk to the manager and give him 300 BUCKAZOIDS for a room. When you pay, he'll give you a KEYCARD. After Roger signs in (Fronzel Neekburm? That card...), push the elevator button and head up to your room. Roger's room is at the end of the hall, on the left. As you use the KEYCARD to get in, however, the two thugs from the lobby show up and pound you. The next thing you know, you're handcuffed in their hideout.


So, Roger is stuck in these two scumbuckets' hideout. What to do? First, click the HAND icon on the KEYS hanging on the post above Roger. He'll try to get them using his feet, but your captor notices the commotion. Now, use the HAND icon on the NAIL that the KEYS were hanging on. Use this NAIL to pick the lock on the handcuffs. Now, you're loose and your captor is none the wiser. But, you're going to have to deal with him somehow. Use the HAND icon on the PELVIS TAPESTRTY on the wall. One side should rip down. Now, do it again, tearing down the entire thing. Pick the the TAPESTRY and spread it on the floor. Now, use the HAND icon on the TAPESTRY to dance on it and build up static electricity. Once you're finished, touch the goon in the back of the head. The electrical charge will overload his moddie and knock him out. Search him to get the KEYS. Now, grab your DATACORDER off the desk and the MODDIE CHIP off the dehumidifier. Search through the CD-ROMs on the desk until you find the POPULAR JANITRONICS CD-ROM. Roger will automatically take it. Now, pop it into the computer and read the article on reconfiguring the DATACORDER. Once you're finished, use the KEY on the door and head out.

You'll find your other kidnapper, who doesn't seem overly concerned with your escape. Click the HAND icon on the various boxes sitting around the room. Eventually, you'll turn up another MODDIE. Go into your inventory and use the HAND icon on the CHURLISH MODDIE, peeling the label off. Now, use the CHURLISH LABEL on the BURLESQUE MODDIE. Give this newly-renamed MODDIE to Nigel. After a little song and dance number, he'll leave. Pick up his BELT. In your inventory, examine the BELT more closely. Use the HAND icon on the PERSONAL GROOMING ASSISTANT and the DAMPING FIELD ACTUATOR. Then, click the HAND icon on the ACTUATOR again to drop the force field. After you've taken care of the force field, head out on to the balcony (or veranda, rather).

At this point, you need to reprogram the datacorder to serve as a homing beacon. All the information necessary to solve this puzzle can be found on pages seven and twelve of the "Janitorial Hot Spots" book that came with the game. If problem solving isn't your cup of tea, here's the solution:

Array Plate Chip IRK 
----- ----- ---- --- 
A     RF    Spn    9 
B     TT    Den    7 
C     PS    Fer    1 
D     FC    Rep    5 
E     SE    Dim    3

Click the HAND icon on the DATACORDER in your inventory. This should give you a closeup of the device. Hit the open switch. Each chip is on a plate from which it can be removed. Use the HAND icon to remove a plate or chip. Then, click the extracted part on the black area to the right of the unit to set it down. This will allow you to manipulate them more easily. Each chip and plate are also hooked into a sensor array which is assigned an IRK. Move and reconfigure these until they match the proper configuration. If you've configured the DATACORDER correctly, it should say "Homing Beacon" in the LCD display when you turn it on.

Once you've reconfigured the DATACORDER, Corpsman Stellar Santiago will arrive and rescue you (and you'll even get back your FISH). She'll beam back with you to the Deepship. After a lengthy cut-scene, you'll find yourself in Sickbay.

Aboard the Deepship

Now, you have to figure out who those two goons that kidnapped you were and what they wanted with you in the first place. Go to your inventory and click the HAND icon on the PERSONAL GROOMING ASSISTANT. This should remove a large ball of HAIR. Use the HAIR with the DNA scanner in Sickbay. Jebba will try to stop you. Talk to him a couple of times and Roger will convince Jebba to let him use the scanner. Again, use the HAIR on the scanner. You should get a closeup of the scanning pad. Press the SCAN button. After it is finished scanning, press the IMPRINT DATACARD button and take the DATACARD. Now, use the DATACARD on the ComPost console by the intra-ship transport pad.

On faster computers, Space Quest 6 will often crash at this point. If you are having this problem, download Turbo to temporarily slow down your clock speed and prevent this crash. Also, you can simply download a saved game to bypass this sequence.

Take note of the name given by the ComPost unit (Nigel Rancid) for later use. Now, the intra-ship transport should sent you back to your quarters. Once you arrive in Roger's quarters, click the HAND icon on the ComPost again to check your messages. You'll find that you have a mission to perform on Delta Burksilon. Go to the transporter room and beam down. You'll find Commander Kielbasa speaking with a Dr. Beleauxs. He will tell you more about your assignment. Now, walk left into the elevator. Click on the buttons and select QUARTERS as your destination.

You'll find yourself face to face with Sharpei. She'll instruct you to mop her room. Use the HAND icon on the MOP to do so. After awhile, she'll ask you to jiggle the handle on her toilet. Do so with the HAND icon. Then, she'll ask you to get some medicine from her medicine cabinet. Use the HAND icon to open the bathroom mirror. As you do so, gas will begin to enter the room! Quickly, take the PISTON from the side of her bed. Use the PISTON on the door to pry it open. Luckily, Stellar beams in to save you just in time. Unluckily, she's trapped behind in the explosion. After a quick 'Streetcar Named Desire' homage, you find yourself back on the Deepship.

Once you're back on the ship, you'll find yourself at Stellar's funeral. When the time comes for you to speak, click the EULOGY on yourself. Once the funeral is over, head back to Roger's quarters. Check your messages on the ComPost. What's this? You have a message from Stellar? She's still alive? Transport to the Bridge and talk to Commander Kielbasa. He'll accuse you of sniffing cleaning fluids again. It looks like you'll have to rescue Stellar on your own!

Use the ComPost to access the Entity Database. Select KNOWN RACES and look up the Vulgars. Read the entire entry to find the holocabana program number (5551212) for the Vulgar neck pinch. Now, transport to the Holocabana. Now, look at the console beside the ComPost in the Holocabana. Hit the ON switch and enter the program number. The program will then instruct Roger on the finer points of the Vulgar neck pinch. After you're finished watching the program, head to 8-Rear via the transporter unit.

You'll find Roger's good friend Circuit Sydney sitting in 8-Rear. Talk to him and he'll offer to help you in any way possible. Talk to him again and Roger will ask for SYDNEY'S ARM and Sydney somewhat reluctantly obliges. Take the ARM. Now, talk to Sydney again and ask for his EYE. Once again, Sydney helps out. After you've looted him for spare parts, transport to Sickbay.

There are a series of drawers on the right side of the counter in the middle of the screen (you can only see the handles). Open one of these cabinets with the HAND icon and take the BOTTLE OF MORPHIN. Now, transport to the Shuttle Bay Entrance. Once there, use the HAND icon on the smaller of the two guards to administer the Vulgar neck pinch. This will land you in the Brig.

Before long, Dorff, the Chief of Security, shows up at the Brig. He brings a tray full of food into your cell. Take the FOOD. Now, enter your inventory. Roger is going to build a replica of himself from the food Dorff brought in. This has to be done in the right order. If the following directions don't quite work, try experimenting a bit. First, attach the SHISH KABOBS to the PEA-SHAPED EAR THINGS to form feet and legs. Then, attach the RACK OF ORAT to your sculpture. Now, add the PASTRIES for arms and the TUBEROUS GROWTHS for hands. Add the MELON for a head and the PLATE OF PASTA for hair. Voila! Your REPLICA is completed! Place it on the bench in your cell and wait for Dorff to return. When he does, he will send the food cart back into your cell. Just use the HAND icon to climb under the tray and you'll be free in no time! Now, use the ComPost to transport back to the Shuttle Bay Entrance.

Once back at the Shuttle Bay Entrance, inject the DOUGHNUT you got from the food cart in the Brig with the MORPHIN from Sickbay. Now, place the SPIKED DOUGHNUT on the stack beside the guards. After a few seconds, the larger guard should take it. After an amusing morphing segment, apply the Vulgar neck pinch to the smaller guard again and take his KEYRING. Now, press the left button on the Shuttle Bay Door. Use SYDNEY'S ARM to reach the other button. Once inside, press the button on the guard's KEYRING to figure out which ship to nab and to deactivate its alarm. Use the HAND icon on the door to board the ship.

Click the HAND icon on the back of the left seat to take the RECALL NOTICE. Examine it carefully. Now, sit down in the left seat and press the POWER button. Now, press the ICD button. The will bring up the fuel intermix screen. This puzzle relates to the periodic table of elements and each substance's chemical symbol. For the confirmation code "Lasagne," you'll need to set the first fuel to Lanthanum (La) by pressing the red button next to it repeatedly. Set the second to Sulfer (S), the third to Silver (Ag), and the fourth to Neon (Ne). Then, push the INITIATION button in front of Roger. When the ship scans for retinal identification, hold up SIDNEY'S EYE to get authorization. You will take off, but not before one of the Storm Poopers can throw your FISH into the engines.

In Search of Stellar

After receiving a message from Kielbasa, you are sucked into the anti-anomaly. When you emerge, you discover that your ship has stalled out. Hit the flashing blue button to activate the holographic copilot, Manuel Auxveride. He'll tell you what you need to do to get the ship running again. Pull the TRUNK and HOOD latches on the dashboard. Now, open the glove box in the cockpit. Remove the GLUE, the PUMP, and the DUCT TAPE. Now, stand up and open the closet on the right side of the ship. Remove the EVA SUIT and the HELMET and wear them both. Exit the ship and make your way to the trunk. Remove the JUMPER CABLES and the HELP SIGN. Use the SIGN on your ship. After some waiting, a woman by the name of Wriggley will show up to help you. Using the information from the RECALL NOTICE, properly attach the jumper cables. Be careful; if you mess up, Roger gets fried. After Wriggley leaves, take the FISH from the engine nacelle and go back inside the ship.

Open the access panel beside the closet. You should see a glowing gem. Use the GLUE on the gem. Now, go to your inventory and open the DATACORDER. Take the CRYSTAL from near the bottom of the device. Use some GLUE on the CRYSTAL and attach it to the GEM. Now, sit back down in the cockpit; the ship should be totally repaired. Hit the INITIATION button and you're off!

Once you've arrived at Delta Burksilon, exit your ship into the elevator. Press the button to go to LAB A. Talk to Dr. Beleauxs and he should leave. Now, use the HAND icon on the box of Hi-Tek Stuff beside the computer. Take the MODDIE from the box (it's red and near the front). Then, head back to the elevator and return to your ship.

Sit back down in the cockpit, making sure the power is on. Push the PTS button to the left of the viewscreen. Now, press the red PTS button on top of the dash. A PHOTOGRAPH should appear. Take it. Now, push the red button again and take the SECOND PHOTOGRAPH. Go to your inventory and peel the NEGATIVES from each of the PHOTOGRAPHS. Now, place the first positive and the second negative on the blue monitor with white lines. It should bring hte PTS online. Now, press the INITIATION button and lay in a course for Polysorbate LX.

When you arrive at Polysorbate, talk to Manuel and have him beam you down. He'll give you a TRANSPORT SIGNALER before you go. Go to Implants-n-Stuff. Hey, it's good old Fester Blatz from Space Quest 3! Talk to Fester. Then, look at the Brain Dead sign to the left of him. Now, give Fester the MODDIE in exchange for a CYBERSPACE JACK. After you finish the trade, head to the beamdown point and use the TRANSPORT SIGNALER Manuel gave you to beam back up.

Sit back down in the cockpit and hit the INITIATION button, plotting a course back to Delta Burksilon. Once there, return to Lab A. Sit down at Dr. Beleauxs' computer and press the POWER button. Then, press the CYBERFUNCTIONS button. Now, plug the CYBERSPACE JACK into the socket and you're crusing the Information Superhighway!

The Information Superhighway

You've have to navigate the Information Superhighway to find the main office. Just wander around the M.C. Escher-esque landscape for awhile until you stumble on it. Once you reach the office, take the SCREWDRIVER that's lying in front of the building's sign. Also, take the wooden PLANK. Then, enter the main office.

Talk to Sis Inny and take a NUMBER. Now, open the number display with the HAND icon and tweak it a bit using your SCREWDRIVER. Close it back and speak with Sis Inny again. This time, she'll grant you access to the file area. Once in the file area, go down the aisle marked "J-R." Nigel Rancid's file is in the first "R" drawer. However, you'll have to open other drawers to form steps to reach it. Open them with the HAND icon and the use the FEET icon to climb on the drawers. All of the drawers that can be opened have a small shadow effect around the top and left sides. Once you get NIGEL'S FILE, find all the other files it and subsequent files refer to. When you're finished, you should have found files for Dr. Beleauxs, Nigel, Sharpei, Stellar Santiago, and Project Immortality. Read all of these and exit the file room. Before you leave the office, feed all of the FILES into the printer. They will be printed back in Dr. Beleauxs' lab. Now, exit the office and use the PLANK on the bridge to make your return trip a little easier.

Once you return from cyberspace, grab the PRINTED FILES on the right of the computer and show them to Dr. Beleauxs. He'll be convinced of his wrong-doings and will agree to help you--by shrinking you and injecting you into the body of Stellar Santiago!

Where in Corpsman Santiago is Roger Wilco?

Once you crash inside of Stellar, open the closet and take the EVA SUIT and HELMET. Wear the EVA SUIT (you won't need to wear the HELMET, but bring it along anway). Exit the ship and take the CAPILLARIES from the engine nacelle and the ALVEOLI off the nose of the craft. Now exit through the infected ulcer near the bottom of the screen.

Climb down the wall of the stomach to the bottom. Be sure to avoid the nanites! Grab the FEATHER, the STAPLE (lodged in the wall), the CELERY STRING (also lodged in the wall), and one of the CANDIES. Throw the CANDY into the closest pool of stomach acid. Then, grab the other CANDIES and throw them in the acid, too. Now, go to your inventory and use the STAPLE on the STRING to create a GRAPPLING HOOK. Climb back up the wall of the stomach (using the FEET icon) and throw the HOOK at the esophagus. Once you fall back to the bottom of the stomach, climb the STRING, up through the esophagus.

Climb past the piece of Twinkoid lodged in Stellar's esophagus. When you reach the pill, use the HAND icon to dislodge it. Now, tickle the side of Stellar's throat with the FEATHER. This should take care of the nanites. Now, return to the stomach and exit through the duodenum (it's that opening on the left side of Stellar's stomach). Go down one screen and then enter the opening to the right. Take the upper passage to the gall bladder. Go into your inventory and use the DUCT TAPE on the CAPILLARIES. Then, use the CAPILLARIES on the PUMP you took from the glove compartment earlier. Use the PUMP on the bile to collect it in your HELMET. Leave the PUMP and return the way you came.

After narrowly avoiding the giant gallstone, pick up a few pieces of the GALLSTONE. Now, head to the right. When the passage become too narrow for Roger, use the ALVEOLI on the tight spot. Then, use the MOUTH icon to inflate them and widen the passage. Continue to the right, reaching the pancreas. Use your HELMET to collect some PANCREATIC FLUID (it's the liquid Roger is standing in). Then, return to the stomach and use the MIXED FLUIDS in your helmet on the capsule. Grab the TIMED RELEASE PILLS and head back through the duodenum.

This time, don't take the opening to the pancreas and gall bladder in the duodenum. Instead, continue going down. You eventually encounter a tape worm--yuck! Be careful not to get too close or it will eat Roger. Throw the PILLS into the tape worm's mouth. This will sedate it a bit. Then, use the HAND icon to ride it to the intestines. Go to the right. Take the piece of red FINGERNAIL, take a piece of the SILVER FILLINGS, and break off part of the PAPER CLIP. Then, return and ride the worm back to the duodenum.

Return to the stomach and scale the wall, exiting through the ulcer. Now, use the chunk of SILVER on the tank just behind the flashing red fuel light. Now, go back inside the ship. It can be a bit tricky to find the door with the HAND icon, but just keep trying. Once inside, sit down in the cockpit and insert the CD-ROM in your inventory ito the SUBROUTINE PROGRAMS slot on the console. Now, push the INITIATION button. Soon, you'll arrive at Stellar's brain. Put on the EVA SUIT and exit the ship.

Use the FINGERNAIL on the tissue Roger is standing on to drop to the level below. Then, walk along to the left. When you reach the gap, click the FEET icon on the far side to jump over. When Roger falls short, repeatedly click the FEET icon on the left side of the gap to help him climb up. Continue along to the left until you encounter two more nanites. Walk back deeper into the background. This might sound a little weird, but you'll figure it out when you get there. Once you've moved further back on the screen, throw one of the GALLSTONES at one of the nanites. Then, throw one at the other. Then, hit the first nanite again. This should instigate a fight, causing them to destroy one another. Now, climb on the elevator and push the button.

Push the DOWN button on the elevator controls, stopping to read the signs as you go. When you reach Stellar's cough control center, poke the wall with the PAPER CLIP. Now, continue going down. When you reach the bottom, you will find yourself in a room full of garbage. Click the HAND icon on garbage pile to crawl through the opening near the rear of the screen.

You've finally found Sharpei! Now, you've got to stop her. Use the PAPER CLIP on the sparking nerves on the right side of the screen. This put Sharpei's robot out of commission! But, wait... she's not finished off yet. Sharpei's brain returns for one last round. When she clutches you up, give her the FISH. This rancid piece of seafood will put an end to her nefarious plot once and for all! You can now kick back and enjoy the end sequence!

Way to go, Roger! You've beaten the game! Now, you'll just have to wait for Space Quest 7 to find out what Roger's new assignment is.

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