Space Quest Series, Quiz #2

1. Who wrote "The Adventures of Roger Wilco," a comic book adaptation on Space Quest 1 released by Malibu graphics in 1992?
Jeremy and Peter Spears
Scott Murphy
John Shaw
Jill Champion

2. Which of the following was not a difference between the floppy disk and CD-ROM versions of Space Quest 4?
The floppy disk version was only available with 16-color EGA graphics.
The Easter Egg in the Big and Tall Store only appears in the CD-ROM version.
Hz. So Good was originally called Radio Shock in the floppy version.
In the floppy version, the SQ12 Droid o'Death only appears when summoned by the cyborg zombie.

3. While we're on the subject, which of the following was not a difference between the original EGA version and the VGA remake of Space Quest 1?
The widget that Roger uses to cheat the slot machine items does not appear in SQ1EGA.
The alien's first offer to buy the skimmer in SQ1VGA is lower than his initial offer in SQ1EGA.
In SQ1VGA, there is only one way to kill the Orat (rather than the two in SQ1EGA).
The terminal aboard the Deltaur where Roger can read the data cartridge is missing in SQ1EGA.

4. Here's a tough one! In the German version of Space Quest 5, what was the planet Peeyu called?
Furunkel IV

5. What does King's Quest designer Roberta Williams have to say about Andromedan Scott Murphy in the "Current Inside Copy" video that's included with the Space Quest Collection?
"He makes the best cup of coffee in the entire company."
"He hasn't had one of his 'episodes' since they changed his medication."
"Scott Murphy? Is that the guy that refills the snack machines?"
"Uh...no comment."

6. Okay, we all know that Scott Murphy supplied the voice of Sludge Vohaul in SQ4. So, what other role did he portray in the game?
a Monochrome Boy
the Keronian Bartender
a Sequel Policeman
the Monolith Burger Mustard

7. You remember when Roger was swinging from the rope on Labion in Space Quest 2 and trying to avoid the clutches of the nasty-looking alien, right? What key did the player have to press to make Roger release his grip on the rope and (hopefully) sail to the opposite ledge?

8. What is the name of the Star Confederacy officer that presided over Roger's demotion in the opening of Space Quest 6?
Admiral Drang
Admiral Toolman
Admiral Calamari
Admiral Blundtphang

9. What was the price of the Big Belcher Combo at Monolith Burger in Space Quest 3?
4 buckazoids
7 buckazoids
9 buckazoids
12 buckazoids

10. If you're facing the entrace to the Buckazoid Bill's Arcade and Sushi Bar, what business establishment is located to your immediate right in the Galaxy Galleria?
Software Excess
Monolith Burger
Big and Tall Clothes

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