Roger Wilco

1. Where is Roger when the Sariens attack the Arcada in Space Quest 1?
Sweeping the outer hull
Napping in a storage closet
Hanging out in the holosuite
Polishing the Star Generator

2. Why is the Gippazoid Novelty Company trying to terminate Roger in Space Quests 3 and 5?

For cheating at the slot machine in Ulence Flats
For mail fraud during SQ2
For stealing equipment from a Gippazoid junk freighter
For the accidental destruction of a messenger droid

3. What planet is Roger from?


4. For whom was Roger working when he was stationed aboard the Arcada?
NucleoTherm Hazardous Substance Containment Services
The Star Confederacy
The Xenonian Sanitation Council
The Galactic Custodial Federation

5. Who provided the voice of Roger Wilco in the CD-ROM version of Space Quest 4?
Stuart Moulder
Jeff Bender
Scott Murphy
William Hall

6. What is Roger's rank as Space Quest 6 opens?
Chief Sanitation Engineer
Janitor First Class
Janitor Second Class

7. Which of the following disguises has Roger not used during his adventures?
A Sarien uniform
A black dress and blonde wig
A borrowed StarCon uniform
A Scumsoft janitor's coveralls

8. In which of these games does Roger not make an on-screen appearance?
Take a Break! Pinball
Quest for Glory 2
Leisure Suit Larry 3
Hoyle's Book of Games: Volume 1

9. What changes about Roger's appearance between climbing into the cryo chamber at the end of SQ2 and emerging at the beginning of SQ3?
The color of his hair
The color of his sleeves
The color of his pants
The color of his boots
10. Complete Roger's quote from Stellar's funeral in Space Quest 6. "Of all the souls I have encountered in my cleaning, hers was the most...
dis ... disinfe ... DISINFECTED!"
deep ... deep cleans ... DEEP-CLEANSING!"
scu ... scuff ... SCUFF-RESISTANT!"
san ... sanit ... SANITARY!"

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