Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier

1. During the opening sequence of Space Quest 6, Roger is charged with all of the following crimes except:
Deviating from designated mission parameters
The unsanctioned commandeering of a StarCon vessel
Disintegrating a fellow officer
Perpetrating an unauthorized sequel

2. What item does Roger use the Mr. Soylent replicator to produce in the Space Quest 6 Demo?

Bjorn Chow
Earl Grey tea
Lemon sorbet
Keronian ale

3. Elmo Pug asks Roger to purchase which of the following for him?

A Fuzzy Toejam
Xenonian Ale
Old Janx Spirit
Coldsordian Brandy

4. What is the name of the Endodroid Runner that hires Roger on Polysorbate LX?
Blaine Rohmer
Lt. Deckard
Singent Flembukit
Ray Trace

5. Which of the following games does not appear in the arcade on Polysorbate LX?
More Dull Kombat II
Mixed Up Mother Theresa
NBA ToeJam
Ms. AstroChicken

6. Which of the following appears on the hull of the DeepShip 86 along with the ship's name?
"This Side Up"
"We Brake for Vulcans"

7. What is the name of the lounge aboard the DeepShip 86?
The Wormhole
The Poop Deck

8. What was the name of the nefarious Sharpei's deceased husband?
Admiral Calamari
Admiral Toolman
Admiral Sturm
Admiral Blundtphang

9. Which of the following items is not found in Stellar's stomach?
A feather
A fingernail
A staple
A length of celery string
10. What is the name of the medical officer aboard the DeepShip 86 that hassles Roger about using the DNA scanner in Sickbay?
Jebba the Hop
Dr. Beleauxs
Dr. Spork

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