Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation

1. What is the name of the band of notorious outlaws dumping toxic waste throughout the galaxy?
The Sludge Bandits
The Galactic Gunkies
The Compost Cutthroats
The Pukoid Pirates

2. What does Roger name the acid-dripping, face-hugging creature that stows away aboard the Eureka after the Peeyu garbage pick-up?


3. What quadrant does Ambassador Beatrice Wankmeister represent?

Quadrant G2
Quadrant G4
Quadrant G6
Quadrant G8

4. Which of the following items may not be found in Cliffy's toolbox?
Laser torch
Hole punch
Antacid tablets
Toilet plunger

5. What item does Beatrice steal from the SCS Goliath and give to Roger?
The warp distributor cap
A Goliath keycard
Quirk's secret plans
A ship schematic

6. What does the warning label on the packet of Space Monkeys read?
"Caution: contents extremely volatile."
"Do not mix contents with alcohol."
"If consumed, immediately consult a physician."
"Space Monkeys do not appear as illustrated."

7. Aboard what ship was Droole posted prior to becoming the Eureka's weapons and navigation officer?
The SCS Sensational
The SCS Spectacular
The SCS Stupendous
The SCS Superlative

8. On what planet does Roger complete his captain's training before taking command of the SCS Eureka?

9. On what planet does Roger find Bea's abandoned escape pod (and, for that matter, Bea)?
Kiz Urazgubi
Klorox II
10. What ship is destroyed at the end of Space Quest 5? (Careful--this one can be tricky.)
The SCS Eureka
The SCS Goliath
Neither ship was discovered
Both ships were destroyed

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