Leslie Balfour:  Gal from Andromeda

    Leslie Balfour should be a familiar name to Sierra fans.  Since joining the company in 1993, she has been involved in a number of projects in every capacity from writer to voice actress.  Recently, she had a major hand in the of Sierra's on-line fantasy adventure, the Realm, and is now working on the Space Quest 7 project as co-designer with Scott Murphy.  The Virtual Broomcloset recently had a chance to talk with Leslie about SQ7; here's what she had to say...

Decaffeinated Jedi:  What cosmic coincidences and twists of fate brought you to Sierra?

JM:  Once a part of the Sierra family, how did you come to be involved with the Space Quest series? ...or was it Duracell?JM:  You're currently helping out with newest edition of the Space Quest Collection.  What extra goodies can fans expect to be included with the product?  Is there a tentative release date yet? JM:  So, can you let us in on some top-secret tidbits or mysterious musings about the plot of Space Quest 7? JM:  So far, the various Space Quest games have set their sights on various science fiction cliches and opened fire with both barrels.  Is there a specific target or targets in mind for SQ7?  Rumors have pointed to the X-Files getting its fair share of abuse... JM:  From a woman's perspective, what is your take on the whole Bea/Stellar dilemma which Roger faces? JM:  With multi-player capabilities planned for SQ7, is there any word as of yet on what characters (other than Roger) will be playable?  JM:  How is production on the fabled SQ7 demo progressing at the moment?  Has it been determined if the playable prototype be a stand-alone mini-game like the SQ6 demo yet? Smile!  JM:  What is the average day like for the SQ7 design team?   Do you, Scott, Jay, and the rest of the crew find time to mix in plenty of fun with the design chores? JM:  In light of your current involvement with Space Quest, are you now officially the Gal from Andromeda?  If so, have you been fitted for a pig snout and mohawk yet? JM:  We've all heard the debate over Scott's coffee-making abilities (or lack thereof).  Here's the real question everyone has on his or her mind:  in a knock down, drag out fight between you and Scott, who would win?  JM:  Thank you so much for your time!  Any parting words to the fans out there?

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Special thanks for Leslie for her cooperation and Troels Pleimert for the use of his image!
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